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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Dirty Girl  

7/22/2008 10:13
Posted By:  - WARRINGTON, PA  
Date Posted: 7/22/2008 10:13
   Dirty girl.

You've been masturbating again, and you know how naughty that is.
Did you think I wouldn't notice? The room smells of sex and you - you're such a
bad girl, touching yourself like that. I wonder how many times you came, and
what took you over the edge each time? Was it thoughts of me, my cock deep
inside you, fucking you hard and urgent? Or maybe you were imagining me astride
you, my erection hot and hard in my hand, as I came in your mouth, all over
your pretty face, spurting my hot cum over your breasts... such a naughty girl.

I should punish you, but you seem to want that - walking round in that short
short skirt, those tiny panties easily visible when you bend over, knowing I'm
watching you, smiling at me wickedly, teasing me, practically begging me to
take you over my knee, to lift up your skirt and spank you hard - that's what
you want , isn't it? You want to be spanked. Such a dirty girl.

But dirty girls don't always get what they want. Get on the bed, on all fours.
That's it - no need to undress, I like you just as you are. And there's no
point wiggling that ass at me - I'm not going to spank you - I'm just gonna
push your face down - just like I am doing now - so your head is on the
mattress, your ass still raised as I move behind you, sliding my hands up the
inside of your bare thigh, all the way up to your panties - no, don't struggle,
do as you're told - my hand up underneath your short skirt, my fingers at the
crotch of your panties - they're damp - you're such a dirty little slut -
tugging them to one side, my fingers sliding over your sex - mmmm... just as I
thought - so, so wet - and getting even wetter now as I stroke you, sliding my
fingers between your swollen lips - your juices dripping along my fingertips -
spreading the wetness up to your clit - rubbing - stroking - and already you're
gasping, wriggling, wanting more - such a dirty girl - do you want me to fuck
you? Is that what you want? I can feel how wet you are, as I slide my fingers
over and around your clit, and back down, down to your dripping wet cunt -
slipping them slowly inside you - slowly fucking you with my fingers - I can
see you want it, can hear your gasps as my fingers slide deeper into your cunt -
do you want me to fuck you?

I'm not sure I should. You've been so bad, so naughty. Masturbating wihout me.
Having delicious, hard orgasms when I'm not there to see you. So bad. But it's
so tempting - and you're so wet - and my cock is hard - I'm unzipping my jeans
now, tugging them down, freeing my throbbing erection - I know just how good it
would feel to be deep inside you right now, fucking you hard from behind - can
you feel the head of my cock sliding between the lips of your cunt? Can you
feel how hard I am? Do you want me inside you? Do you want me to fuck you? Do
you want me to slide my hot, hard cock deep inside your tight, wet little cunt
and fuck you hard, until you cum, all over my cock?

Maye if I just slide it in a little way... unnhhhh... like that - just the head
of my cock - can you feel it? Starting to penetrate you, teasing you - god - I
can feel your cunt trying to suck me inside you - stop wriggling - don't you
dare try and push back - just feel me like this - barely inside you - my cock
hot, hard, throbbing, so full of cum - sliding ever so slowly into you, just a
little way - do you want me deeper? Deep inside you? Pounding you hard? Fucking
you deep until I cum, intensely, filling you with all my hot spunk?

I can tell that you do. You're gasping, trembling - dripping down the length of
my cock - moaning deliciously - so yes I'll fuck you - but you've been such a
bad girl, and this is your punishment - so you're gonna have to beg me - beg me
to fuck you hard, to fill you with all my cum - tell me what a dirty little
slut you are - tell me how much you want it... and if you do, if you please me
like that, I'll ram my cock deep inside you, and fuck you deliciously, until
you cum, all over me - and then I'll cum too, deep inside you, hot, hard, wet,
over and over again - is that what you want, dirty girl? Do you want me to fuck

That's better... you know how much I love to hear you beg... and you have
begged me so deliciously... and you're so wet... I can feel your cunt dribbling
over the head of my cock, dripping deliciously as I tease you... sucking on my
erection, desperate for me to fuck you hard and deep...

so I think I should reward you...

