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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Weekend on the farm.  

2/17/2009 16:49
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 2/17/2009 16:49
   The weekend had come. All the months of planning had finally brought him to this place at this time. He was slightly nervous, yet so aroused at what lay ahead. So much work, he hoped it would bring a deserved reward for all. Looking into the monitors, he went back over the checklist in his own mind. Was anything forgotten? He knew there would be a few glitches and surprises, but that made this all the more challenging.

Knowing each of them as well as he did, he knew their weaknesses. Each had talents and traits that brought them here to this place. He called each of them a friend. He knew they trusted him as much as they possibly could considering their own situations. Seeing the props and how everything was laid out brought a smile to his face. None the less, he couldn't believe that this was all happening. Oh, how times have changed! This was a once in a lifetime experience and he wanted this to be truly special.

Each of his subjects were creatures of beauty. They all were beautiful in his eyes. All from different backgrounds made this even more special. They each had a different look, yet they all tickled that spot in his brain equally. How he longed for this moment in time with each of them!

Hearing a buzz, he knew the first one was arriving. Watching that camera, he saw her pull to the front. Grinning, he saw how she made last second touch-ups before leaving her car. He knew she no doubt was eager for some time with her sir. Leaving the control room, he moved to the door to let her in. She was temporarily startled as she was just about to knock when he opened the door. Smiling radiantly at her, he moved to give her a hug. Embracing her, he felt her womanly curves pressed against him. Immediately he caught a whiff of her fragrance. It captivated him. Looking down at her, he moved to her mouth. In unison , their lips parted. Like long lost lovers their kisses were passionate. A couple minutes passed and he pulled back from her. In a firm tone, he broke the tender mood by asking if she was ready for her training. Looking into her eyes, he witnessed the red becoming ever more evident on her face. Not hearing a reply, he asked once again "are you ready, precious?"

She had a hard time saying it and replied in an almost inaudible voice "yes sir."

"Good girl. Come now," he uttered. He reached for her hand, and she grasped his.

Walking to the next room, he could feel her palms sweating already. He knew how nervous she would become when reality hit. Walking through the entrance, he felt her hesitate as she saw what was in front of her. Gazing upon his handy work, he knew what she must be thinking. Pausing a moment, he turned to her and asked once more "you can change your mind if your not ready for this, precious".

Looking into her eyes, he saw that telltale look. Turning away from her, he held her hand gently and lead her to the bed. On the bed was an outfit he had chosen just for her. A massage table was also set up to the side of the bed. A few toys were set upon the bed, some of which he knew she was focusing on and wondering about. He knew the visual she was taking in was having the desired effect.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a folded up piece of paper. Handing it to her, he instructed her to read it over and he'd be back in a few minutes. Turning towards the door, he looked at her one last time before he left her to her choice. A slight shiver went through his body as he took in how desirable she truly was at that moment.

Strolling back to the control room, he smiled knowing everything was going according to plan, so far. With just about thirty minutes to go before the next arrival, he opened a bottle of beer to quench his thirst. Waiting a bit to give his subject some time to sit and ponder, he finally walked back to find the answer.

Opening the door, he saw her sitting on the bed looking a tad flush and perhaps embarrassed. She had her head down, like a good girl, and didn't look up as he had indicated in the note. The outfit seemed to fit her perfectly. He knew her well and he couldn't help but smile wide at the sight in front of him. Walking towards her, he made the journey as drawn out as possible. Stopping a foot from her, he reached into his pocket. Pulling out the blindfold, he indicated for his precious to look up. She did just that. Reaching out to the sides of her face, he tenderly stroked her and told her what a good girl she was. Moving the blindfold properly in place. He made sure she couldn't see. Grasping her hands, he helped her stand. "Ready?" he asked. She nodded in consent. They moved in unison along the hallway and paused for a moment as he opened the door to the outside. Moving along the uneven ground, he found himself having to slow down for her. She seemed to be uneasy walking with the blindfold taking her sight away from her. After a hundred yard walk, they arrived at the building. Sliding the door open, he moved her along to the first stall. Sliding that inner door open, he watched her face as she tried to identify what was happening. Moving her to the center, he positioned her, seating her on the previously placed chair. Now perfectly positioned, he reached for her wrists. Moving them behind the back of the chair, he began to tie them together. When finished with that task, he moved to her legs and tied them to the front legs of the chair, her legs slightly widened.

