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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Cum-filled HOTWIFE  

11/5/2008 23:13
Posted By:  - MONTEREY, CA  
Date Posted: 11/5/2008 23:13
   I had begun to suspect she was having an affair. Some of the telltale signs of excuses for absences and business trips that fell into the weekends.

Not that I minded Iíll have you know, it actually excited me. She wouldnít accept my invitations to act out those fantasies we had talked about in the bedroom, though I know it excited her and gave her tremendous orgasms. The only part that bothered me (and it was only slight) was that she hadnít trusted me enough to be honest about her needs and desires. Though able to satisfy her and we still had a full and exciting sex life, I knew she had cravings for cock. This had always turned me on and I had always given her every indication that I not only approved but also was very turned on to the idea of her fucking other guys. See, I had been in the lifestyle prior to meeting and ultimately marrying her. Though I loved FFM, watching my partner get pleased and satisfied by another man or men was unbelievable! To know I am sharing what is mine on such an intimate level and to watch her be writh in pleasure and take his cum, MMmmm! We would dirty talk while making love and it almost always revolved around other men taking her and her being a good little cum slut. This turned both of us on so much. But she would never take it to the next level. At least not telling me that she had.

She would come home late and undress and step into the shower thinking I was asleep. As soon as I heard her rinsing, I immediately would find her clothes and inspect her thong by feeling her wetness and sniffing her scent. Ultimately, this is how I found out. As a complete panty fiend anyway, I knew her various scents. I loved the way her excitement showed by her scent and wetness. Only now, there was something else. Another manís cum in the crotch of her thong!

Same thing when she came home from a business trip. I had told out son to ask his mom to take him for an ice cream when she returned, which he did when she walked though the door. She left with him after I had helped bring her suitcase into the bedroom. As soon as she had left, I took her used thongs and brought them to my nose and immediately smelled her scent AND his! One pair was still wet and reeked of his cum. I was so hard that my cock ached! I stroked it a few times while sniffing her panties and actually licked their juices as I exploded! Not wanting her to know I was suspicious, I put everything back the way it was and cleaned my cum off the floor (God, there was a lot!)

The following week, she came home late again and began to strip. I opened my eyes and asked for a kiss as she approached me naked and headed for the shower. She lowered her head to give me a quick peck but that wasnít going to work, not tonight. I kissed her passionately and pulled her onto the bed on top of me. I could feel her hesitancy as I continued to kiss and feel her body. She said let me shower first and then weíll make love. I rolled her onto her back and said No, I want you right now! As I kissed her nipples and began to lower my head between her legs, I felt her give in. Almost resignation, but with desire. I knew what I would find and I was not disappointed. She smelled for sex. Her lips were swollen and red. Her wetness was unbelievable! The scent of his cum in my wife was such a turn-on! As I began to tongue her clit, she grabbed my shaved head and tried to keep me right there. Though I know she likes that, I ran my tongue down to her ass and back up, licking deep inside of her pussy! She groaned and pulled my head deeper into her crotch. I ate her pussy like a madman! She almost suffocated me by pulling my head into her pussy as she came hard! I liked the taste of her and her lover!

As I lifted myself up, I kissed her as my hard cock slid into her hot and wet pussy. Knowing that another man had just cum inside of her pussy and that I had not only tasted his cum, but also feeling it as I fucked her was so hot! I was so excited and horny, I didnít last long at all before I shot my cum deep inside of her. Cumming where he had, mixing all of our cum together. I slid back down between her legs and cleaned her pussy (again) and brought her to another orgasm with my tongue.

As we layed there basking in the warmth of orgasm, I told her that I liked her bringing a warm cum-filled pussy home to me and I asked her if she now finally believed that I liked her being a hotwife. That was the beginning of my hotwife and my love and appreciation of hotwives!

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