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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Your pleasure  

3/5/2009 07:12
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 3/5/2009 07:12
   You aren't sure what to expect. Although we have shared many sexual adventures in the lifestyle, you have never completely yielded control of the scenario. In fact, I usually let you guide the events. This time is different. As we walk into the hotel room, you can sense that I have made preparations. Your senses are hit with the scents of perfumed candles which seem to intoxicate you. You look around and see a hundred candles lighting the room. You see the bed is already turned down. You notice a blindfold lying on the pillow and scarves coming from each of the 4 corners of the bed and you now know part of my plan. You turn and start to protest that you don't like to be tied up but I silence you with a kiss and whisper for you to just relax and enjoy, It is better than what you think. I take you into the bathroom where I have already drawn you a bath in a jacuzzi tub filled with rose petals. I gently wash you from head to toe, teasing your nipples, neck, and pussy but not pushing it too far. When you are all clean, I towel you dry and then guide you to the bed. I place the blindfold over your eyes and tell you that you are now going to be granted the extreme pleasure but the rules are as follows: 1) you must do everything you are told without question and 2) you touch only after asking permission unless otherwise instructed." You agree, half thinking that this will not be as exciting as I am making it out to be. I kiss you passionately and lean you back on the bed. I tie a scarf to each wrist, tight enough to keep you from touching yourself but with enough room to move a few inches. I then massage a tingling lotion all over your body, making it slick to the touch. Your nipples are erect with anticipation and the lotion seems to change temperature from hot and tingly to cold with each blast of air.
You gladly feel my fingers trace your clit lightly and you thrust your wet pussy out to meet them. Then I surprise you as you feel cold steel against your groin and realize I am shaving you so that you have no pussy hair. It feels good and soon you are bald. I reward you for remaining still by licking your pussy, fingering you inside. You are wet and open for my fingers and I get you close to an orgasm, but not yet. I stop and suddenly you feel my cock against your lips. Make me cum, I instruct and you try, using just your mouth to suck me. I guide your head, almost fucking your mouth and then pull out and you feel my cum squirt on your chest. You start to ask for a towel but instead, you feel two sets of lips licking at the cum and your nipples which ache for attention. When did they get here, you wonder, but only for a moment as they both fasten their lips around your nipples and suck simultaneously. You can smell their perfume but you don't recognize them. Slowly they each kiss in opposite directions and soon one is licking your bare pussy and the other is kissing your lips. You taste my cum on her soft lips while you are dripping wet. The girl down below seems to know exactly where and how to lick and touch you and it doesn't take long before you have your first orgasm. You think that is all and are prepared to be untied but instead I tell you to get on your knees so I can fuck you. You reposition yourself and find the smell of a pussy in front of you. You lean down and taste that wonderful pussy when "SMACK" a hand hits your ass causing initial pain followed by ripples of pleasure right into your pussy. Another one comes and you are told not to do anything without permission. "please can I lick her" you whisper but another smack and a command, "not yet". Suddenly you feel a hard cock slide inside you. At first you think it is me but it feels different. Longer, curved differently, you can't quite place it, maybe just the excitement of the situation. Whatever it is, it feels great and you find yourself surprisingly turned on. You can smell the woman in front of you and you ache to taste her. You feel the bed move a bit and suddenly hands and lips are on your breasts, this time, a guy, you can tell by the roughness of his hands and his kisses. It is just what you need, two guys. My voice comes from in front of you. now lick her pussy and don't stop until she cums. You gladly oblige as you are getting fucked from behind. You lick and suck her clit causing her to arch toward you. You can't see that she is being kissed and fondled by another girl while she sucks my cock but you can hear the moans and sounds and it sends you close to the edge. Just before you cum the cock slides out of your pussy and you moan in disappointment. You are released from your bonds only to have your hands tied behind your back. Femine hands guide you onto a cock you recognize as mine. You are riding me cowgirl style. Suddenly you are guided forward where I kiss your lips passionately. You feel a cock enter your ass and you are surprised when you realize you have had that cock there before. Your boyfriend who I know about but had never met until now is fucking your ass while I am in your pussy. Your head is pulled back by the hair and a third cock is in your mouth. Your nipples are being suckled by one of the women and you cum not once but twice from the intensity. Spent, you are laid back on your back and untied. YOur blindfold removed just in time for all three cocks to explode all over your body!

Happy Birthday!

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