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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Not Your Typical Friday Night  

1/4/2009 13:18
Posted By:  - SANTA MONICA, CA  
Date Posted: 1/4/2009 13:18
   It had been a long week at work. LA, Chicago and finally back in Boston. I began to pack my bag at the office ready to brave the cold blustery night when the phone rang. It was a long lost friend who was stuck in Boston due to snow in NYC. Despite being tired, I opted to rally and agreed to meet my college buddy at a local bar near Fenway Park.

As I walked into Burton's on Boylston, it was a typical busy night at the bar. A few couples were laughing after doing shots of tequilla, a few lonely male drunks sat alone sipping on beer and a couple attractive business women talked over martinis. I pulled up a bar stool and reserved the one next to me with my overcoat.

I began to order a glass of red wine when the couple next to me asked if the seat next to me was taken. I hesitated until my eyes locked onto the wild blue eyes of the wife dressed in a short black skirt and boots with stiletto heels. After clearly undressing her with my eyes, I removed my coat and graciously asked them to take the seat and ordered the bartender to give them a drink on me.

We small talked wine and opted to order a bottle of delicious Cakebread Cabernet for three. For a moment in time I quickly forgot the soon arrival of my long lost buddy.

Much to my appreciation and enjoyment, the wife sat next to me and warmed up to being the center of attention of her hubby and me. We exchanged names (Deb and Frank), locations, jobs and other banter when she stopped to ask me why I was there all alone. I paused for a second then opted to remind Deb that I lived across the street and came here often for drinks and dinner. Just as she began to look out the window my phone vibrated with a text message from my friend...his flight was now back on schedule and would have to take a rain check.

As I finished reading his text, Deb inquired whether I had just received a "booty call" on my phone. I replied "I wish" and began telling them both that I was recently out of a long relationship. What happens next is what makes it NOT your typical Friday night.

Deb excuses herself to go use the restroom and Frank and I both get caught admiring her beautiful face and stunning figure. She clearly keeps herself in shape with short blonde hair, 5'5 petite body with 36C's that perfectly complement her small frame. Upon catching both of us staring at her, she tells us to "behave ourselves" as Frank and I in unison reply "absolultely NOT".

As Frank and I laugh and Michelle is no longer in site, he quickly gets somewhat serious and asks me whether I am open minded to joining a couple for hot 3some fun. He begins to tell tales of Deb wanting to explore more with another man and her insatiable sexual appetite. I begin to laugh again...and Frank clearly becomes confused. In order to keep things discreet and cut the tension, I stand up and lean over to tell Frank that "it would be an honor and a pleasure to host you and Deb for a drink across the street at my private place. I have enjoyed a few select 3somes with couples and overdue for a good time."

Just as Frank begins to laugh...I feel hands slide around my waist and gently graze my thick hard cock and balls...which had already begun to pulsate and swell at the thought of a 3some with Deb. I look back into Deb's eyes and she leans forward to whipser into my ear "did Frank tell you how naughty I like to be with guys like you"?

As Deb begins to kiss my neck and attract eyes of others at the bar...I sit her down onto the stool and sit back at mine. I place my left hand onto her thigh and slide it until I feel it under her dress. Much to my delite she is not wearing any panties and I start to feel how wet her pussy lips and clit are becoming. As I gather my composure and do my best not to make a scene for the whole bar...I begin tell Deb that "I wanted to fuck you since the minute we made eyes contact...so why don't we walk across the street to my place and see how naughty you can be with Frank and me".

She looks over at Frank...smiles at him then back at me and says "I love when a plan cummms together"! We grab our coats, bundle up and begin the track to my apartment across the street.

Upon entering my place, Deb turns to me and begins to kiss me passionately. She clearly is a sensual soul and it is a huge turn on to feel her tongue and lips in mine. Frank begins to help me undress her...as Deb's kisses become nibbles onto my neck...undressing my shirt with tie and quickly on her knees unzipping my dress pants. As I watch her pull my raging thick cock from my pants, I begin to moan as I see her tongue swirl the precum from the head of my cock. She is indeed a hot woman who loves to suck cock...and one is not enough as she unzips Frank's pants and begins to alternate sucking both of our hard cocks.

