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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   My office  

3/24/2009 18:03
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 3/24/2009 18:03
   I knew as soon as you walked in, I had to have you. You were dressed in a conservative appearing jacket and skirt but it couldn't hide your to die for figure. You carried yourself with confidence and your eyes sparkled. You had the job the minute you walked in and it took all my willpower not to let you know. You sat down on the chair in front of my desk and crossed your legs, giving me an excellent view of those long tan legs. They were smooth and tan and no pantyhose were needed. I quickly sat down at my desk and hoped you didn't notice the bulge in my suit pants. Thats one of the problems with suits, they pop up like a tent when least convenient. I managed to struggle through the interview, though to be honest, I don't remember how many words you type or much about your experience. I raised an eyebrow though when I noticed that you had entertainer typed in the skills section. I had to ask and you feigned embarassment and told me you used to be a stripper. I knew you weren't embarassed because you wouldn't have put it on the resume. I figured you used it to set the interviewer off guard and it worked. I noticed your skirt had ridden even higher and I could see your blue lace panties from the angle I was sitting. You let me get just long enough a glimpse before standing up and walking over to my wall to look at a picture. You asked if they were my children and I started to answer but you turned around and put a finger to my lips. I could smell your perfume wafting into my senses, drawing me in even closer, you whispered, so do I have the job? I didn't even answer as you pulled my tie to lift my head and planted a passionate kiss on my lips.You pulled away just as I switched from fumbling idiot to passionate response and my eyes begged you to come back. You placed a stilleto clad foot on my desk and your skirt rode up to your waist as you took off your jacket. The scent that reached me this time was not any commercial perfume but rather that sweet smell of your juices. I could even see the wetspot on your panties as they clung to your puffed lips. My cock was trying to rip itself out of my pants as I watched you remove your jacket. I noticed you wore no bra as two perfectly shaped breasts strained at the thin, see through gauze of your white blouse. You leaned in, giving me a view of your cleavage as you kissed my neck and blew into my ear telling me to unbutton your blouse but not to touch you otherwise. i followed your instructions, not knowing how to regain control and soon your blouse was open exposing your eraser nipples to the cool air. You pinched them, more for my benefit but you did gasp quietly and I knew you were turned on too. You placed a nipple in front of my mouth and told me to suck. There was no room for refusal in your tone, not that I could refuse anyway. I sucked the offered treasure into my mouth, swirling my tongue lightly around, biting and sucking, trying to please you and have you let me taste other treasures. I could feel your body responding and your scent intensified. You straddled my left leg and were slowly rubbing your panty clad pussy against my leg. I placed my hands on your hips but you pushed them away and stood up. You told me to keep my hands behind my back and again, I could do nothing but oblige. You took your skirt off and stood in your panties, tracing a finger over your clit. You then pulled your panties asside and slid a finger into your waiting juices. You then placed that finger against my lips so I got the faintest taste and smell. As I opened my mouth to suck your juices off, you pulled it away and licked it clean yourself, with an evil grin. You then placed the same finger against my lips and traced it down my chin until you could undo my tie. you tied my hands behind the chair with the tie and returned to the front where you unbuttoned my shirt one button at a time. You pulled the shirt down so it was halfway off my arms which made it even harder to move. Your fingernails brushed and pinched my nipples and then traced down my stomach where they undid my belt and zipper. You deftly removed my pants and licked your lips at my erect cock standing at attention and oozing through my boxer briefs. You ran your fingernails over my cock and balls, sending ripples of pleasure through my body as i ached for more. You kneel in front of me and tease my cock and thighs with your hair and breath, occasionally licking and sucking at me through my briefs. Then you pull them down so my head peaks out the top. You tease me with licks until I beg you for relief or I won't be able to stop myself from coming.
You stand up and put your leg back on the desk this time, your pussy lips suck the material of your panties inside and I can see your glistining clit. You pull your panties aside with one hand and pull my head into your waiting pussy with the other and tell me to lick and suck you till you tell me otherwise. I don't know how long we were there but I know you came twice, but you controlled yourself very well the first time. The second, I could not mistake your orgasm as it clamped down on my tongue, forcing it out of your pussy only to have you force it back in by grabbing my head and pushing your pussy into my face. Still, you continued letting me lick you and I could tell you stayed close to another orgasm. Then you pulled away and sat down right on my cock with your panties still on. Your wetness dripped around me yet you were so tight that I almost came right there. Your lips and hands were everywhere as you kissed my neck, ears, lips. I could feel your hips grinding slowly up and down my cock. As you quickened the pace I told you I was going to cum and you begged for it. "Cum in my tight pussy stud" you whispered as I shot my load into you. You came shortly thereafter and your pussy milked every drop out of me. You calmed down and leaned in, your breasts warming my chest as you untied my hands. It was then that I noticed the next interviewie was standing at the door, her skirt hiked up and her hands vigorously rubbing her clit as she watched.......(to be continued.)

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