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Are you seeking New Windsor, New York swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Cumin Down the Mountain.  

8/14/2008 17:09
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 8/14/2008 17:09
   Kali drives I navigate; plain and simple. Why? Well for one, Kali can’t read a road map for shit. Last time I drove and Kali read the road map we drove 50 miles in the wrong direction before I realized she was holding the map upside down. We wound up in such an over inflated debate of tit for tat that I had to end it with,
“ Well you can’t squirt when you cum and I can! Beat that.”
Needless to say after that I did cum quite a while by my own hand. Since that time the only directions I take from Kali anymore leans toward how she wants to be fucked, harder, softer, faster, and slower. Truth be told, I am really no better at driving then Kali is at navigating. I’m sure I must have told you about my inability to multi task well along with that I am afflicted with A.D.D while in the drivers seat. I’m so poor at driving I can’t even afford to pay attention. To add insult to injury I usually find myself distracted by Kali and whatever she is doing in the passenger seat and quite often in a near collision situation. Needless to say Kali is constantly scrutinizing my every move behind the wheel or berating my lack of driving skill, Hence, Kali drives I navigate. The navigation position has it’s advantages let me tell you. First and foremost I get to focus my attention on whatever suits my fancy, that’s usually Kali. I have the freedom to do whatever I wish, for example, read the road map, adjust the radio, and look out at the scenery all of which suits me fine. Over the years we have traveled up and down the eastern seaboard in this manner without any major difficulties to speak of until a recent trip into the mountains of Catskill ski region.
Let me start, well, at the beginning. We had set up a play date with a couple we are acquainted with in the New York Hudson Valley/Catskill region. They are a rather cute couple a little younger than us and new to the lifestyle but they know what they like to do and like to get to it which we do appreciate in other couples. Anyway this Catskill couple decided it would be fun to head over to “O” town for a night of partying. O-town, you might guess and reasonably so, stands not for Orgasm town but Oneonta, a college town in lower central New York state where you can bar crawl for several city blocks; no driving involved just stagger along from one bar to the next. Catskill couple wanted to share a room with us in O town, do the bar crawl then stagger back to the room, get busy and head back home in the morning. We agreed to give it a go and met up with them for dinner at a place by the ski resorts then we all headed over to O-town. Kali drove her new Cadillac CTS and the Catskill couple took their car.
After checking into the room at a very nice new and clean Clarion hotel. We all freshen up and changed into bar hopping clothes. Kali, as always dressed her eye popping best and so did Mrs. Catskill, both would undoubtedly be evening head turners. We all fondled and teased each other for a bit then headed out to do the crawl. I have to say, the night of bar hoping was fun although O town is a bit distant from civilization as far as Kali and I know it, hence, some of the bars were a bit freaky in a freak show sort of way. The first place we came upon was considered to be a topless bar. Kali and I have our standards in this area and let me just say this was sub par big time. Okay no big deal we are hanging with friends and since Mr. & Mrs. Catskill seem to know everybody in O town Kali and I just smiled and tried to enjoy the ride. The first dancer of the two females dancing that evening was to be polite, rotund. Kali and I gulped our first drink as Mr. Catskill introduced us to the Mayor/DPW manager of O town sitting front and center at the bar. We smiled our hellos and headed for the back of the bar to the pool table. As we all played a game of pool the next dancer took center stage. Kali and I turned our attention to this long legged brunette as she gyrated her way around the stage. Wow, things are looking up. Kali turns to me.
“Go give the poor girls some money honey.”
“Come with me.” I say.
I can tell by Kali’s demeanor she’s loosening up. We both approach the stage and I remove several bills from my pocket. Kali is smiling her number two smile which means she likes what she sees and is interested in seeing more. I flag the bills and the brunette slowly glides her way down to our end of the bar in the sultriest of manner. She looks surprisingly good the closer she gets. Her body is lean and fit, her skin smooth, hair bouncy and shiny. I smile as she makes her way toward us yet in the back of my mind I’m thinking something doesn’t seem quite right. Kali and I stand like two children before the tree on Christmas morning. This is a happy event yet the brunette is not smiling. She makes our side of the stage, squats down and spreads her long legs, it’s truly a beautiful sight to behold. I slip the bills into her G-string and smile up at her lovely brown eyes.
