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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Weekend on the Farm -Continued  

2/23/2009 17:20
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 2/23/2009 17:20
   Extending his hand, he took hers into his own and slowly raised it to his face. Kissing the back of her hand, he stared into her eyes. Taking a moment to get a bead on this "precious", he decided to not utter a word. Instead, he walked with her in tow to the massage room. Moving to the chair, he ushered her to it. Surprised that she didn't speak during the walk, he got the answer he was hoping for. She truly was into the character and was playing the role to a T. Positioning her on the chair, he watched as she shifted to get comfy. Finally her head lifted to meet his stare.

"I have big plans for you and I see that your being a good girl. You will find that if you trust in Sir, the rewards will be plenty." Reaching into his pocket, he held up briefly a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. Seeing her eyes widen immediately, he knew she didn't expect that. She knew that he wasn't typically into handcuffs and seeing Sir with a pair was most unexpected. Reaching down to grab her wrists, he gently secured them both, clicking the cuffs shut. With her arms behind her back, the back of the chair aided in securing her in place.

He walked over to the massage table and reached into the duffel bag on top of it, pulling out a blindfold. Gazing back at her, he smiled wide as he saw her eyes were take in what he was up to. She turned back to stare ahead, but not before he caught a glimpse of her reaction. The deep blush she had brought an even wider grin to his face. Moving back to her, he held the blindfold before her, almost as a presentation of a gift. Speaking firmly, he asked if she trusted him. She nodded; no words were spoken her part. Covering her eyes, he parted the hair from her brow that interfered with the perfect placement. Gently patting her on top of her head, he assured her that he was going to take good care of his precious.

Bending down, he kissed the side of her neck. Slithering his snakelike tongue slowly along her neck, he produced a shiver from her. He then paused to blow softly into her right ear. He recalled a few things from a chat they once had months prior to this. He knew exactly what he was doing to her and what was to soon to follow. Pulling short, he stopped immediately and uttered that he would be back. With that, he left her to sit and take in the moment.

Once again he found himself at the control room staring at the screen. Intently he watched his latest arrival, and he was very pleased with his handy work. He was a little intrigued by how she was dressed and acting. Knowing her as well as he did, he had a few questions flying through his head. Was she up to something?Time will tell.

Hearing the driveway bell chime, he was startled. Looking up at the clock, he cussed at the situation. Number 4 was very early, and his mind began to race. A solution was needed and he didn't panic. Taking a moment to ponder, he came up with a plan. Watching the screen for the massage room, there was no doubt that situation was not needing to be addressed any time soon.

Watching the last precious open her car door. He was glad that she was the last to arrive. Moving to the entrance door, he opened it before she had time to knock. Pausing for a moment to take in her beauty, he moved to her face. Caressing her cheeks gently, he craned his neck to bend down to kiss her sweet lips. Soft tender kisses became more passionate. A moment later found them searching for each others tongues. More heated it became while his hands found her shoulders and began to massage the knots out of her neck as he knew they would be there. Finally, he pushed himself away from her. Turning towards the door, he knew she would soon follow. He turned back towards her and asked if she needed a drink. She didn't, but replied that she really needed to freshen up. It was a long journey for her and as attractive as she was at the moment, he knew she was road weary.

He told her to wait there for a second and he moved down the hall to the control room. Grabbing the chosen garment, he walked back to the bathroom. He sat the clothes on the side of the sink and placed the note on top of it. A moment later he was back next to his precious. "Everything you will need is in the bathroom, I'll be waiting here for you."

He watched as she walked away from him. He stared at her ass, admiring how it formed her jeans perfectly. Taking in the sight, he wondered how soon she would discover the note. He was milling about the living room while a few minutes had passed and she hadn't came back out yet. He wondered what was taking her so long. He knew she was surprised but was this too difficult for her to come back and face Sir this way? He sat down on the couch and waited. There was no more hurry, with everyone there now. He knew in time she would stroll back into the room.

Hearing the door open, he watched as she approached. The blush on her face was exactly what he hoped for and then some. Looking first at her face, his eyes then traveled lower. He saw her erect nipples pressed against the material. As embarrassed as she perhaps was, there was little doubt how turned on she was as well. His eyes followed the rest of the way down her body and he savored the moment. The fit was exactly as he hoped for. The material was sheer enough to catch the pink of her aeriolas and also the patch above her pussy. She was a good girl and groomed exactly as requested. Seeing that, he told her "good girl." With a wink, she turned even redder knowing exactly what he was staring at and referring to.

When she became closer, he asked her if she had something for him. She extended her hand and produced the well folded note. For doing just that was her answer to her being ready for the next step in this journey. Taking the note, he placed it back into his pocket. Grasping her left hand, he walked with her outside and down the path to the barn. Approaching the door, he stopped and reached into his pants' pocket to pull out the blindfold. He turned towards her, winked and immediately put it securely in place over her eyes. Whispering in her ears after completion, he uttered, "You're mine."

With that, they continued the rest of the way into the barn and turning right, they moved to the first stall on the right. With her in tow, they soon found the chair in the middle. Placing her upon it, he whispered into her ear to reach behind her. After she did so, he took her wrists and circled the rope around them in three loops. Tying her arms to the back of the chair, he soon sought out her ankles. First the left, then the right and she found herself with widened legs, secured to each leg of the chair.

Kissing her left cheek once, he told her he'd be back shortly. With that he left her to take care of number 3. Looking down at his watch, he realized that he was ahead of schedule. With a wide grin, he turned back once more before leaving the stall, to admire his work..

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