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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Dervish  

6/1/2009 21:01
Posted By:  - SCHAUMBURG, IL  
Date Posted: 6/1/2009 21:01
   Call me Lillith. That had been what she had said to herself as she created her screen name on the Lifestyle Lounge almost three years ago. It had been three days after her fortieth birthday. She had been referred to the site by a friend who knew she had lead a very ordinary and unfulfilling sex life. Three years later her sex life was no longer ordinary. She had sampled everything the lifestyle had to offer and was now at peace with her sexuality. This accomplished she now felt it was time to be the teacher not the student.

It was exactly three in the afternoon on a beautiful spring Sunday as Lillith walked across the parking lot towards Starbucks. The sun was bright and the wind blew strong from the South. As usual Lillith was not dressed appropriately. She wore a very short and very tight black dress, black thigh highs and black patent leather 5” heels. As she entered the coffee shop she saw her date sitting on the couch right where she told him to wait for her.

His name was Michael. He wore a short sleeve blue polo shirt and jeans. He was just under six feet with light brown wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. Despite the fact that it was early is the season he already had the well tanned face of someone who spent much time outside. Michael was twenty years Lillith’s junior. He had just turned twenty three and she was just days before her forty-third birthday. As he caught a glimpse of her a playful smile came to his face. He rose to greet her but she motioned him to stay seated. She sat on the distressed brown leather couch a few feet away from him and faced him. The bright light streamed in thru the window and caught the lower part of her legs.

He was speechless at the sight before him. He had seen many pictures of her both dressed and undressed but while he recognized the woman before him her appearance and presence were far more entrancing than he had imagined. Her curly blond hair was long enough to cover her ample breasts but only a few curls laid across them. Her skin was like porcelain and a stark contrast to the black dress. She wore little makeup other than mascara to accentuate her large blue eyes and her cheeks and lips were a sensual red. She wore earring and a necklace of dark red rubies. The necklace was delicate filigree and shaped like a heart on a chain that made the it dangle just above her breasts. The tiny black dress barely covered the lace tops of the thigh highs. He followed her long legs up to the lace and dreamed of what was next.

His gaze fixated on her breasts. She had told him they were 36F and real. He did not believe her but now with them barely contained in the black dress and with her so close he could contemplate them carefully. They were amazing. He had only played with one set of enhanced ones but was now sure Lillith’s were real. They were perfectly symmetrical and obviously very firm. She could see from his gaze that he was staring at her breasts and she very much enjoyed it. She could also see that he was becoming aroused. He had told her he was just over seven inches and very thick. He had offered her pictures but she had declined saying that she preferred the thrill of seeing a man’s penis for the first time in person. Now she could see the outline of his thru his jeans and a playful smile came to her face as she too started to get aroused. To intensify the moment she took a few short but deep breaths which caused her breasts to swell even more. As she did so her nipples became hard. Michael who had been contemplating where the nipples might be smiled even wider as he saw the large nipples begin to poke out of the dress. At that point he became very aware of not only of his erection but also to the fact that he was wet and tried to shift around but there was no where to go and no where to hide it. Lillith knew that his fidgeting was an attempt to hide his arousal and took note of the dampness near the outline of the large head of his penis before she turned her gaze to his face and finally spoke.

They exchanged greetings typical of two people meeting for the first time. She had already probed him throughly thru online conversations. She knew he was nine the first time he masturbated to a fantasy about the woman who lived next door. He was fifteen when he lost his virginity to the nineteen year old daughter of the same woman. He had had four other partners since than but currently was consumed by fantasies about being with two women at the same time. He too had found LL through a friend who thought he needed to widen his horizons and act out his fantasies. He had approached her. It was her pictures that first caught his attention but it was something in her profile that had reached out to him and gave him the courage to finally pursue this fantasy. He had already asked her everything he could think of online but knew that he really didn't know what he should be asking. In a effort to calm himself down he turned the conversation to her screen name. Her smile widened again but changed. Instead of playful it became coy.

She explained the Lillith character existed in the folklore of almost every culture back to Mesopotamia where Lillith was associated with the South wind. She is also the queen of the succubi and the cause of nocturnal ejaculation. It is Lillith that comes to men during sleep, arouses them and has sexual relations with them. The evidence of her visit is the wet spots men find in the morning. She explained that she had choose this name because of the intense pleasure she derives from exciting and pleasuring men. Michael knew his strategy had failed. This woman had him and he no longer had control over either his erection or his will. He again felt his throbbing penis uncomfortably hard in his jeans but this time simply submitted to the sensation. He replied that if that was the case the two of them were old friends. She chuckled and replied that all things come full circle.

Now it was Lillith’s turn to wiggle in her seat. As she did she uncrossed her legs. The sunlight that had been on her lower legs now illuminated her entire right leg. She had positioned her legs far enough apart that Michael could now see she past the lace tops of the thigh highs and tell she was pantiles. He could also see that she was waxed clean and her lips were apart. The room now began to spin as he tried to contain his arousal but the bright light on her privates made her very swollen and very red clit visible to him. The whole area glistened as the sunshine illuminated the cum that coated her. She could see what she was doing to him and she loved it. He was now completely unaware of where he was and about to dive forward and stick his tongue into her glistening pussy but the sound of her voice stopped him. She was quietly repeating his name and finally he looked up at her face. She said “ Michael, would you like me to make your fantasies come true?” It took a few seconds for her words to process but he finally gave a single short nod yes. She smiled and reached out for his hand. It was the first time they touched. From this point on he belonged to her and would do anything she commanded. They slowly got up and walked out hand in hand.

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