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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Jackie Makes Three  

2/27/2009 21:31
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 2/27/2009 21:31
   Smiling wide as I see her drive up, she is on time, as always. After all this time, she knows my biggest pet peeve. Opening my door, I walk over to her vehicle. Opening her door for her, I reach for her hand and take it into mine. Helping her stand, I bend down to kiss her briefly. Time being of essence, we walk towards the entrance of the store. I know she's nervous and I know being with me is making it easier for her. Entering, we look around and move towards an area with some of the things we are looking for. Browsing a bit, my eyes catch exactly what we are looking for. A pack with three different sized dildos that are perfect for the strapon. I look at her and have a pretty good idea what is running through her head.

I felt like I was late because I knew he was already there waiting for me, and I know how much he hates tardiness. I glance at the clock on my dashboard radio and it says I am right on time. I'm nervous meeting him at the adult toy store right outside of my town. What are the odds of someone I know being there? I chuckle to myself and think, slim to none! He gets out of his pickup truck and comes to my car and assists me out. We embrace and he tells me I look very nice as we walk into the store.

Moving to the counter, I pay for the purchase. In a mere matter of minutes we both are on the road. I follow her, as she knows the route way better than myself. Sending a few texts along the way, we arrive a half an hour later. Pulling next to each other, we both get out of our vehicles and enter a local grocery store to get some food and drinks to satisfy us until Jackie arrives.

We get to the town we're supposed to meet Jackie at and realize we're both hungry. Since we don't feel like eating at any of the fast food places we spotted, we decide to try to find some snacks at the grovery store down the street from the hotel we're going to. Besides, we needed beer anyway, to calm us girl's nerves!

Leaving the store, I help Tammy enter my truck. With her being so short, I always enjoy helping her up into my cab. My hands grasp her ass for the first time in what seemed to be ages. A short drive and we arrive at the hotel. We checked into the hotel and found ourselves in the room. The time flew as we dined on our munchies and sipped on our beverages. We plan just a bit as to what we are going to do with Jackie. I decide to improvise just a bit and let things flow naturally.

Of course I am extremely nervous meeting this woman, whom I've only seen a few pictures of. But I trust Sir, and I am extremely excited, too! I've never done anything like this before. I also know that I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do. I can just be a spectator and just take pictures all night if I like.

A ring on my cell phone causes me to check my text message. It is Jackie, and she's arriving soon. Grabbing Tammy's camera, I walk outside to meet Tammy. Helping her out of her pickup truck, I smirk as I see the outfit she chose. It is exactly what I instructed her to wear and she is looking lovely as ever. Her black stocking clad legs seem to continue forever. With the heals, she looks to be 6'2". I stop her for a moment and snap a couple quick pics. Taking her hand in mine, we walk towards the door.. Entering the side door to the hotel, we pause once again in the hall, just outside our room. I produce a blindfold, she blushes, then smiles. We had discussed this fantasy in the past. I'm sure she wasn't expecting this at the present time. Snapping one more pic, I take her hand into mine and travel the rest of the way down the hall.
My heart starts pounding when he tells me he'll be right back with a wink. I am sitting in a chair in front of low lighting. I don't know if he will have her blindfolded before she gets to the room, but I know the plan is to indeed blindfold her. I'm hoping if she glimpses me in the chair first, that I am merely a sillhouette of a woman. The door swings open and I see Sir usher in a tall woman dressed in a crisp, white button down shirt, short black pencil skirt, with black thigh highs, heels, and a blindfold on.

Opening the door, we enter the room. The room is dark, with light shining in from the bathroom. Also, a couple lamps are lit, but we have placed towels over the lampshades to keep the room as dark as possible, with just enough light to maneuver. I look over at Tammy; she's not making a sound. I walk Jackie to the bed and help her sit down upon it. Her body unsure of the steps and path. She shifted about on the bed to get comfy. Her short skirt raised a tad higher than she was comfy with, she reached down and adjusted herself. I walk over to the chilled beer, open the top and move back to Jackie. Reaching for her hand, I place the bottle into it. Watching as she takes a sip, I soon ask her if she is ready. I look over to Tammy, then walk to her and hand her the camera. I know how eager she is to be camera-person.

I was not instructed as to whether I should talk or not, but so far no words needed to be said. I took the camera from Sir and photographed as he fawned over our new arrival. It didn't matter how many photos I took, as my digital camera has a big memory.

