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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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3/7/2009 08:49
Posted By:  - NEW ORLEANS, LA  
Date Posted: 3/7/2009 08:49
   Ms. went to our neighborhood bar to meet some girlfriends (one vanilla, one not). She had been helping host a reception after our best friend's mom's funeral, and was pretty spent. It had dwindled down to her and immediate family, so she thought it was time to leave them to mourn on their own. Her friends told her to come by and decompress, so she joined them at the bar, and had a vodka to unwind. She said the bar was not too crowded, as it can be on Thursday night. The guys trolling through noticed the three hot ladies sitting at the bar alone and drifted by trying their game. Ms. BR said there was a guy in his mid-40's standing between her and one of her friends doing what he could do, when someone tapped him on the shoulder and told him he was being greedy, and needed to make a choice about which of the two ladies he was chasing. Well, he turned to her friend, and Ms. found herself facing a hot young guy she said reminded her of Patrick Dempsey. He asked her to dance and she laughed and said not to this one. She knew she was looking hot, dressed much nicer than the usual jeans outfits seen in this bar-gray slacks/tight black top, stiletto heels, that she wore to the reception.

A couple of songs later, he was back, and this time she gave in. Although she was emotionally spent, shaking on the dance floor seemed to release some tension. They danced several songs and returned to the bar. He bought her another vodka, and she was getting more relaxed. She found out he was 23, and worked offshore two weeks on, and two weeks off. He was quite charming and seemed really mature. Said he was just out of a year long relationship when he found out his girl was fucking around with his best friend while he was offshore.

His observation was that the girls his age seemed to prefer the older men, possibly looking for stability, maybe for a sugar daddy. He was setting aside all he could to finish his college education, and living with 2 roommates in a small house made taking a lady home a challenge. Ms. asked why he brought that up-was he looking to take her home? He said it had definitely crossed his mind, and pointed out where he and his roommates had been sitting while he was checking the older ladies out. She asked if he had noticed the ring, and knew she was married, and he said that he had, but some of his best times had been with older married ladies who were looking for some attention or a night of fun. They danced again, and when a slow song came on, she felt his hardness against her. It was really crowded and dark, so even though she knew several people in the bar, she did a quick package check. She was stunned at what she felt. She is a bit of a size queen, so she knew then what she needed to do.

The kids and I were out of town, so feeling like she was a good enough judge of character, she asked him to come home with her. He jumped at the chance, so with a quick goodbye to her friend (the one in the know), she was out the door with her young beau, for the short drive back home. They went into the bedroom, and she noted that it was already 1 AM, but she was way too energized to feel tired. As they quickly undressed one another, he complimented her beautiful breasts, and when his boxers came down, she almost could not hide her delight. Although he was only a little taller than she, he was packing a huge tool, and it was freshly shaved, somewhat unusual with the younger guys. After laying her back on the bed, he worked his way down to her wet pussy, and immediately showed her he knew what he was doing. She was so stoked, it was not long before she had a mini-orgasm from his outstanding efforts. She rolled him over and returned the favor, only being able to take half of his size in, but making the most of it. Then she mounted him, sliding it all in, as she told him her pussy could take all he had to offer. She rode for what seemed like an hour, finally climaxing in her favorite position, where she controlled the tempo. As she rolled over, enjoying the after affects and stretching her legs, he was between them again, and quickly licked her back to life. Then it was his turn to show his skills, classic missionary at first, then rolling her over and taking her from behind. She asked him how he could go for so long without cumming, as her pussy usually takes care of most guys sooner rather than later. He told her that he was so into her that he was not going to let go until he was sure she was done.

He had taken care of her for almost 3 hours, so she decided to reward him. Although she rarely has anal sex due to Mr. BR's girth, and her new friend was even larger, she asked him would he enjoy some backdoor action. He responded by pulling out and slowly and gently entering her from behind. She could not believe how relaxed she was, and how good it felt. As she relaxed and loosened up, he continued to thrust harder and deeper, and as he did, she could feel him swell, and sure enough, he soon let go in a tremendous climax. After laying back together for a few minutes, she noticed that it was now 5 AM, and she had to get him home before the nosy neighbors started to stir for Friday work. She drove him back to his place, and while driving, he asked about her friend from the bar, and had they ever considered a threesome. She said that they had done that before, and Mr. BR had enjoyed it very much, laughing at his surprise. He said, you guys remind me of a local couple I am friends with that are swingers. Ms. said that they sounded interesting, and maybe we could meet them sometime and find out what this swinging thing was all about. LOL

She said that while she enjoyed FMF, she liked MMF even more, and asked him what he thought about that. He said, hey, as long as your hubby isn't trying anything with me, he was up for it.

(to be continued)

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