“Now what is a beauty like you doing in a place like this?” I quip.
The brunette smiles widely pulling back the curtain that is hiding her front teeth and holy shit I‘m frozen like a deer in the headlights. I stand stock still and stare blindly at the twisted wreckage of teeth in this woman‘s mouth. The brunette’s grille looks as if it came in fast contact with an oak tree, her teeth are a gray/black mass of twisted and broken plaque. I wondered how she could have survived the crash her teeth were so obviously involved in. Thank god Kali has the good sense to jab her finger into my kidney which breaks my deer in the headlights stare. Kali turns to me I assume in an effort to avoid further eye contact with the oral carnage before her. I can see from the look on her face she may be scarred for life. We turn and retreat back to the safety of our friends and the pool table.
“Oh. My. God! What was that?” Kali says as she tries to shake the vision that is burned in her mind.
“I’ve seen better looking grilles after the demolition derby.” I reply.
We shake off the horror with a shot of tequila with our friends and we shuffle out the door. Kali and I wave but avoid eye contact with the brunette dancer as she waves us goodnight.
We saunter across the street and into a dive of a bar in the basement of an old building. Mr. Catskill immediately introduces us to the midget sitting on the barstool by the Skeet bowling machine, I here Rod Sterling’s voice echo through my mind.
“You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the Twilight Zone.”
Kali is introduced to the “Little Fella” first. Apparently he’s some kind of home town wrestling hero. Kali smiles her sweetest smile and says hello then turns to me and whispers.
“Okay now I‘m totally freaked out.”
I glance at my wrist watch. Kali rolls her eyes. And I know things aren’t looking too good in O town but Catskill couple wants to hit the sweet spot next so we say, “What the hay?” and off we go. The next place looks fifty times better. This is a true college hang out most of the crowd, ourselves excluded, are early twenties. They all look like babies to me but at least they look human. I spy several girls gawking at Kali and Mrs. Catskill with that, “Who the fuck are those bitches?” look about them. This is where I like to separate just a bit from the Kali’s airspace and people watch the people watching Kali, it’s quite a lot of fun. Aside from the frumpily dress muffin topped college girls spitting attitude at Kali and Mrs. Cat, several of the little college boys are gawking and giggling with each other. I watch as about three or four guys talk secretively to each other while eyeing Kali and Mrs. Cat. They seem to be in awe of our two ladies, I guess in O town they don’t often see women dressed like Kali and Mrs. Cat. I decide I need another drink and make my way to the bar. I’m wondering what the giggling guys were saying as I pass by. On my way back I pass the group of giggling guys again and one of them stops me to ask direction.
“Who are those two girls?” He chirps.
I throw the kid a devilish smile. “You’ll have to get a set of balls and ask them yourself.”
The kid looks confused for a second then he says. “Are they porn stars?”
This is way too easy and so much fun. I lean in very confidentially and say.
“Don’t be talking too loud, I don’t want everyone in the place hanging all over the girls.”
Now the kids eyes are wide and he’s almost panting like a dog.
“Who are they?” He drools.
“Look man, they’re just a couple of girls having a night on the town that’s all I can say.” I begin to move off.
“Is that Jenna Jameson?”
I think to myself. “Sure kid, Jenna Jameson would love to hang out here.”