Moving back to Jackie, I sat down beside her. Bending my head down, I plant a kiss on her neck. Moving my left hand, I slide it to her knees. Feeling the nylon, I savor the sight in front of me. Sliding ever so seductively, my hand higher and higher, I press her skirt up. Moving to her warm womanhood, I rubbed gently against her pantyclad crotch. Hearing her moan softly, I continued to rotate my fingers around and around. Feeling her clit through the fabric, I massage it for a few more seconds before I stop. Looking over at Tammy, she knows what I want. She walked immediately closer to snap a few pics of the tease. I stop for a few seconds, to allow Jackie to consume a few more sips of her cold beverage.
I loved being able to secretly stare at this woman. I relished being the voyeuristic photographer as I moved around them, finding different angles. I wondered if she could see the flashes from beneath her blindfold.

I kiss Jackie once more then whisper in her ear, "You look hot." Taking in her scent, my senses are activated. Moving to my knees, I massage and tease her long, shapely calves. Sliding my hands up higher and higher, I eventually reach the tops of her stockings.. Feeling the lacy tops, I tease once again nearer and closer to her v.. Looking at her face, I smiled at how she looked. The blindfolded lady with a beer in her hand made me temporarily pause to decide my next plan of action. I hear a couple more snaps from the camera. I know Tammy is in her element. Sliding Jackie's black panties to the side, I slowly enter my large middle finger into her delicate slot. Moans soon escape her lips. Our lips meet as I slowly slide my digit deeper into her tightness.

He took his time to admire then remove each item of her clothing, except the black stockings. His clothes came off so fast, however, that I didn't recall even seeing him discard them. I could tell as he paused and looked at me, that I was to capture a particular moment with a picture. She had an incredible body. She was long and slender, whereas I am short and curvy. She had perfectly shaped and perky C-cup breasts, I thought. So I reached out first with my hand, then followed with my mouth to sample them as Sir got ready to do much more to her.

With my other free hand, I unsnap my jeans and begin to push them down. My boxer soon joined the pants on the floor. I was fully erect, with this being so erotic and stimulating. Grabbing the previously placed condom from the bedside table, I slowly unrolled it over my large mushroom head and along the length of my shaft. Pushing Jackie back, I help her lay just the right way I wanted her on the bed. Moving at once to her, I'm still standing yet ready to plant myself into her quim. Tapping her clit a couple times with my shaft, she moans. I slowly press into her and slide inch by inch deeper. A moment later and I begin to thrust harder and deeper until I'm bottomed out. In rhythm, she pushes back at me and we work together in unison. Looking over my shoulder, I see Tammy back at work. I know from experience what would make for great pictures. I paused for a moment to allow her to capture just the right angle and scene. A couple more minutes of hard fucking and I knew it was time to stop. Stepping away from Jackie, I move to the previously opened package. Looking down to choose a fake phallus to use, I grab the smallest one first. It looked so lifelike and was around the size of myself. Taking it into my hand, I walk back once again to Jackie.

I have to step aside as Sir pauses intercourse and heads for the newly purchased toys that I have cleaned and laid out next to the bed. I wickedly think to myself that he should chose the largest one, but I smile at him as he chooses the smallest one instead.

Reaching down, I caress her clit with my fingers for a moment. The toy I bring down to her opening and pause a moment to grab the bottle of lube. Adding a couple drops to the new toy, I immediately realize it wasn't needed; she is literally soaked. Thrusting it in tenderly at first, soon it became more carnal. A couple minutes later, I removed it to her displeasure. Nodding at Tammy, she handed me the medium sized toy cock. Moving to Jackie, I make time to add lube again, then I'm pressing the tip at her entrance before slowly sliding it in a couple inches. This time the toy doesn't enter with such ease. Its bigger and with Jackie being very tight, I knew this would take a couple of minutes to find bottom. Hearing the camera at work, I turn to Tammy and smile. Knowing how wicked this must look, I grin like a cheshire cat.
I am having the most fun taking so many different pictures of Sir teasing Jackie. Sometimes I focus on her face, mouth agape in ecstasy as her brings her to another orgasm. Then I focus lower on what Sir is doing to her most intimate places and snap more pictures. He smiles as me as though he is saying, "You're doing a great job! Keep it up!"
Soon the time was near and I stopped with Mr Medium. It was now time for Mr Big. Reaching for it, I look close at the new toy and can't believe how heavy it felt. It did look realistic enough. Adding a large amount of the lube, I know its well needed. Looking down at Jackie, I see she's becoming just a bit red, yet her clit is very erect. Placing the large fake cock at her entrance, I witness her flinch. She knows it is way bigger than what she has experienced so far. I whisper into her ear to relax. "I'll take it slow, precious, " I utter. Slowly the head pops in and she appears uncomfortable. I press very slowly into her and more slides in. After five inches enter her slot, I know she's got as much into her as she can handle. The girth no doubt has her filled like never before. Knowing from the past, this was as big as she's had. After couple minutes of slow thrusting, I stop.

I am fascinated watching him try to ease that biggest toy into her. I try to get a clear picture of how much he is stretching her. I wonder to myself, could I take that? I believe that I can. Her face contorts, a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. She wants to take the big toy,I can tell, but is either actually too tight, or nervousness won't allow her to relax enough.

