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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

5/6/2009 16:47
Posted By:  - CORONA, CA  
Date Posted: 5/6/2009 16:47
   The other day I went to grab a bottle opener from the drawer, we have several… The one that found its way into my grasp this time I hadn’t used in over a year.. This is the memory that came rushing back…
My stomach was filled with butterflies, my heart pounding so loud I almost couldn’t hear my own thoughts. I jogged down the stairs, and wiped my sweaty palms on the fronts of my jeans… She had just come through the door.

As I hit the landing at the foot of the stairs, I was again stopped in my tracks by her presence. She smiled, and I could feel the tingle at the base of my spine.
I had been waiting for her all morning, taken extra care preparing for the afternoon.

Without a word, I crossed over to her, pulled her to me, and our tongues danced for what seemed like an eternity, and yet, not long enough. I broke the kiss, a wimper escaped her lips. I took her hand and lead her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, the heady smell of sandlewood jasmine incense filled our nostrils, flickering candlelight came from the bedroom. Our favorite merlot, two glasses, the bottle opener and a bowl of chocolates on one night table. A cooler on the floor contained whipped cream, and strawberries. Cliché for sure, but I literally had hours to set up!

As we walked into the bedroom, I slid behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, “Happy Valentines Day”. She turned in my arms, and replied, “Happy Valentines Day”. Her eyes like emeralds in the dancing light.

I laid her back on the bed, and began to kiss her and pull her clothes off. When she lay in front of me, with only a pair of lace panties, I sat back and the only touch was my fingers ever so gently tracing her skin from her collarbone to her pelvic bone. As my fingers passed over, goosepimples rose. I slid down her body, pushing her legs apart with my knee, and trailed my nails over her skin. I knelt between her knees at the foot of the bed and feasted my eyes on her. I caressed every inch of skin around her lace covered core until she was grabbing at them to put them where she wanted them, and still, I resisted.

When I had decided she was tortured enough, I covered her with my mouth, her clit straining through the lace. Her hand was at the back of my head, her hips pushing up. I stopped, pushed her down, and disengaged the hand from my hair. “Don’t touch, don’t move.” I flattened my tongue on her lace covered pussy, and cupped it against her. I could feel her pussy lips twitch through the lace. I flicked at her pink button, and then gently blew on it. I continued this assault for as long as I could stand… which was normally only moments longer than she could.
At this point, I needed to feel her, to taste her, to make her scream. I pulled off her panties, and pounced on her like a cat in heat. My mouth sucking and flicking her clit, I slid two fingers into her, it felt like hot oil. The heat rising from her was incredible; her pussy glistened like a dew covered peach. As soon as my fingers found her center she bucked, clutched the bed spread and groaned. I began to massage the sweet flesh inside the way she liked, and then focused on her g-spot. Knowing what was coming, I was dripping wet. Her moans increased in volume and I picked up the speed, mouth firmly locked on her clit, fingers working their magic inside her. Suddenly, my fingers were in a vice, her fists were balled into fists full of bedding, “Oh my god!” I rocked between her legs the motion rubbing my jeans on my own swollen and soaked clit. As she screamed, my palm was filled with her juices, and I could feel my own dripping down my legs.

As I came back up to her on the bed, both of us panting, I wondered… would next Valentine’s Day be as good?

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