I give the kid a stern look as if to say, that’s between you and me. He turns back to his buddies who are waiting with baited breath for the dish. I continue back to the girls. I watch closely as word begins to spread throughout the bar about the two porn stars up front. Eventually every guy and most of the girls at some point turn to gawk at Kali and Mrs. Cat. Apparently word spreads fast in O town when two porn stars are in town. I tell our ladies what the young kid asked me and what I told him and presto chango Kali and Cat are now two porn stars named Kali Ride and Cat Dancing. Pretty soon a good AC/DC tune hit’s the speakers and Kali and Cat are sexy grinding, fondling and kissing each other to, “You, shook me all night long.” A crowd of mostly guys begin to encircle our airspace. Kali and Cat just ham it up all the more as I watch the sugar plum fairy dance in the heads of the young guys in the crowd. Finally one brave youngster makes his approaches. Kali and Cat ham it up with the boy overtly flirting and teasing and pretty soon the guy is eating out of the palm of their hands. The girls tell sex stories about swapping with other couples, threesomes, girl/girl and orgy action and the college boys are awestruck. I swear if they paid that much attention in class they’d all get A’s. Eventually one guy, there’s always one in the crowd, who thinks he’s Rico Suavee tries to put a move on Kali. I step a little closer to keep an eye on things. Apparently he’s trying to impress his friends and begins to go touchy feely with Kali. Kali loves good rock and roll and when AC/DC hit’s the speakers a second time she can’t help but gyrate her hips. Rico takes this as an invitation to works his way into a dance floor grind with the now famous porn star, Kali Ride. I must admit, Rico is a rather good looking fella and I know Kali doesn’t mind a young stud’s attention and so lets Rico work his magic. I try to listen in on the conversation but only catch bits and pieces over the music. Kali is enjoying the attention until Rico starts on about the size of his Johnson. Big mistake. Kali hates a guy who is overly impressed with himself. Anyway Rico has been kind of rubbing against Kali and purposely trying to get himself aroused. I watch his posse as they whoop and chuckle at their buddies bravado. I can almost hear the thoughts in their minds as they watch Rico put the moves on my lover.
“ Go Dude! Get you some porn star action!”
I know Kali is setting the trap as she watches Rico’s posse out of the corner of her eye. After a few minutes in close proximity to Kali Rico is erect. I watch as he rubs himself against her thigh and does his best horny Chihuahua impersonation. Kali reaches down and cups his shaft in her palm through his khakis. He smiles arrogantly as his buddies stand by and watch mouths all agape. Kali looks right at his posse and says.
“That’s all you got? That‘s not a cock that‘s like a cocktail wiener only smaller. Come back and see me when it’s done growing.”
Rico’s posse goes off in an explosion of inebriated laughter. It seems the whole bar has turned their attention on Kali and Rico. Rico’s cheeks flush from pink to crimson red. I’m at def-con 5 as I standby to cut him out if he decides to get nasty but he just kind of slinks away down the bar. I look at Kali and motion to the door so she knows it’s time to go. Catskill couple follows suit and before you know it we are back on the street. Our friends want to hit one more place but it’s already past 1 am and there’s not enough red bull in O town to keep me going. I decide to check the Kali-meter. I move in close to my lover and kiss her deeply on the mouth. Kali responds by pressing back hard and grinding her hips into mine her breathing begin to rise and I slide my hand down to the front of her pubic bone, she answers the pressure of my hand with pressure of her own and I know she‘s already wet underneath. I turn to our friends.
“I think we should head back to the hotel.” I say.
We get no argument from them as we all saunter back toward the Clarion. As I said before, our friends are rather new to the lifestyle and are still at the soft swap stage. I can appreciate where they are as Kali and I have been there too. We aren’t usually too enthusiastic for newbies because so often they are unsure about what they want to do and time is too short to waste but this couple knows where they are at in the lifestyle and doesn’t mind getting to it and as I said earlier, we can appreciate that. We certainly enjoyed their company, having been in the lifestyle for as long as we have Kali and I enjoy being wise and passing along our experiences. The big oral finally last the better part of an hour. Mrs. Cat’s oral prowess is delightfully skilled but after a half an hour of teasing each other I finally must fuck Kali. When I tap Mr. Cat on the shoulder he moves around to Kali’s head and she takes him in her mouth. When I penetrate Kali’s vagina it’s thoroughly soak. Note to Mr. Cat, good job. Ultimately I have been riding the orgasm wave too long, as a result the ebb and flow of the oral tease from Mrs. Cat has retarded my ability to cum. I thrust heatedly into Kali in an effort to break through the barrier. Mrs. Cat, in an effort to assist me, cups my balls from behind as I thrust. She plays with my ass a little and I begin to feel my blocked orgasm rise. When I finally do break through the barrier I pull out as I enjoy so doing and watch the fun fly only this time I shoot with such velocity over Kali’s backside half my load lands in her hair the other half lands on Mr. Cat, who‘s dick is planted firmly in Kali‘s mouth. I apologize for overshooting the target area as Mr. Cat towels off the spunk.