Standing up and moving behind her, he spoke softly into her ear, "You're about to experience something you never in your wildest dreams have visualized. You're mine and you will be properly taken care of." He went on teasing her with words and finally after seeing her squirm on the chair, he stopped. Telling her that he'd be back in due time, he left her to ponder what might lay ahead.

Closing the stall door, he watched how she reacted to the sound. Exiting the stable, he walked once again back to the house. Finding himself once again at the control room, he waited for number two. The wait wasn't long. She was early, he thought. He grinned wide, knowing that she knew very well how he hated lateness. He wondered if she was early because of this or because of the excitement that he no doubt knew she had. It had been a few days of nonstop text messages and he couldn't believe how eager she was to spend time with sir.

Waiting for the doorbell to ring, he took his time strolling to the door. Looking out the door's peephole, he watched as she primped her hair and adjusted her clothes. She was wearing her western look. A tight fitting pair of Levi's, with a button down collared shirt. The hat added to the touch and he was actually surprised she had worn it. Opening the door for her, he moved slightly outside to embrace her. Pulling her close, he looked slightly down at her. Moving his lips toward hers, a kiss soon followed. Tasting the freshness of her breathe, he had no doubt she popped a couple mints before she arrived.

Reaching for her hand, no other words were said. They moved toward the "massage room". Once again, this precious observed the props upon entering the room. He knew she was trying to take it all in. The pause and release of her hand from his told the story. Chuckling inside, he knew his "design" was having the exact effect he had hoped for. Asking her to sit on the bed, he handed her the note to read saying that he'd be back shortly...and so he left.

He moved once again to the control room, and watched the screen showing the lovely lady reading the note. He watched as her mouth soon gaped open in surprise, or was that shock? Seeing her put the note down, he wondered how long it would take for her to decide her fate. He watched as her eyes closed temporarily. Her left hand soon absently crept up to gently caress her right nipple through her blouse. A moment later, her eyes opened. She turned to the garments stacked neatly to her side. Shuffling them apart, she turned towards the door. He watched as she appeared nervous to undress and get into costume. Standing up slowly, she appeared to be shaky. He knew she was surprised and perhaps even overcome with emotions.

Watching closely, he savored every moment of her undressing. Seeing his precious totally nude, he smiled wide as he saw how she had groomed just the way he wanted. She was a good girl that he couldn't wait to corrupt. Watching her slowly slip on the garments, it seemed so erotic. His visual senses were being tested at that moment. He reached down to adjust himself. He was becoming ever so erect and that was becoming a tad uncomfortable. Waiting until she was almost dressed, this time, he thought it best to surprise her. Moving down the hall to the door, he tried to time opening it at just the right moment. Turning the knob, he slowly opened it. Spotting her pulling the thin garment over her head, she seemed to hurry to get it adjusted in place. Smiling wide at her, he soon spoke. "Good girl, I'm sure your will find that you made a great choice." Moving close to her, he looked into her eyes and winked. Looking at her closely, he studied her, almost like he was trying to read her mind. He most certainly thought he had a few clues as to what was going through her head. He knew her so well, almost better than she knew herself, perhaps.

Reaching down to take her hand into his, he felt how sweaty her palms had become. Moving to her face, he bowed to her forehead and planted a soft kiss upon it. Then to give her a bit more tenderness, kissed her lips briefly, pulling back when she tried to insert her tongue past his lips.

