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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

3/21/2009 19:26
Posted By:  - SAN JOSE, CA  
Date Posted: 3/21/2009 19:26

An opportunity opens as the e-mail comes in from a single male ( Brad )on LL who has admired the
Mrs.( Jenny ) and failed to hook up on last visit to the area but now connects and meets for the first time. After a drink, some small talk and an instant good vibe they decide to visit the hotel where he is staying.

The couple ( Jenny & Scott ) had already prepared for the encounter and had a sketchy plan of how it might go if there was a connection and things turned out well.

Jenny was worked up and in the mood getting hot just arriving to the hotel. In the elevator she gives Brad a soft kiss while rubbing his crotch. Brad immediately got the point and quickly escorted this hot bothered female and curious husband behind closed doors. Jenny wasted no time removing Bradís shirt and pants to reveal his skin for her to feel as she gave him another slow soft kiss. Then she asked him to remove her outfit and he moved into high gear to not break her momentum. Softly he peeled the layers revealing what can only be described as a master piece of erotic potential as her hubby watched in amazement as his Pussy Cat transformed into a Lioness before his eyes.

Brad gently kisses Jenny as his hands wondered down her sides and up her back. Jenny`s naked breasts against Brad`s chest pounding heart, she pushes away and asks him to lie on his back so she can offer him a treat, then she wonders over to her hubby for a kiss and his Ok. Yes, it`s Ok he gasps in arousal, mesmerized by her pure untamed erotic release, he wanted to pop right there.

She proceeded on all fours on to the bed and straddled Brads leg wiping her aroused breasts onto his gentiles while turning to look over her shoulder at Scott now gazing at her swollen clit she displayed just for him, with a smiling wink she turned to Brad who basked in pleasure as Jenny began to rub his chest, looking into his eyes while her wet pussy lubricated the bottom of his very hard penis. She slides up and down the length of his shaft teasing Brad to the point he had to stop her or he may pop. She slowed it down laying breasts on his chest and began to kiss him gently and then passionately allowing her swollen clit to brush on his hard tip just enough to keep her wet. She whispered in his ear after a gentle nipple and asked if he wanted to taste the nectar she was producing? A quick nod and she spun to straddle his face Jenny looked back and requested him to open her lips and rub her swollen wet pussy first as Scott watched in shock and delight. Brad tenderly touched her soft pussy for the first time and ran his fingers up and down the lips brushing the clit each time until Jenny could not help but moan. Jenny lowered her pelvic onto his face allowing Brad to satisfy her burning core. Her eyes gazed at Scott for encouragement with a look that would melt any man. Slowly after Brad had a chance to pleasure her, she went down on him for what seemed like forever to Scott but Brad could not get enough.

Jenny looked up and her husband was nude and fully aroused but she wasnít done, she lifted her pelvic off Bradís face and arched her back to squirt all over his chest then crawled down his body and lowered her crotch to rub the nectar all over his chest with her wet pussy as she continued to release. This was enough, Scott was ready to join, Jenny rolled on her back and Brad moved over as Scott made it up to her breasts and began to kiss Jenny's lips. Brad moved down to make more magic with Jennyís now wet swollen vagina. Jenny moaned in delight as both men worked her to orgasm over and over as she let out a gasp of relief from her now limp body.

The men lifted her onto her fours allowing Scott to finish her off while Jenny reached up to gently massage Bradís prostrate while taking his entire unit into her mouth then followed by random hard sucking on his penis head until he signaled he had to pop. Jenny smiled and quivered in delight as she reared up to display her breasts as perky targets for him to cover in satisfaction. Scott released a moan and exploded inside her. All three completely exhausted in delight looked at each other in disbelief as if each had just lived out a dream, yet it was real and now "pandoras box had opened".

Where do we go from here ?

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