Needless to say the night was a success. Typically, on a morning after a soft swap, I would be awakening Kali with my tongue and finishing with my cock until Kali has her big orgasm, Unfortunately, this morning Kali and I had to get moving early on our two and a half hour trek home in order to relieve our sitter before noon. Because we all shared a room and rather then start something we couldn’t finish Kali and I felt it best to wait until we got home to complete Kali’s already overdue orgasm so in the morning we had breakfast with our friends, said our goodbyes and began our trip home. Route 23 is a leisurely drive across the flat land of lower/middle NY state which cuts through the upper half of Catskill park past the ski areas of Hunter and Windham ski mountains. As Kali guided the CTS along 23 I took in the wide open scenery and counted the cows in the fields as we drove by. We got to discussing the evenings event and soft to full swap. Kali and I used to be soft swap way back when and had over the years progressed to full. As years have passed we have come to the conclusion that we really enjoy both equally and in some cases we prefer soft simply because condoms tend to prolong things to the point of frustration for me and a sore pussy for her.
I know how my lover likes it and what kind of orchestration it takes for her to achieve the full Orgasm and in all our years of the lifestyle I can honestly say she has had many clitoral orgasms with many different men but the vaginal O is elusive in group situations. This is not to say Kali doesn’t enjoy herself fully she loves a man who is skill in the art of giving oral pleasure and providing her many clit O’s but her Big O is something she must either do herself or with a very skilled partner. Knowing all this I suspect Kali is still somewhat horny this morning. I slide my seat back just enough to be out of her peripheral vision and pretend to go back to counting cows. I watch Kali from the corner of my eye trying not to be noticed. The ride becomes silent for awhile before long I can see the slightest movement of my lover’s legs as her respiration becomes slightly elevated. I notice the rise and fall of her breasts has increased ever so slightly. My observations prod me to ask .
“You’re still horny aren’t you?”
She glances across at me. “ What do you think?”
“I think yes.”
I slide forward and reach across the seat between Kali’s legs. I pull aside her thong and part her lips, my finger slides easily into her moist vagina. She smiles as if to say yes you caught me.
“Just as I suspected.” I say with a filthy smirk.
Kali smiles mischievously and spreads her legs just a little more. I take my cue and turn my shoulders at a 90 degree angle to Kali for better access to her awaiting wetness. I slowly let the very tip of my index finger rest against her clit and pick up where she left off ever so lightly feathering the very tip of Kali’s moist clit. Kali’s hips begin to gyrate in the drivers seat as her respiration quickly rises.
“Are you going to be able to concentrate?” I ask.
“You mean on my orgasm or the road?” Kali wisecracks.
“ We won’t be able to orgasm if we’re in a ditch, lover.”
Kali glares across the seat at me. “ Excuse me! Do you know who you’re talking to?”
I have to think about this for a second before I reply.
“ Okay I give up. Who?”
“Unlike you, I can do two things at one time.”
“ Hey I’m not questioning your female ability to multi-task. I’m only concern for our well being.”
Kali smiles her best and most devilish smile then she hikes up her denim mini skirt exposing her wet fleshy and delicious pussy lips. I can do nothing less then obey my master‘s command. Hey, we’re talking Kali’s wet pussy here. I’m throwing caution to the wind no matter.
I turn back, square up and go back to work on Kali. As I begin to lightly feather her lips and clit Kali angles her hips forward just a bit and pulls her left leg back to give me more access. I work from this position adding a small amount of pressure and sliding my fingers up under the hood of Kali’s clit then back down to her pubic bone at the entrance of her vagina continuing to add pressure as my lover responds. We go on like this for about 20 minutes as we cruise along a totally vacant route 23. Kali’s vagina has reached the pinnacle of wetness and sensation. She has had at least 3 or 4 clitoral orgasms and now needs to get fucked hard to reach her vaginal climax. We are fast approaching the treacherous point in the trip. The question in my mind is, do we stay on 23 and go around the Mountainous area of the ski resorts or do we get on 23A and enter Catskill park, meaning steep inclines and declines, switchbacks and narrow roads ahead. Kali sees a pull off at the same time as I say.
“There’s a pull off here.”
Kali slams the breaks hard and the CTS noses down and growls as it leans hard on it’s left front tire and smoothly glides into the cut off. She stops the CTS about 50 yards into the cut off away from route 23 and throws the stick in park.
