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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Freedom Acres  

5/23/2009 09:25
Posted By:  - IRVINE, CA  
Date Posted: 5/23/2009 09:25
   Freedom Acres

For those who don’t live in Southern California, you should know that Freedom Acres (FA) is probably the oldest swing club in the States. Rumor has it that the building used to be an elementary school, which has a certain perverse appeal for us, perhaps because we are a bit perverted. The place is located out in the country, requiring a long drive unless you’re a farmer, and it’s hard to find because you have to make your way down a pitch-black road with twisty turns.

We had heard about FA while living in Chicago, and after we relocated to SoCal we were curious to check the place out, but one thing or another (ok, house parties) kept us away for several years. Around 2003 or 2004, fewer and fewer LLers were holding house parties for some reason--or maybe we just fell of the invitation lists, we don’t know--so we decided to make the drive.

FA is divided into two areas. Through the entrance and up the stairs is the dance floor and bar (BYOB)--a place for people to check one another out or chat one another up. In the back are the play rooms, more than a dozen of various sizes, some barely large enough for a couple, others--the group rooms--spacious enough for five or six couples.

As clubs go--think Privé in Europe--FA is tacky and run down, so we were initially disappointed. Bad music was blasting in the dance area, and when we toured the play area, the rooms were empty except for one in which an overweight couple was engaged in jello-jiggly sex that was, frankly, off-putting.

Also, we had arrived early, just before 10 p.m., which turned out to be a mistake. Not too many people around, and not even the dim light could make them seem attractive. Derek wanted to leave immediately, but I kept telling him that we should stay a bit longer after making such a drive. I could tell he was resistant, but at least he stopped complaining.

By 11:15, patience was rewarded. Small clusters of hot couples and a few single femmes began entering. Derek’s frown turned upside down as he assessed the prospects. A hot Hispanic couple stepped out onto the dance floor. The guy had a swimmers build—broad shoulders and narrow hips—and the girl could have passed as Selma Hayek. Beautiful.

People started drifting toward the back into the play rooms; we followed, picking up a couple of towels at the entrance. At the end of a dark hallway, we saw a tall blonde in a fuck swing, her legs spread with a short-haired brunette licking her shaved pussy while two men took turns fucking her mouth. A small crowd had gathered to watch. Couples had moved into some of the play rooms, all of which were open so everyone outside could watch the action. This was more like it.

Off to Derek’s right we saw a medical examination table squeezed into a small alcove. A young woman with short black hair was lying on it, her dress up around her waist while her man ate her hairless pussy. Without a word, Derek moved into the alcove. There wasn’t enough room for me, so I stood at the entrance and watched. Derek moved over to the top of the table, and the woman reached out and began massaging his cock through his slacks. He was hard in an instant, and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his snake (he was traveling commando), stroking slowly and then pulling him closer to take it into her mouth. Derek pulled the top of her dress down and played with her breasts. “I want to fuck your pussy,” he said. “Yeah, I want your cock,” she said, her voice husky.

Derek moved toward the end of the table, and her man shifted to the top. Even in the dim light I could see that her pussy glistened, wet and ready. “Do it for me,” Derek said to me, dropping his slacks around his ankles. I reached over and took his cock in my hand, rolling on a condom and inserting the head into the waiting pussy. The kinkiness of the act made my own pussy wet. Derek slid his cock into her inch by inch, slowly, and even before it was halfway in the woman began to moan. Then he lunged forward, slamming his balls against her tight ass. “Oh, holy fuck!” she screamed. As Derek began ramming her, I lifted the hem of my tiny black skirt and found my panty-less clit, stroking myself to a quick climax, thrilled by the sight of my man’s cock in that hot pussy. The woman came less than a minute later, and as she did, her man shot his load all over her face and breasts. “Are you going to cum,” I asked Derek hopefully, wanting to see him explode in that strange cunt. “No,” he said, I want to save it for later. There are other opportunities here tonight.”

He pulled out, removed the condom, and dropped it into the handy receptacle nearby. I handed him a towel to clean up. We waved good-bye to the couple and moved away to another part of the play area where a tall, long-legged blonde was sitting alone wearing nothing but a thong. We both tried to make eye contact in the hope that she was interested, but nothing, so we moved around the corner to check out the action in some of the rooms. After only a couple of minutes we were approached by a guy wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. The muscles rippled in this arms, shoulders, and chest, catching my attention immediately. “Hi,” he said, smiling. I smiled back with a vision of some hot MFM action racing through my head. “I saw you earlier,” he said, “and thought you look like the sort of couple my girlfriend and I enjoy.” “Where’s your girlfriend?” Derek asked, and I did a quick mental recalculation. “Just around the corner!” And before he had finished his sentence, the long-legged blonde in the thong stepped beside us.