As we move over into my master bedroom Deb sucks my cock and begins licking my shaven balls, I begin to help Frank remove her bra to reveal a delicious set of 36C breasts with huge erect nipples. One of many benefits of living in the cold Northeast! I look over to Frank and thank him for sharing such a beautiful woman.

I push Deb back onto my bed and slide her wet panties to the floor. Much to my amazement, she has a freshly shaven pussy with a sexy landing strip above her swollen clit. After a moment of sliding my hands over every inch of her georgeous body, I can no longer stand it and bury my lips and tongue onto her wet pussy lips and sensitive clit. Deb runs her hands thru my hair and pulls my face deeper into her soaked pussy. It had been too long since an amazing pussy was making my face drenched with sweet and delicious juices. Frank takes a seat in the corner of my room and begins to stroke his cock admiring Deb and I at play.

As I hear Deb moan, Frank tells me that she loves a finger in her ass while being eaten. Thus, I begin teasing the rim of her ass with the tip of my tongue and slowly slide a wet finger in her tight unlubricated ass. In her moans, she begs for me to also slide another finger in her wet pussy....and to "fuck both holes with your wet fingers and tongue". I oblige and enjoy watching her squirm with such pleasure and passion...but just as I feel her getting closer to cummming for me...she pushes me away and down on the bed.

She asks for Frank to toss over a condom as she mounts me and strokes my thick cock with her soft hands. Deb slowly sucks my hard cock a few times, teasing the head then deep throating it so nicely and gently plays with my balls before covering my ready cock with the condom. Without hesitation she looks at me in the eyes and asks me if it is OK to "ride that hard cock like it was my last fuck". I moan "yes" and tell her that "my cock is so very ready to give you a fuck to remember". Before I can say another word, Deb straddles my cock and slides the tip of the head onto her pussy lips...then without warning takes the entire 8" thick hard cock deep into her soaked pussy lips. "She is not here for sensual slow love, she is clearly here to be fucked...and fucked good" Frank shouts from the corner as he continues stroking his cock.

Deb is without question one of the hottest women and greatest fucks I have ever had...and we had only just begun. Deb loves to ride the cock...and demonstrates her talents by doing a few tricks with my cock as she mounts me. She begins to alternate my cock being in her wet pussy...then inside her tight ass. She puts me back inside her pussy and leans forward to allow me to enjoy her erect nipples in my mouth. I am in heaven as my cock is burried deep inside this beautiful woman's wet pussy with a mouthful of her delicous breasts in my lips. She alternates the pace between fast and fucking fast...using my cock as if I were a cyb not a man:-)

As I am lost inside Deb's amazing pussy...I hear her begin to moan "I need another cock inside my ass". And before I can even try to slide out and back into her ass...I feel this amazing rush of wet juices flow all over me as she cumms from Frank burrying his ready cock deep inside of her ass. It had been many years...but I was finally enjoying one of my favorite activities...double penetration and feeling a woman being satisfied in both beautiful holes.

I have never felt a woman cummm so often and so HOT. Frank and I continued to fuck both wet juicy holes of Deb as she continued to fuck furiously thru multiple orgasms...soaking me and my bed below with lots of delicious pussy juice. Deb was indeed insatiable...yet began to slow down her strokes and begged to be filled with our loads of hot cummm. As she slowed her strokes I felt her pussy lips tighten up and pull on my cock as if it was milking me from my toes to the head of my cock. Simply amazing...and unable to fight off the orgasms much longer...Frank and I exploded together...me filling her very wet and cummm thirsty pussy and him filling her tight ass with huge loads of sweet cummmmm.

This was the beginning of an amazing new friendship...with many, many benefits. Want to meet me at Burton's soon? :-)

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