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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   She calls him Superman!  

6/1/2009 19:31
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 6/1/2009 19:31
   She calls him Superman. He's a great guy and a very nice gentleman. We visited with him recently and enjoyed ourselves immensely. She has had a permagrin since that afternoon! Seeing her aroused, excited and happy makes me crazily excited.
In the past she has asked me to write a short erotic story but I have never had the inspiration. This experience has given me the inspiration. Sweetheart, this is for your excitement and any other beautiful Mils out there that enjoy reading erotic fantasies.
Sweet, sweet, nasty sweetheart,
I really can not wait to visit with Superman again as I love to see you so excited! Now that we are more comfortable and know eachother a little better, I'd like to slow things down a bit and savor the evening a little longer.
I'm sure that when we arrive we will be excited and you will get things going as you do so well. We will take turns pleasuring you and the sex will be fast, furious and fulfilling. Up-stairs, down-stairs and on the stairs! But that's just the beginning...
The enjoyment heightens when we lay on the couch together for a short break. I sit on one side rubbing your beautiful feet while you lay on him caressing his now soft cock very softly and gently. He can feel the grateful, satisfied energy exuding from your soft body and touch as you willingly let it flow over him like a warm blanket. He enjoys this and we are totally satisfied and completely relaxed.
As you slowly and gently rub his thick penis, a tingle rings through your still wet warm pussy and you key in on the skin just below his nicely shaped head. You begin to feel him swell and you immediately need him to fill you with his manhood again. You can feel your pussy begin to beg from within and you start to work on his amazing erection with all your nasty talent, licking, sucking and swallowing his thick member. You strategically place his new cock ring on as you suck his penis with great skill. You slide up his muscular chest kissing him as you ascend towards his lips. You kiss him, and then lightly bite his lip as you snug his new gift around his member. He loves your tender aggression and immediately swells as almost to pop. His head flares and his base thickens. Your pussy moans from within, begging for his now throbbing cock. You rise up high on your knees straddling him with your eyes closed and face stretched towards the ceiling. His throbbing head touches your wet, firey hot pussy and a wave runs through your insides as you anticipate his entrance.
He reaches down and gently parts your pussy lips as you slowly lower yourself down. You feel the snap of his huge head as it finally slips in. You feel your whole body melt over him and take him fully inside. His tip touches your super sensitive G-spot then passes it going deeper. As he pulls back and thrusts in again, it touches the spot and passes again. You are overwhelmed and cum with a loud moan of ecstasy but does not stop. This strong, deep, fulfilling orgasm rolls into another and then another. To my amazement you are not tireing at this point but gaining speed! You need more!
You raise up and slip off of his cock, shivering as it pops out. You move to me as I sit waiting, raging hard. You sit on my lap as I lay back and you beg for me to gently slide my dick into your ass. your sweet, nasty voice says, "I am ready" and my cock flares even more. You feel me flare and you speak a little louder. "I need two cocks inside me... Please". Hearing this, he steps between our legs and watches me enter you below. Then he parts your lips and touches his head against your dripping pussy. One thrust and he is in again filling you with double pleasure. This feeling is like nothing you have ever felt. It is almost smothering you with ecstasy as he drives deep, one power thrust at at time. You begin to moan aloud. your mind, body and soul feel fulfilled with pleasure as you are touched by two erotic men. Louder and louder you moan until you are screaming outloud. Suddenly your pussy squirts as your body shivers uncontrollably. Your shiver passes through the two of us and we explode simultaneously!
At this point we are completely fulfilled and lie together with you in the middle, dozing in and out of consciousness in a dream state. After and hour or two of rest we shower and begin to ready ourselves to depart. We walk out on the balcony for an amazing view of Vegas. You begin to give him a goodbye kiss and he grabs you with gentle force. He pulls you close kissing you deep. He whispers "please, one more". You nod yes with anticipation and approval as you caress his bare chest. You crack a sexy smile and slide down towards his waist. You slowly slip his shorts down and gently kiss and lick his semi-hard penis. You then begin to utilize your amazing talent again, taking him down your throat to his thick base and sack. I watch his eyes roll back as you swallow on his cock while it is deep down your throat. This swallowing, squeezing motion is now driving him wild. You pull him out of your mouth still sucking with a loud pop. You turn around and drape your sensual body over the back of his wicker chair with your beautiful ass pointed high in the Vegas sky. Your gorgeous ass and pretty pink pussy begs for him to enter from behind. You pull me in front of you and unzip my pants. You suck my hot, hard cock into your mouth as he slowly slips his cock deeper and deeper. You feel filled with warmth as his power strokes get faster and faster. You grab my ass cheeks and pull me closer taking my cock down your throat. The Vegas lights below are twinkling and spinning in your head. You feel an orgasm swelling up like never before. The breeze is warm and you are boiling inside. You heighten and know you are very close. You pull my dick from deep inside your throat and looking up you say "Please let me swallow your cum". As you heighten even more your volume raises "Cum in my mouth"! Everything begins to spin and blur and a force of energy like never before explodes through all of our bodies, minds, and souls. The balcony glows and sparks with orgasmic energy. Slowly we melt against each other with a feeling of peace falling over our bodies. We gaze silently for a few minutes at the stars and lights of Vegas, then you kiss him goodbye. I thank him for a wonderful evening with a gentleman handshake and we part, heavily anticipating our next visit with Superman.

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