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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Under the Rocky Outcropping  

3/2/2009 12:53
Posted By:  - PORT ORCHARD, WA  
Date Posted: 3/2/2009 12:53
   An attractive couple carefully walked hand in hand down a slippery, somewhat muddy path that lead thru a leafy, vine covered, Tarzan like, tropical jungle. They were on their way to a deserted beach for a sexual She was tall, five nine maybe, slim and slender, she could've been a model with long highlighted chestnut hair cascading and blowing around her bikini clad back. He was a little taller, not much, a couple 3 inches at most. Muscular and trim, athletic, dark brown hair, wearing just long, multi colored board shorts, and flip flops. He carried a large, nylon and mesh backpack, bulging with snorkel gear. She slipped and stumbled in a muddy rut. He caught her with a strong arm around her waist, saving her from certain dirtiness, in return she looked up at him with large brown eyes, a beautiful doll like face, and with her own certain dirtiness, grabbed his crotch, licked her lips and said "thanks." His heart leaped along with some other things. The contrast of her girl next door looks, with the wanton desire in her eyes, was enough to have him throw her down in the mud right there, but he had better ideas.

He had told her about the deserted beach weeks before, and she immediately wanted to make love there. For all her goodness, of which there was a lot, there was a streak of fire in the belly and loins of that woman, a heightened sexuality hidden by innocent looks. A kernel of badness, that came out when he least expected it, and it always surprised him when she threw him down on the couch. He had questioned it on occasion only to be rebuked with a halo appearing "I have no idea what you're talking about," usually accompanied with a sly grin.

The short walk to the water, made long by their anticipation, brought them to a well known snorkel bay. A number of people were spread out along the beach made up of large volcanic rocks about the size of car tires extended up about fifty feet ending at the leafy green foliage of the tropical jungle they just traversed. The shape of the bay was that of a horseshoe, with tall rocky cliffs at the tips leading out to open ocean. There was a chartered snorkel catamaran anchored in the still waters. The two of them gingerly walked along the larges stones, put on their gear, and tip toed into the water. They didn't say much, they knew they were going to be swimming to sexual fantasy. The deserted beach he had found a couple years before with his frigid ex wife. He had always fantasized about making love there, but his ex wouldn't fuck him in a bed, nevermind bending over on a beach. Things were much different now, and his new girlfriend was going to get it, and get it good. He was fantasizing about taking her hard and fast, bent over, thrown around, man handled like a rag doll, moaning, screaming, he wanted her to feel his lust an power.

The water was calm in the protected bay, but cold at first, although by any standards it was warm. The brown eyed voluptuous beauty appeared even more buxom as she inhaled deeply as the soon to be warm wetness touched the bare skin of her belly. A man on the beach got elbowed by his wife for staring, the wife couldn't help but stare as well. Mask, snorkel, fins, they began to slowly swim off, hand in hand towards ecstasy. The ocean warmed as their bodies adjusted. The water was clear, the sun warmed their backs, and they swam past a bunch of snorkelers from the boat. Fish swam everywhere, with coral and other marine life. The two of them barely noticed, their desire mounting as they kicked further and further out into the emerald blue water. The unknown beach was far out and around the rocky cliff on the right side of the bay, no one but the hardiest of snorkelers would even try to swim there. Breakers loomed before it, making the entry precarious, but really it wasn't too bad, if you were familiar with the surf. The beach itself was only about fifty feet of coarse granular sand with cliffs towering a hundred feet high.

The couple walked out of the water hand in hand, snorkel gear in the other hand. Threw their stuff up away from the high tide mark, and fell into each other's arms while the water dripped off of them. Completely embraced by his strong arms, his muscles rippling, he crushed her sleek frame to him, and she moaned slightly as her lips were licked. Her bikini clad perfect breasts flattened to his chest. The young woman so recently crushed by a marriage gone bad, felt the firm grip of this strange handsome man on her back, he nearly massaged her back pressing hard, as he kissed her. His eyes were closed, hers fluttered as intense passion flowed through both of them. Tongues exploring each other's mouths, wet, warm, teeth on tongue. One of his hands moves to the back of her head, another pulls forward up and under her bikini, to cup her breast with a thumb on her now erect nipple. He pulls her hair tilting her head back, kissing that spot where her chin meets the top of her neck. Her hands frantically grabbing for his now erect cock, even in wet cold shorts his desire couldn't be stifled. He slowly moves his hand from her luscious curves to push her hands away, wanting to control her need, then without pause, moves the front of her bikini bottoms aside, and slipped a single finger into her wet hole. Her head pulled back by a hand in her hair, mouth on her neck, finger in her pussy, a childlike moan, almost a squeal escaped her lips. He pulled his mouth and tongue from her, still holding her by her sopping womanhood and wet hair, he took a step back to just look at her beauty and examine his control over this vibrant beauty. Her eyes were closed, he had her under his total control, the sun beat down on them, hot, drying them, the surf pounded the shore, the rocky outcropping towered above hiding them from view. He grabbed her hair tighter, almost hurting her, she winced and he plunged now two fingers deep inside her. He watched her face, contort in pleasure and pain. It was a fine line between the two.

Pulling his fingers from her, unlacing his shorts, he pulled out is rock hard shaft and pulled her close, spread her legs, and plunged deep into her, while looking her in the eyes. He held himself still, while she bucked against him, letting out another high pitched moan, wanting that dick moving in and out of her moistness, but he wouldn't allow that. He just wanted her to feel him inside her, deep, still, he asked her "Can you feel how hard I am?" She bit her lip and nodded. He pulled out, and she nearly cried from sadness of not being penetrated. He walked them over to a big rock, turned her around, put his ass against the boulder, and bent her over by pressing on her back. Then slowly entered her from behind, this time not stopping, but grabbing her hips and pulling his cock nearly all the way out, to slam it back in hard, deep, and fast. He didn't want to kiss her, he just wanted to fuck, and pounded her hole fast and hard. At the point where he was about ready to cum, he stopped, she pushed against him wanting more. Her head was still down, but he looked up, and damn right around the rocky point not fifty feet away came that snorkel boat with a slew of people, most of which now were watching them and some even waving. He laughed waved back, and grabbed the girl who stood up but didn't remove herself from him. The people on the boat now just saw a couple standing front to back. They both laughed, and only slightly grinded against one another, but before the boat was out of sight continued as they had, no longer caring. He fucked her hard and slow now, grabbing her shoulders and beating his cock into her cunt deep, then holding it. How could he want something so much, but want to nearly hurt it too? Was he a sadistic? Slowly pulling out, the hard thrust, deep, balls slapping, against her. He grabbed one of her hands and put it on her clit, telling her to "rub it baby." Not able to ever get deep enough inside her, he lifted her up onto him still sitting on the rock,the onslaught of his hard cock causing love juice to drip down the inside of her thighs onto him. His arm around her waist, biting her back, another hand on her clit both of them rubbing it together, they cum together. Still pumping rhythmically til they slowed down, desire waning for the moment. Sweating and breathless, they are silent enjoying and reveling in each other's bodies.

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