don't move... keep your head down on the bed... if you get too greedy I'll stop
again.... ohhh... that's it... just slide back a little... slide back onto my
cock... yes... god... you're so wet... can you feel my cock thrusting deeper...
god... deeper into your cunt... unnnhhhh... god yes... unnhh god you love that
don't you... such a dirty girl... you love feeling my cock slide deeper into
your cunt... unnhhh... all the way.... god... I'm filling you... my hot hard
cock throbbing... deep inside you... don't you dare move... I can feel you
trying to grind back onto me... don't move... *SPANK!*... bad girl... I told
you not to move... god... you're still moving... dirty girl *SPANK!!!!*...
that's better... starting to move inside you now... I know that's what you
want... my cock sliding deeper... harder... so fucking wet... so tight around
my thrusting cock... ohh that's good... ramming deeper into you now... your
cunt splashing around my cock... ohh god... but you're not to come... don't you
dare come... if you try to come I'll punish you again... thrusting deeper... so
good... ohh god yes... my cock swelling... throbbing inside you... god I'm so
close to cumming... is that what you want...? do you want me to cum? do you
want me to spurt my hot cum deep inside you...? dirty girl... *SPANK!!!* you're
moving again... so bad... such a little slut... if you want me to cum you'll
have to beg me again... beg me to cum in your cunt... and when I cum... I'll
let you cum too... hard... wet... drenching me... all over my cock... is that
what you want...? unnhh god... Do you want me to cum in your dripping wet

I love the way you beg me like that, love knowing how much you want me, how
greedy you are for me to fuck you, long and hard and deep. Even though I've
instructed you not to move, I can still feel your cunt tightening deliciously
around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to suck all the cum from my
throbbing erection. You clearly still need to be punished, you're being so bad
and wilfull, such a dirty girl, but it's getting so hard to keep from fucking
you, I want you so much right now, and you know it, you can sense it, you can
feel my hard cock throbbing deep inside you...

You squeeze around my cock again, your dripping wet cunt pulsating around my
erection, pushing yourself back onto me, driving my cock deep inside you,
begging me to fill you, begging me to cum hard in your cunt, to spurt all my
cum deep inside you. It's an offer I can barely resist, but you need to learn
your lesson - I pull my erection out of your cunt with a wet splash, and you
groan, begging me to fuck you hard, and I spank you - a sharp slap on your ass,
reminding you that you've been bad, that you have to behave. You gasp again,
and I order you to roll over, getting astride your naked body, sliding up until
I'm astride your breasts, my cock erect, inches from your mouth, dripping from
your wetness, dribbling onto your breasts.

You lift up your hands to touch me, stroke me, but I grab your wrists, not
letting you, pinning your wrists down hard on the bed, and sliding closer to
your face, my cock erect, glistening with your juices, a small trail of precum
dripping from the tip of my hard cock, down onto your lips. My cock is so wet,
so hard - you beg me to fuck you again, to ram my cock deep inside you, but I
just smile at you, a dirty, lecherous smile.

"You've been such a dirty, dirty girl," I smile, "If you like masturbating so
much that you can't wait for me, let's see how you like this. Lick my cock.
Take me in your mouth and suck me. I want you know what you taste like. I want
you to taste your own cum on me"

My cock is in your face now, your wrists still pinned on the bed. Tentatively,
your mouth reaches for my cock. I watch as your tongue cups the head or my
swollen erection and licks, slowly, tasting yourself, licking your own wetness
off my cock. Already you're getting greedier, taking a huge mouthful of my
cock, sucking on it, loving the taste, loving the feel of my hard cock deep in
your mouth. I can feel myself throbbing, pulsing in your mouth, somehow holding
back my orgasm, wanting to keep punishing you, but I'm too aroused now, I need
to cum, I need to fuck you, hard.

I pull my cock from your mouth, still holding your wrists down on the bed as I
slide down your body, slipping between your open thighs, my hard cock easily
finding the entrance to your dripping wet cunt, sliding the head in, just a
little way.

"Do you want more, dirty girl?" I growl, "Do you want to be fucked?" You beg
me, again, deliciously, begging me not to make you wait any longer, pleading
with me to fuck you, to make you cum.

It's all I can take - I ram my cock deep into you in one swift, hard thrust.
You gasp, screaming with pleasure as I start to fuck you, harder, deeper,
telling you what a bad girl you are, as my cock pounds hard into your cunt,
throbbing, swelling, your juices splashing so wet around my thrusting erection -
I groan frantically - you know I'm gonna cum, my cock pulsing so hard inside
you as I fuck you and fuck you and fuck you - it's all you can take - you've
needed this orgasm so long - you grind down hard onto my cock, screaming with
intense pleasure, your body shaking and convulsing hard as your cunt gushes
wetly around my cock, and you start to cum, ohhh god, coming so hard on my
cock, your orgasm so fucking intense, spurting and splashing and shuddering on
my cock, and I can't take any more - I cry out urgently, ramming my cock so
deep, crying out your name as my cum spurts hard from my throbbing erection, my
hot spunk spurting deep inside you, splashing deep into your dripping wet cunt,
another spurt, and another, filling your cunt with my cum, ohh god, again and
again and again....

I hope you enjoy my dirty thoughts....

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