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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Here Kitty Kitty... Part 1  

5/4/2009 14:37
Posted By:  - CHESTERFIELD, MI  
Date Posted: 5/4/2009 14:37
   "Come here little kitty"

The flames danced in the fireplace as she stood there dressed as requested; shiny black boots with a six inch heel; knee length with boot laces criss-crossing through chrome eyelets. She wore a leopard print collar around her throat and fur trimmed kitty ears atop her head. Stretched leisurely across his leather recliner and sipping his drink, she looked into the eyes of the man who voiced this seductive command. Both amused that she would consent to behaving as an animal and aroused at the same, she searched for confirmation that his command was void of mockery. Even in the darkness she could see the arousal in his eyes. A sexy kitty is what he wanted on this night, a sexy kitty is what she would give to him.

He watched as she crossed the room, naked but for the few chosen pieces. Her skin freshly scrubbed her body shaven smooth. She could feel her hair sway softly across her back as she walked toward him. He had placed lit candles randomly around the room, illuminating her path and casting shadows along the walls. The music played nearby, rhythmic beats to engage all of her senses, drawing her out of her world and into his fantasy. An internal struggle was ongoing of which he was unaware. Part of her wanted to conceal her nakedness from his intent gaze; a part of her wanted to crawl with wanton abandon, behaving in full character. Licking and purring, rubbing her face across his lap and meowing as a kitty, the war between inhibition and eroticism was felt only by her.

The touch of his finger softly sliding up her thigh tore her from her thoughts. "Kneel"; spoken softly but with authority. Such is his way. There were times when her willful behavior warranted a turn over his knee and a sound spanking, but always it is a choice she had to stay or to go. If the request was not one that she could honor, she was free to walk away. Knowing how much pleasure she would bring him to comply had always been the impetus to do just that.

On her knees...

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