She was beautiful. Tall, toned, with athletically narrow hips, her small-nippled breasts firm and proud. I wanted to eat her immediately, and I could feel the heat emanating from Derek’s entire body as he looked her up and down. Even as we exchanged names—Tom and Natasha—and the requisite small-talk, I began running my hand along the small of her back, its gentle curve leading irresistibly to her tight ass. “Want to play”? she asked, her voice thick with lust. I took her hand in mine and linked arms with Tom, leading them toward one of the larger play rooms. Once inside, I raised my arms and Natasha removed my top while Tom pulled my little black skirt down and off. I leaned forward and peeled off Natasha’s thong and went down on her shaved pussy, sucking on her clit and then sliding my down her slit to tongue fuck her cunt. My raised ass must have been a powerful temptation, for I immediately felt a hot tongue on my own pussy. Not knowing whether it was Derek or Tom who was eating me made me moan. When a tongue worked its way up and found my asshole, plunging in as far as it could, I closed my eyes and cried out my first orgasm. When I opened them a moment later, I could see that Derek had moved to Natasha’s head and was fucking her mouth. So it was Tom who had tongue-fucked my ass. I loved it.

I slipped two fingers into Natasha’s pussy and began the butterfly technique that Derek had taught me so many years ago. Natasha’s whole body went rigid and in an instant she was crying out her own climax. She was still shuddering when I felt Tom’s cock, thick and hard, enter my wet pussy. God, it was good! I love being fucked doggy.

Natasha sat up and touched my shoulders, urging me onto hands and knees. Then, with Tom fucking me slowly, she slid underneath me and began alternately licking my clit and Tom’s balls. The sensation and the sheer kinkiness of it gave me goose bumps, and I could feel another climax building. I reached out with one hand, grabbed Derek’s throbbing cock, and pulled it into my mouth. Below my head I could see Natasha’s beautiful, shaved pussy open and waiting. I took Derek’s cock out of my mouth and lowered it to her wet cunt. He quickly rolled on a condom, and I slipped the mushroom into the pink and thrilled as he drove in up to his balls. In and out, in and out. And I realized that a pussy never looks better than when it’s being fucked by a big hard cock. I rose at the waist and pulled Derek’s mouth to my own, kissing him deep just as my second orgasm hit me like a truck, leaving me weak.

Tom rolled me over on my back without losing a beat. Still on his knees, he draped my legs over his shoulders and kept fucking me deep. It was only then that I saw that we had an audience. Three other couples had stationed themselves at the entrance to our playroom to enjoy the show. Another tall blonde, completely naked, her large breasts and lovely pink nipples glistening in the dimness. Her man was a well-built Hispanic guy who was grinning from ear to ear. Beside them was a petite brunette in a fishnet body stocking with a man who looked like a body builder. Even his muscles had muscles. And then to my pleasant surprise, the third couple was the very same Hispanics we had seen on the dance floor earlier. Making eye contact, I asked: “Want to join the fun”?

Five couples instantly became a tangle of hands and arms and legs and mouths and cocks and cunts. I started eating the little brunette’s pussy--so sweet and tasty--only to have one of the guys pull my head away and feed me his cock. Then the tall blonde pushed him aside and gave me her pussy to lick. ‘Round and ‘round it went, until my jaw started to ache. I think that all of the guys took turns fucking my pussy, but to tell the truth, I couldn’t keep track of whose cock was inside me. It felt so good to be fucked over and over, to know that I was a center of desire and lust.

Through the fog of kinky sex, I could see Derek moving from girl to girl, his thick cock hard as steel as he sample each of those hot cunts. I came so many times that I felt weak, dizzy, and I marveled at the way the guys could hold off their own orgasms so long. But that thought had just flitted into nothingness when I heard the first male moan--the body builder as he exploded into Natasha. Like a chain reaction, the rest of the men came, even Derek, who was fucking the beautiful Selma Hayek look-alike. All of us were drenched in sweat, out of breath. I rolled over on my side, and Derek scooted close, leaving Selma with her legs still spread, her pussy wide open from being fucked again and again.

Derek took my hand, and I smiled at him. “So do you think we should come to FA again?” I asked. Derek laughed so hard that he almost choked.

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