“I need to get fucked right now.” Is all Kali says as she wipes a bead of sweat from her chest and literally vaults into the back seat.
She lays there denim skirt pulled up, wet pussy glistening up at me as I slowly rearrange my manhood so that I too my join her in the back seat. I take a quick look around, there’s not a car on the road nor a soul in sight. I climb over and drop my khaki shorts. Kali is so heated she nearly pulls me into her like a starving person would shovel food into their mouth. I grab the front seat back to steady myself. I know how beautiful my lover feels when she’s wet like this and I hate to be piggish in these situations. I wants to penetrate her slowly and feel every inch of her as I glide in the first stroke. Kali’s heated frustration only serves to excite me more and my cock is fully erect. The purple helmeted warrior is prepared to do battle. I look up one last time as I place the ram against the castle doors when low and fuckin’ behold a car slows down and pulls into the cut off.
“Un-fucking believable!”
Kali’s heaving beasts cease to move. “What’s the matter?”
“We’ve got company.”
I struggle with my khakis as I watch a silver/blue puff of hair guide a late model Buick Le Saber in our direction. Kali pulls her denim skirt down and sits up just as the Buick comes to a stop and the old man in the passengers seat rolls down the window. He gazes over at us in the back seat of the CTS. Kali fingers the electric window and smiles. The old man grins at her and I swear he gave her the conspirators wink too. Then looks right at me because he knows woman can’t read a map and asks.
“I’m looking for route 23A.”
“I’m on to you old man. You pulled off think you were gonna sneak up and catch us youngsters playing hide the kielbasa, didn’t you? I bet you and Grandma Kettle over there pull this stunt all the time.”
Well, that’s the thought going through my mind anyway but in all my frustrated angst I just blurt out.
“You just came off of 23! If you get back on and head east you’ll run right into 23A! You horny old fuck!”
Alright, I whispered the horny old fuck part. Either way the old man smiles at Kali. My lover smiles back and the old man waves goodbye. I’m not sure what’s going on there but I’m anxious to get back to business at hand. We watch as the old folks slowly drive off and I swear the old man is watching us in the side mirror. I reach for Kali’s denim skirt but she pushes my hand away.
“Stop” Is all she says as she throws me one of her “you should know better” glares.
“What happened to I need a cock in me right now?”
“Let’s just go.” She says and pops the rear door open gets out and into the front seat.
I know from experience if I try to push the issue it would be detrimental to the cause and so like the good doggie I am I obey my master but not without putting forth the most pathetically dejected expression I can muster. As I plop down in the front seat Kali mocks me in her best Mr. Ride bravado.
“Tinted windows? What for? It’s a waste of money!”
I hunker down in my seat and fold my arms across my chest. Kali slaps the stick into drive and stomps the accelerator as if it were my neck under her boot heel. Gravel flies and rubber squeals as the CTS fishtails out of the cut off and back onto 23. I understand Kali’s frustration of not having the big orgasm she so loves but we did both agree it was best to finish at home and besides, I can’t help it that the old couple came sneaking up on us.
I sit pouting and pondering the situation. Less then a minute ago Kali vaults over the front seat with the agility of an Olympic athlete, sticks the landing spread eagle without a bounce and now I get “Let’s just go?” What happened to my little wriggling wet pussied nymph? How did that old man turned my lover into an angelic, halo clad, good girl with a very wet pussy. I decide it’s safe to inquire.
“What happened to you back there?”
“Nothing!” Kali snaps.
Kali rely is so impatient and irritated I have to pause for an instant before I ask.
“Why are you so testy?”
“I am not testy I’m horny. I just wish you‘d have listened to me when I said we should get tinted windows.”
“You mean you’d be fucking my brains out back there right now if we had tinted windows?
“You betcha.” She ridicules
I turn back to the window and gaze out at the impending mountain, as I suspected this is all my fault. I watch the scenery and devise a plan to destroy the Old couple. If we can catch up with them in the treachery of the mountains we can run them off the road. Right now I’m picturing a fiery explosion.
“ Gee whiz officer, they seem like such a sweet old couple. I wish I’d have told them to stay on 23. ”
We head east a few miles in total silence before we come to the split for 23A.
“Over or around?” Kali utters.
“23A is shorter, take it.” I say.