Pausing a moment to savor her beauty, out of the corner of his eye the clock came into view. Not believing the time has passed so rapidly, he had to move along faster than he wanted to. Taking her right hand into his, he spoke up saying "The time has come for us to move along to something more interesting, precious."
He asked her once more if she was excited. "Yes sir" she answered in character. Trying to hold back a chuckle, he knew she was no doubt nervous, yet dripping with anticipation. Looking into her eyes, he produced the blindfold. Slowly putting it securely in place, he knew the effect that this would have on her. Walking arm in arm, they followed the path out of the house towards the stable. They walked slowly, and he couldn't believe how clammy her palms had become. The short steps she was taking were no doubt from the uncertainty of where she was going and what she was walking on. The occasional uneven ground had her holding extra firmly onto his hand.

Pushing the large door open, he watched her head swivel as she tried to grasp what the sounds were. Moving once again to her hand, he guided her the rest of the way to her destination. They moved inside to the chair in the middle of the stall. He helped seat her in place. He once again moved to her ear and whispered, "I'm gonna tie you to this chair, do you remember the safe-word?" With a few moments of silence, he knew she forgot the word. Chuckling at her predicament, he asked her if she needed help remembering. With a nod and no words spoken, he moved to her ear once again. "The safe-word is...chocolate". How could she forget , he wondered? She knew he was a chocoholic but perhaps the nervous tension had at that moment caused her to forget even the easiest of details.

Bending down to the floor, he once again retrieved a rope. He had been practicing of late, and it wasn't long at all before he was admiring his handiwork. Again, what caught his eye the most was how perfect the choice of garments he had made for his precious. She looked so innocent and angelic, yet bound and at his mercy. He decided it was best to run along. No other words were spoken to number two.

Walking briskly back to the house, he almost began to a jog. It was going to be just a matter of minutes before the next arrival. Feeling some beads of sweat form at his brow, he raised his shirt sleeve up to remove the moisture from his forehead. Moving through the front door to the control room, he stopped for a moment. Seeing one thing he had forgotten along the way, he tucked it into his front pants' pocket for later use. Smiling widely, he couldn't believe he almost forgot about that special prop!

Back in the control room, he took a swig from his bottle of beer that he had opened earlier. Closing his eyes for a moment to visualize his grand plan, they opened at once as he heard the driveway alarm sound. Looking at that camera, he watched as the next precious arrival pulled to a stop. He was actually very surprised that she opened her car door so rapidly. He was so wrong about her. He figured of all the four, she would be the one who would hesitate the most before moving up to the door. He watched as she walked so secure and determined. He couldn't believe the outfit that she has chosen to wear this day. From the first time he had come across her, to all the months in between, he figured she would have arrived wearing jeans and a m.i.l.f. type of sweater. With his mouth agape, he surprised himself even by hearing "wow" escape from his mouth. The skirt was exactly like the one he recalled seeing worn on someone else's profile. The black stockings were his favorite. She seemed to have dressed exactly in a way that would test his resolve. The top formed to her nice breasts in a way that almost made him blush. Leaving just the perfect amount of buttons undone made this visual in front of him seem so surprising and welcomed.

He waited for the doorbell to ring; the wait didn't take long. He surprised himself, again, by how fast he made it to the door. Before turning the knob, he paused realizing he needed to wait. It seemed like a minute but in reality it was about ten seconds. This precious was going to make it difficult for him. He cursed to himself in hushed tone, "fuck!" He opened the door to greet her. Looking down into her eyes, he caught the glimmer. "Welcome to heaven," he found himself saying. Then he mentally kicked himself at the lameness of his comment. He tried to immediately regain focus.

She spoke soon there after. "Sir, I'm here of my own free will. Do with me what you please for I am at your mercy." Oh my god, he thought to himself. She is evil. He couldn't believe how difficult she was making it on him. He felt an instant stirring in his boxers. He wondered if she truly knew what she was doing to him? This was a surprise he most certainly didn't anticipate. All of the planning and this was oh, so unforeseen!

To be continued...

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