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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   When you least expect it...  

3/4/2009 20:56
Posted By:  - STUDIO CITY, CA  
Date Posted: 3/4/2009 20:56
   I still can't believe the chain of events that led to an afternoon of fantasy and bliss. When I think about, as I often do, it's just unbelievable how lucky I was.

I was working from my home using my computer for business, when my internet went down. Normally, I would wait it out, but I had to get a client a contract right away and needed to go to Kinkos immediately. Five minutes later, I'm out my door, down the elevator to the garage, into my car and off I go. I'm at Kinkos in 3 minutes and doing my business on their computer. Now this is where it gets interesting. As I'm pecking away on the keyboard, in walks the single hottest, 30ish, mixed race woman I have ever seen. I later found out she was half Italian and half black...and that equaled ONE Stunning, sexy woman! She had long relaxed curly hair to the middle of her back, daisy duke shorts, a half t-shirt that accentuated her ripped abs and torquoise belly ring, a glint in her eyes that was beyond hypnotizing, and if that wasn't enough...she had boobs that were nothing short of a 36DDD with rock hard nipples that were practically ripping through her shirt. These babies were hoisted above a waist that couldn't have been more than 24 inches. I mean this girl was not real!! She was more like something you see in an adult comic book...absolute fantasy material!

Now the chain of improbable events. She sat right next to me...how fucking perfect!! There were other terminals, but no...she chose to be next to me...ha ha. Fuck if I didn't feel like I was 16...lol. I was done with my work, but faked working just to sit next to her and soak every precious minute in. About five minutes later, she was having trouble and was waiting for the kid to come and help her. I can tell she was getting a bit impatient, as he was helping someone else. Well Fuck that...this was my chance! I told her that I would be happy to help her and she smiled the sexiest of smiles and thanked me. I fixed her problem, which was as simple as me pressing 2 buttons. She acted as if I was a friggin' genius..ok...whatever, no complaints from me :-D. But now the door was open and a conversation had started. She had just moved here from Texas, and was trying to get her life together, but she knew very few people, and was answering ads from Craigslist for roommates wanted. My mind was racing...if she only knew what decadent fantasy I was creating...ha ha...or did she? Anyway, after about 5 minutes of nervous conversation, I offered her my number and told her to please call me if she needed help or advice. She took it and when I got up to leave she surprised me by hugging and thanking me. My god...if it ended right there, I would have been happy, as that alone was worth a good month's worth of masterbation!

Right after I left, I decided to go next door to get some stuff from the grocery store. It wasn't but 20 minutes later and I'm in my car leaving the parking lot, when I see her walking a half block away. Thank god, the light was green or I would have missed her. I pulled up next to her, rolled my window down, and said that I'd be happy to treat her to lunch. After a back and forth of her smiling and saying no thank you, she agreed and hopped in my car.

So here I am, sharing a nice Italian lunch with the sexiest woman alive, sharing our life stories and I'm actually making her laugh. We're talking about everything and anything, when she mentioned that she was so stressed out and that all she wants to do is go home, take a bath and smoke a bowl..."if she only had some". Now, I'm not a regular pot smoker myself, but as luck would have it, my brother (a daily toker)who was visiting the week before, left his weed at my place. So ever the gentlemen...lol, I told her that I have some for her and that she could relax at my place. Well, she felt safe with me and 5 minutes later we are back at my condo.

I threw on some music, gave her a quick tour of my place, and brought out some herb. She was embarrassed at first, but you can tell she was also giddy with the excitement of getting a nice mellow on. We chatted and shared some herb, but being the non smoker, I couldn't handle the direct hit, so I told her that I was gonna pass. Without missing a beat, she tells me that she knows a way for me to enjoy it that I might like. She took a hit and came up to me and blew it in my mouth...as close as if we were french kissing. All I could think was...Is this really happening to me??? Holy shit...this is fucking heaven! Game on!! Of course, ten minutes later, feeling horny and relaxed, we were laughing, and I told her that the next hit will cost her her shirt. She said laughingly..."Is that all", and immediately ripped it off. There in front of me, were the single greatest set of REAL breasts that I have ever seen! My jaw literally did hit the floor. I was fucking mesmerized! I went up behind her and cupped and squeezed these magnificent melons and she turned her head to me and started kissing me with an intense passion. We were both in the moment and it was just starting. She reached down and put her hand on my pants to grab my engorged cock, and then knelt down to unbuckle, unzip, and take off my pants. In seconds I was sitting on my couch with this gorgeous creature worshiping my cock. Thank god, I spanked one off earlier, because there was no way I was going to last long. Not only was this the hottest woman I have ever seen, not only was she slobbering all over my cock, but she was relishing it! I knew I was going to cum...I was way too excited and when I did, she mashed it around her face and was moaning as if she also was cumming....FUCKING AMAZING!! She then took her fingers and wiped the cum from her face and licked each one...laughing lustfully at the same time...lol. Now it was my turn...

I laid her down on my bed and took her shorts off. There before me was a soaking wet clean shaven pussy, with just a soft tuft on top and a tattoo of a butterfly perched above that. I dove in and licked, swirled, darted and scooped my tongue in every possible way imaginable. She was writhing the whole time, grabbing my hair, and telling me how fucking great it felt! I was drenched with her cum and LOVED it! Now it was time to get my cock to the holy land, so I threw her legs over my shoulder and thrust in. Admittedly, she was a bit "loose" after my tongue lashing, but very quickly, I felt these incredible pussy muscles give my cock what felt like a firm handshake! What fucking muscle control! After a few minutes of intensely fucking her, I reached around and put my finger in her ass. Slowly at first, so not to shock her...ha ha...that didn't last long. These words will ring in my ears forever..."Fuck my nasty ass with your fingers baby!". She went to another level, which didn't seem possible, when I had my fingers deep in her ass. Now it was my cocks turn. I entered her ass with ease and in probably 60 seconds tops...she started to squirt from her pussy. She was having a major body shaking, out of control, orgasm...one which I had only seen in porn...but this was real...and we were the fucking stars!:-D After a 20 minute break, we fucked some more...passionately, hard and quick, then slow and soft, thrusting, grinding, swaying, sitting, standing...you name it. We fucked for an hour straight...and I wasn't even on the blue pill. I came again. The last time in her ass, and was officially spent. The rest of the day was magical. We had Chinese food delivered and watched American idol...lol...that's the truth. I had found my dream girl and couldn't believe this happened to me. I offered her to stay over but she wouldn't go for it. I drove her to her temporary apartment, hugged and kissed her goodbye with the promise of getting together again. She said that she had a wonderful time, smiled a huge smile and off I went.

We talked a few times over the next few days, but it felt awkward. Not quite like strangers, but as crazy as it sounds...we had nothing really to talk about. I couldn't work a second meeting, and though I was bummed, I can still tell this story and smile.

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