In an effort to swing Kali’s mood back my way. I remove my tee shirt, open my Khakis and take out my still semi hard Henry Johnson. Kali looks over.
“What are you doing?”
I begin to stroke myself slowly back to fully erect. I know Kali loves to watch me do this. The harder I get the more defined the veins of my cock become the more she likes it.
“What does it look like?”
I close my eyes so Kali can watch without feeling like she’s intruding. As I become more and more aroused I begin to thrust my hips and rumble. I peek from the corner of my eye every so often and catch Kali watching. I know she is turned on because I can just see her flexing her legs ever so slightly. It won’t be long before she’s diddling herself. Alas my evil plan is working! I close my eyes and go back to work. I can feel the CTS power up as Kali guns it up the mountain. The car muscles smoothly though the turns and switchbacks but now and again I can feel the car’s acceleration transition isn’t smooth, maybe this brand new CTS needs a tune up, more likely Kali needs the tune up. Suddenly, I feel the CTS pull to the right. When I open my eyes Kali is correcting the wheel to the left and we are inches from the guard rail. The CTS bumps back over the pavement edge and onto 23A. Kali’s shocked expression answers my question before it’s asked but I ask anyway for dramatic effect.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Well the car’s not going to drive itself you know.”
Kali says very little but when she looks at me I can see her cheeks are flush and her heart rate is way up because she is breathing too heavily. She gives me that innocent half smile look that says, it’s just as much your fault as it is mine. She’s overly excited and looks almost embarrassed. I’m not quite sure what has just happened but I know she wasn’t paying attention to the road. I lean over toward her side and square up to face her.
“Both hands on the wheel ten o’clock and two o’clock.”
I place my hand on her flat stomach for moral support. Kali’s eyes are locked on the road. I glance down at her denim skirt which is barely covers her lips. Whenever Kali feels like she’s done something irresponsible she seems to glow with a certain childlike innocence that I find sweet and irresistible. I ask in a very soft voice.
“What were you doing over here, Lover?”
“ Just driving”
I keep my eyes focused on Kali’s profile as I slide my hand down to her skirt and pull back the hem just a bit. My finger tips find her thong is pulled to the side. I smile as I let my finger tips brush her lips. I feel sticky wetness I look down and see her thong pulled to one side and the bottom of her denim shirt is soaked, that’s when I notice leather seat is soaked too. I look closer and find there’s wetness on the carpet below Kali’s seat then I see wetness on the panel below the steering wheel. Kali’s eyes meet mine as I look up. She smiles a simultaneously innocent and devilish smile.
“I think that close call back there must have made me squirted a little.”
“A little? Ya think? It looks like someone opened a garden hose over here.” I smile.
Kali glances over at my raging hard on mischievously. She reaches between her legs and comes up with sticky wet fingers. She reaches over and lubes the tip of my cock .
“Why don’t you finish up.” She teases.
I am truly in awe of my lover’s comfortable style were sex is concerned, I guess I always have been. I smile lovingly at her and continue where I left off. This time I don’t close my eyes. Kali’s wetness feels delightfully smooth as I stroke myself, even better still her delicious aroma has filled the CTS and is moving me closer to orgasm. As I stroke I watch my lover watching me and playing with herself. Kali has one hand on the wheel and the other between her legs I can see her wrist moving rapidly from my side of the CTS. About the time Kali’s wetness begins to dry up on my cock, Kali instinctively lathers my cock with more of her slippery wetness. God I love this woman. All the visual and aromatic stimulation is causing my hips to buck as I get closer to my release. I watch Kali as she too gains speed. The CTS has peeked the first mountain and begins it’s descent. I look at Kali’s beautiful profile, her mouth slightly opened, lips full, nostrils slightly flaring with each breath, her eyes fall closed then open as her soft groans of pleasure push me on faster and faster.. I’m so entranced in the moment I haven’t accounted for the road in front of us for some time. When I do I can see a car on the shoulder at the bottom of a switchback, two people are standing by the guard rail overlooking a beautiful waterfall cascading down from a rocky jut.
