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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Wanna see a movie with me?  

10/15/2008 12:34
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 10/15/2008 12:34
   We go to the movies-The theater is nearly deserted. We sit way in the back and the other patrons pay no attention.
The theater darkens as we settle into our seats. As the previews start, my hand is resting on your thigh. You are eating
the popcorn and pretending not to notice. Some popcorn drops into your lap and I scoop it up from your crouch (your favorite word)
and eat it. I'm smiling as my hand goes back to rest on your thigh. You offer me some popcorn and I grab a handful and you
watch as I lick the butter from my fingers suggestively. My hand drops down again to your thigh. My hand feels for you and I
rub your cock through your jeans. You brush my hand away, playing with me. "shhh the movie is going to start" and again you are concentrating on the popcorn. I reach for the soda on your other side and lean down into your lap almost spilling the popcorn.
Both hands are feeling for your cock now and I stroke it outside of your jeans again. This time there is a slight moan from you.
You whisper "hey you shouldn't be doing that" as you feel my fingers at your zipper. The movie is starting now and I use the music intros as a chance to unzip your pants. I feel the bulge there as you attempt to gently push my hands away. Your zipper is completely down and I reach inside your boxers and I pull out your all ready hard cock. I lick my hand and use it to lube up your cock. Both my hands slowly stroke up and down on your shaft. I feel my own pussy wet and dripping. I take my time with you, my fingers lightly circling the tip of your hard member. As I stroke it, it gets bigger and even harder. My mouth lowers on it, slowly licking the entire shaft and then sucking your hard cock into my mouth. I can taste the precum and I savor the taste of your cock. You moan again as you realize I am not going to stop and I am going to continue teasing you until I get what I want. My mouth moves up and down on you
and it slides so easily into my throat. I feel the power of your manhood and I tighten my lips around you. My tongue is working up and down with the rhythm of lips. I move to kneel in front of you to get your hardness fully into my mouth. You guide my head down on your cock now, not being able to control yourself. I feel your hands in my hair as you direct my mouth. "oh bitch you are good at that" you whisper. I slowly deep throat your cock and you moan again and your hands are squeezing my tits so I bob on your shaft.
I have you all lubed with my saliva and im sucking you harder and softer, faster than slower. I can feel your c-ck ready to explode as I prepare to take your load. "you ready bad girl?" You want my cum?" mmmmm hmmmm I moan as my mouth is so full. "here it cums"
and I feel your hard cock pulsing and juicing in my mouth. I swallow your juices down, feeling so good as I please you so well. I lick every tiny bit off and gently pull on your cock to get all of it. OMG that is so sweet!
What movie are we seeing again?

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