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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Kinda Kinky  

2/19/2009 13:26
Posted By:  - MANKATO, MN  
Date Posted: 2/19/2009 13:26
   Kinda Kinky

I think I am kinda kinky but not in a perverted sort of way,
I like to get myself off in a diffrent sort of way.
I start by using dildos, to loosen up my ass,
going from small to large, is a tedious sort of task.
They start rather small and work to rather large,
I think I have tried everything, to park in my anal garage.
The double headed dildo that also folds in half,
but still my dick has no responce, and stays at partial mast.
Then I try the red one with balls, oh yeah its bigger in size
but still no reaction from my dick to see the white creamy prize.
So now we are onto bigger and some would say not better,
It is an anal sweeter.
Slowly start to work Doc in, the bulbous head is huge,
holy shit its going in, I hit my subtrafuge.
My willy is still flacid and I wonder what it takes,
to make me get a hard-on, and put frosting on the cake.
I bought my wife a dolphin with speeds that make you shake,
the steel ball bearing inside, almost make you ache.
The most erotic thing I think I can ever list,
My wonderful, beautiful, loving wife,
used her fist.
Now that was quite an adventure one we continue to do,
Now take it from me, it may not be for you.
There seems to be just one more thing ,
that I think I need to say,
I am able to take my cock, bend it around,
and take it all the way.


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