Gravity has causes the CTS to begin to pick up speed. I return my gaze to my lover who’s wrist is moving furiously over her clit. Our descent speed is increasing along with the speed of Kali’s wrist and it seems to me to be a race of which will come first, Kali or the switchback. We still have a ways to go but were I driving I would begin to apply the brakes yet I say nothing because I know any disturbance to Kali at this critical moment will ruin it for her. It never ceases to amaze and at the same time frighten me the multitude of multi tasking Kali can achieve. I have seen her manipulated interstate traffic at 75 mph, apply make up and talk on the cell all at the same time and right now is no different. Kali is driving, left hand on the wheel, left leg bent up and tucked back, diddling herself with her right hand and watching me and the road all at the same time. I suspect Kali would like to insert a few finger into herself but doesn’t dare chance another close call with the guard rail. Nope! I was wrong. Kali now has her left knee braced against the wheel to hold our course as we careen down the mountainside and has inserted the fingertips of her right hand into herself as she furiously diddles her clit with her left. I feel the CTS is fast approaching terminal velocity. The inherent danger of the approaching switchback and sexual excitement seem to be working in our favor as Kali and I are in a mad frenzy of orgasmic anticipation. I can feel the danger of the approaching switchback mounting as the CTS rapid descent increases and yet I can’t stop stroking myself nor looking at Kali, having never seen her squirt before I do not want to miss the opportunity a second time. By my eye we are less then half a mile from the switchback. A yellow caution sign to my right flashes 15mph. If Kali applies the brakes now we should make the turn without a hitch but from where I’m sitting that’s not going to happen. Kali hips thrust forward and I know from experience this means she is seconds from full release. I can see her sexual excitement is on overload as she measures her orgasm with the approaching switchback. Kali’s sexual volume increases.
“Ooooohhh Yeeeaah Fuuucck!”
I have seen women squirt many times while watching porn and I have to admit it can be quite exciting. Watching a beautiful woman wither and pitch uncontrollably for 15 to 20 seconds while streams of clear fluid fountain from their vagina has brought me to orgasm many times. What concerns me is they aren’t driving a CTS down a mountainside, Kali is. Kali has herself wedged against the seat as her hips pitch forward her body begins to shudder and her voice trembles.
“Fuuuuck Meeee!”
On the safe side, Kali has she removed her right hand and has it braced against the steering wheel, on the not so safe side, she is still diddling away in blind orgasmic bliss and we have maybe 30 seconds before the switchback. I glance at the road ahead to measure then back to Kali and watch closely. Kali continues to work her clit as a small stream of clear fluid jets from between her legs. Every inch of her lower body is pitching in contraction. Her eyes are open but I’m not sure if she sees the road in front of us. Her lower body is involuntarily convulsing in orgasmic spasms that are driving me into orgasm as I stoke and watch. I feel myself reach the point of no return and work the tip of my shaft vigorously. I can focus on little else now that I have peeked into climax. Suddenly I feel the CTS brakes grab extremely hard to the point that the tires chirp against the pavement. I’m guessing Kali made it back in time to take control of the CTS but I don’t care because I’m about to shoot my load. Thank god for anit-lock brakes. A few more seconds or stokes whichever you prefer and I’m growling into an explosive orgasm the likes of which I never expected. I feel as if I can’t stop coming and it’s shooting all over my bare stomach and chest. My release last a good 15 seconds or more and by the time I’m empty the CTS is slowly crawling through the switchback at about 15 mph. I notice a familiar car off the corner of my eye. As I turn my head for a better look I see it’s the Buick Le Saber. In that same moment I lock eyes with the Old man from the cut off. He is standing on the elevated concrete guard rail next to his gray/blue puff haired wife overlooking the waterfall. From his vantage point the Old man can see right into the front seat of the CTS where I lay withered against the seat, cock still hard and in hand, totally spent with cum all over me. What sight I must have been. The Old man just smiles and waves at us as we pass slowly by. I turn to Kali.
“You were right I should have had the windows tinted.”
Kali reaches over with her right hand and swipes cum off my chest and drips it into her mouth. She revels in victory as she turns to me in her sweetest voice. .
“And what else where you wrong about?”
I have to think about this for several seconds until Kali showcases the wetness on the carpet between her legs. I roll my eyes in recognition and admit defeat
“I was wrong, apparently you can squirt when you cum.”
Kali’s sarcastic tone wins the day.
“ Thank you.” Is all she says as she guns the CTS away from the switchback.

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