Leaning down to her, I ask if she would want something else? "Anything for your, sir" she answers. Moving to Tammy, I tell her to have a taste. Seeing only a bit of hesitancy, I know she's ready. Moving slowly closer, soon she slides on the bed at Jackie's feet. Moving into position, I watch as Tammy's tongue sought out the delicacy. Grabbing the camera, I take a couple pictures of this moment. Minutes later, I hear the tell tale signs that it was near. I hand the magic wand and smallest dildo to Tammy and watch as she places it on Jackie's clit. With one toy upon her clit and another toy in her depths, it was no time before the inevitable happens.

I knew Sir was going to ask me to try this. I've never tasted another woman firsthand before. Only occasionally off another man's lips. I have been wanting to try this for so long though, and with this woman blindfolded before me, I figure it is the perfect time. I gently lick at her clit, and feel her tense slightly. Not having much confidence in my oral ability on women, I am glad I brought along my magic wand. I don't know if Jackie has ever tried it, but I assume if I can't make her cum, I know the wand should!

Grabbing the strapon, I tap Tammy on the shoulder. Blushing when she realized what I wanted, she hopped off the bed. Watching as the straps are adjusted, the medium sized toy after some trial and error finally found itself securely in its spot. I take a couple pics, smiling at how natural Tammy appears.

I'm barely done with making my first female orgasm all alone when Sir hands me the strap-on. This is something I also knew he was going to ask me to do, and also something I have never done before. Flustered, I fumble with getting it strapped on and properly in place. I can feel a heated blush spreading across my cheeks as he watches me struggle to adjust my new apendage.

Tammy soon was back on the bed, and moving closer to her destination. I watch questioning, wondering if this is going to work as well as we all hope. With some frustration, I come up with a plan. Moving immediately behind Tammy, I place my hardness against her slit, surprising her. Thrusting into her pussy, we all realize this was well needed. Pressing hard and deep, it began to push Tammy into Jackie with a better rhythm. All of us working in unison, this double fucking is just what was needed. Each deep push that I make, causes the same thing happening with the ladies. Moans and gasps and the sounds I so love to hear were at hand. Feeling myself getting close, I stop and pull out. Reaching over for Mr Big, I whisper into Tammy's ear to see if this works.

Embarrassed and giggling, I can't quite get a good rhythym going and I am surprised and glad when Sir comes up with a way to solve that problem. I'm not sure if either of them knows that the strap-on has a tiny vibrator on my own clit that is buzzing away while he fucks me and I fuck her. My giggling has stopped, and I am lost in the unreal sensations I'm experiencing now in this threesome.

Tammy unfastened medium and soon put Mr Big in place, back at the correct place, she soon entered Jackie's pussy. Very slow and with great patience she tried to get back in rhythm. It went in. Jackie seeming to grimace a little with each thrust. Tapping Tammy on the shoulder I indicate to stop. Watching her pull out, I'm surprised by how open Jackie's pussy looks. Moving to her, I reenter. This time there's less patience. I pound frantically deeper and deeper. A couple minutes of animalistic coupling and we both are there. I pull out at the right moment, and shocked even myself with the intensity and quantity of hot lava I produced. The first couple shots flew over her head and hit the wallpaper behind the bed. Splash after splash later hit the exact target. Her chest began to glisten with the coating. Finally its done and I admire my handiwork. Tammy soon is behind me, snapping away once more. Oh what a sight, oh what a night!

I'm happy to step aside and let him finish the job. As exciting as that sex was, I knew I would be unable to orgasm from it. I watched the intense look on both of their faces become more concentrated. I was astonished at the ferocity of his orgasm. For a brief moment, I wondered, did it just hit the wall? Then I watched as he covered her lovely breasts with the rest. Then he fixated on me.

Turning around, I seek out Tammy's mouth for a kiss. She had been a great assistant and I knew she needed a reward. Reaching down, I gently flick at her clit. Strumming away, I soon bring her to the edge. Stopping at once, I move her to the bed. Reaching over to remove Jackie's blindfold, I thought of how hot she would become watching. I knew they both would be surprised by how hard I still was having just came.
Sir brought me to a quick and easy orgasm, as I was already on edge. I doubt he noticed that I had been touching myself while watching and photographing them. Finally it was my turn for his cock, and I wonder if I will get a turn at being fucked by Jackie with the strap-on, too?

Thrusting at once up into Tammy's quim, it only takes a minute and she's there. I'm deep into her thrust after thrust until she is spent. I reluctantly pull out. Looking from one to the other, we all are smiling and looking so content. Moving to the ice bucket, I grab a new drink for each of us. Toasting the day, we all rest for a few moments before the fun resumes once more.

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