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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A hot first night  

3/23/2009 19:44
Posted By:  - RICHMOND, CA  
Date Posted: 3/23/2009 19:44
   If only this was a reality for me . . .

After a nice meal in the home of this married couple, I find myself being asked to retire to the bedroom with them. I find their passion and love for each other to be incredibly erotic and comforting. I know that their decision to include me in their love making is a mutual desire, and will not cause any harm to their relationship. I am seen as an equal, who wishes to explore and learn about their most intimate of practices. This settles my mind as I know my experiences with them will be free of jealousy, and full of open, honest, and passionate sex.

Upon retiring to the bedroom, I step aside and sit in a nearby chair as the couple embraces each other passionately. I watch as they take their time slowly exploring each otherís body, and removing their clothes; one garment at a time. I am content and aroused as I watch them. When they are ready, they invite me to their bed, and both help to slowly strip me of my clothing. Their touch is soft yet exhilarating, as I feel immersed in their passion for each other. When the final piece of clothing is removed, the wife lays face down on the bed, and the husband and I begin to explore her body. We place soft kisses on the small of her neck and back. We trace her figure with our fingers and tongues. Slowly and gently we massage her body; alternating between deep pressure and smooth, steady rubbing. As we massage her, we admire her, as well as each other. We work hand-over-hand in some areas, and exchange a passionate kiss when our tongue trails on her body merge. When her moans become deep enough, we turn her over and I ask for her assistance with her husband.

The husband takes her position on the bed, and the process is repeated on him. However, when his moans of pleasure deepen, we ask him to roll onto his back. His arousal is evident as his cock is engorged and fully erect. The wife and I exchange devilish looks as we both kneel down and enjoy a passionate 3-way kiss between us all. As the kiss is broken, the wife and I begin to kiss and caress his body. I love the rugged feeling of his muscular arms, legs, and chest. We each take a nipple into our mouths and gently suckle, as we glide our hands over his arms and down his legs. He places his hands on our backs and directs us farther south. We both slowly kiss our way down his torso to his thick cock. The wife and I glance at each other, and passionate kiss each other at the head of his cock. The smell of her skin, their musk, and the taste of his pre-cum are intoxicating. Unable to continue with our teasing, the wife begins to orally please her husband. I watch in awe as she grasps her husbands cock and slowly licks from the base to the head. My cock pulses and oozes pre-cum as her lips close around him and a moan of ecstasy escapes his lips. I continue to massage his body, paying close attention to his bodyís reactions. I feel both of their hands on my back as they coax me back to his cock.

She places my hand on his throbbing member, and instructs me to pump him while she continues her oral delights. His cock is hot, hard, and yet somewhat tender. I can feel the blood pulse through its veins as it strains against his wifeís inviting mouth. As he ascends to climax, it becomes larger, and pulses with a primal urgency. Unable to contain himself any longer, he explodes in his wifeís mouth with guttural grunts. I feel each pulse of his fluids under my fingers. The wife moans deeply as she takes his seed. She moves her head next to mine and kisses me passionately, freely giving and taking her husbands cum in our mouths. As she kisses me, she pushes me over onto my back and begins to explore my body with her husband. They treat me to the same treatment we gave the husband. I feel the heat of their breath, the touch of their skin; hear the lewd sounds of their oral manipulations, and the smell of their sex. I climax in the warm suction of the wifeís mouth and watch as she shares my seed with her husband.

As the kiss is broken, the husband tells the wife that it is her turn. Giddily, she rolls onto her back, and the husband and I begin our manipulations. We take special care around her breasts, neck, belly, and inner thighs; changing pressure and movement based on her commands and moans. The husband and I gently start to kiss her inner thighs, working our way from her knees to her inner folds. The husband directs me to her breasts while he begins to work over her sex. I gently trace her orbs with my tongue, swirling around them until I reach her nipple. Each is taken into my mouth and slowly suckled in rhythm to her husbandís manipulations below. Unable to wait any longer, she pushes us both off of her and gets on her hands and knees. I watch her face as her husband slowly takes her from behind. I sit there and watch them make love, in awe of their passion and ecstasy.

I am again openly invited to participate by them both. My hand is guided under her body to her penetrated passage. It is wet with her desire and I feel her expand as her body thrusts back to meet him. I allow my hands to wander from his balls to her clit as they continue to make love. I find myself reinvigorated by this touch, and the wife directs me underneath her. I slowly slide under her body, immersed and overcome by the smell of sex in the confined space. My head finally lays to rest between her open thighs, and I sit for a moment and watch his cock thrust into her. The power and beauty of that sight gives me pause, and a feeling of wonderment and lust. I feel the familiar warmth and suction of the wifeís mouth on my member which elicits a moan from my lips. The touch of my tongue to her clit triggers her orgasm, her body contracting around her husband and myself.

I greedily lick her juices from her opening, savoring the taste and intoxicating aroma. The husband slowly resumes his thrusts as her body glistens in the afterglow. Wanting to taste more of her, I slide my hand around the husbandís cock as he thrusts. As my body attunes to their pace, I place pressure on his cock when he pulls out. Taking the hint, he pulls out of his wife and enters my mouth. I lose myself in the salty-sweetness of their mixed juices. His cock radiates heat in my mouth as I run my tongue under the head. I am rewarded with a drop of his pre-cum that I savor as he pulls out of my mouth. I guide him back into his wife with my hands, and watch as he is slowly swallowed by her hungry pussy. I continue to orally please them both as they make love; using my hands to massage her breasts and his balls. We continue like this as we begin to make a steady climb to climax. I feel enveloped by their passion and desire, and unable to hold out any longer I cum hard inside her mouth. My moans and stiff manipulations at my climax create a chain reaction; as I feel the wifeís suction increase on my cock as her pussy pulsates rhythmically around her husbandís. He gives one last great thrust into her as he explodes. I can see his balls contract with each pump of his orgasmic release.

We pause for a moment, enjoying the afterglow of the triple-orgasm, and I watch as he slowly removes his spent rod from his wife. Seeing their sexes covered in each otherís cum creates an urge to taste them both. I gently clean his cock, and suck his juice from her pussy as the wife cleans my cock. We then share a final passionate 3-way kiss, exchanging our essences between us. We settle down to sleep with the wife between the husband and myself, satiated; and wondering what other nights will bring.

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