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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Victoria discovery  

3/18/2009 19:48
Posted By:  - TACOMA, WA  
Date Posted: 3/18/2009 19:48
   Victoria sat sipping her wine enjoying the quiet that surrounded her. It wasn’t often that it was this quiet and she had the chance to relax and savor it. Her husband Chance was out having a beer with a good friend of theirs and their two older girls were off staying with friends and she had just gotten the youngest into bed for the night. Now it was her time to relax and enjoy the silence that filled the house. The warm summer evening made it comfortable to just run around in just one of Chance’s shirts.
She thought about when Chance got home and maybe she would surprise him. Thoughts bounced around in her head as to ways she could welcome him home, did she just drop before him and take his wonderful cock into her mouth; did she bend over in front of him when he came in or did she just let him find her playing with herself? She decided to go with the later of the choices. Laying back onto the couch, tossing a leg over the back of it, her moist pink slit revealed as the shirt rode up her hips. Placing a hand on one of her firm breasts she played softly with a nipple, feeling it hardened into a throbbing bud her breath began to grow more rapid and shallow. Her hand left the hard bud and began to slide down over her stomach her eyes closed as she guided her hand between her parted thighs and to the soft smooth mound of her heated cunt. Spreading the soft folds apart with two of her trembling fingers as another drifted through the pink slit sending a heated shiver racing through her body as the rush of desire swept through her.
So lost in the pleasure her fingers were bringing her she hadn’t heard the front door open or notice that she was now being watched. Her finger probed the depths of her wet fuck hole causing her wet juices seep from her pink cunt. A smirk playing across her lips when she heard the sound of Chance clearing his throat. Her eyes open slightly then widen in horror and embarrassment to see that her husband was not the only one enjoying the show she had been putting on. Their friend Eric, that Chance had gone to have a beer with had come home with him. They both stood She tries to scramble to cover herself but Chance quickly comes to her taking her hands into his and whispering softly, “its ok my slut, no need to hide anything now.”
Her shocked eyes look into his, finding calmness in his as a wicked smirk plays across his lips and a wink comforts her. She closes her eyes as he presses his lips to hers, kissing her deeply, losing her self in his kiss, feeling him draw his breath from her, inhaling her essences through the kiss, sending a calmness through her that for the moment made her forget they were not alone. Her body shivered as she felt another set of hands caressing her legs as Chance nibbled on her neck and whispered softly in her ear “ we are going to take you and we are going to fuck you like the hot little slut you truly are.”
Moving to his feet, taking her hand in his he pulls her to her feet. Her steadies herself as weakness races through her legs, her gaze moving from Chance to Eric, she looks back at Chances seeing lustful hunger in both their eyes. A fire begins to burn inside her as she lowers herself to her knees before them both. Her hands trembling as she slowly begins to undo the buttons on Eric’s jeans, shooting a glance up to Chance seeing him nod and encourage her to proceed. She turns her attention back to her trembling hands. Pulling the front of Eric’s jeans open, her hand reaching inside taking hold of his hardening cock, a smile spreads across her lips as his thick cock is freed from its confines. She looks over to Chance, who has already taken his hard cock out from his jeans and was slowly stroking it. Taking both hard shafts in her hand, she runs her tongue over her lips wetting them. The intense flames of lustful hunger begin to burn in the pit of her being. Her thoughts racing, “was this really happening? Were this two hot had cocks for her? Could she really handle the two of these hungry men?” Closing her eyes briefly as she strokes the hardness of their cocks in her small delicate hands, “well Vic we can only give it our best so let’s show these hunks the time of their lives and show Chance what a little slut he has created!” Opening her eyes looking up into Chances gaze, seeing the surprised look in his discovery in her eyes, a wide smile brightly spreads across his lips………

To be continued

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