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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   One After Another  

6/4/2009 22:33
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 6/4/2009 22:33
   On this particular night we had decided to go out to a local club that was familiar to you. We hung out there for a while, after a few drinks and you, getting friskier by the minute we decided to go back to your house.

All though this playfulness was unusual for you, I was not complaining. Our lips met in passing as I went to change into the lingerie set that I brought to wear for you. When I returned you were all ready naked lying in your bed with a smile on your face, I slipped under the sheets next to you. Our mouths pressed against each other's, as your fingers pushed aside my lace top exposing a hard nipple, you began by rolling it between your fingers, and then bringing the firmness to your mouth, as you continued sucking on my nipple, your fingers found their way to my panties, you pushed the lace aside to expose my clit. Your fingers going right to work as an unintentional moan escaped from my lips. I could feel my body responding to the pleasure, as my pussy was now moist. I pulled your face away from my nipple so that I could once again kiss your lips, my legs spreading farther apart as I drew my lips away from yours so that I could plant kisses on your neck. My moans passionately louder as I somehow managed to inform you that I wanted you, but you ignored my request and plunged your fingers into my wet pussy, finger fucking me until I couldn't control the orgasm that was taking over my body.

As my breathing slowed I became aware of the hardness of your manhood pressing against my leg, and as you pulled off my shorts I thought finally my wish was going to be granted. Instead of your cock entering my hot, wet pussy it was your tongue, I could feel my nails digging into the mattress as a new wave of exhilaration made its way through my entire body. You began to suck and flicker my swollen clit, and my hands automatically went to your head so that if you were to pull back
I could object. My back arched as I once again was nearing climax. My moans beginning again, I could tell that you were watching me but
I didn't care, I continued to suck and lick as my legs somehow found their way atop your shoulders, and once again I was having another intense orgasm.

Okay so this time I was thinking that this is it, but nope you pulled away as I once again became aware of my surroundings only to tell me to get on my knees. I obeyed and was engulfed by your hard cock slide easily into my wet pussy, I heard myself telling you how good your cock felt as your hands found their spot on my hips, and pulled my into you. I rocked back and forth, as my breasts sway in unison. I could feel your balls hitting me only to add another pleasure into an all ready amazing experience, and I knew that I was nearing a third orgasm, but I wanted to hold out because I wanted you to experience the pleasure I had all ready enjoyed. Therefore, I told you that I wanted to be on top, and so we stopped for a brief moment only so that we could change the positions. I settled on top of you and then slide my pussy down the length of your cock. I began moving my hips, as your arms pulled me towards you for a passionate kiss, my hips picked up speed as your hands once again found their place on my hips to pull me closer and push my pussy harder onto your cock. My moans filled the room, and I could not cease the waves that were overcoming me, my nails found your shoulder to brace myself for something I could not stop. My juices covering your cock as you continued the thrusts, my body tensing then relaxing, I climbed off you and collapsed lightheaded beside you, only to have your fingers fondling my swollen clit again.

I was like a magnet and your hands and mouth were like metal not able to keep them off my body. Once again, I was informing you that I was going to cum, passionately kissing you as our tongues entwined while I reached yet another peak. Your fingers thrusting in and out of pussy waiting patiently as my body calmed.

Smiling, you repositioned yourself and your hard cock so that you could yet again enter my hot, wet, throbbing pussy. You crossed the threshold with only the tip at first, teasing me, I tried to pull you down but you resisted. I looked in your eyes and told you that I wanted it hard, you paused for a brief second and then plunged your entire cock deep into my pussy, pulling back slowly only to bang me hard again. I told you how good that felt encouraging you to continue, my hands on your ass pushing you down on me, my hips meeting your thrusts as our breathing increased, my moans that started as a whisper now amplified. The sensation of you sliding in and out of my saturated pussy, my body begins to shake; I wrap my legs around you while I embark on an yet another orgasm. I voice that I am cumming, and tighten the grip on your legs so that you are unable to move. I continue to have orgasm after orgasm as you patiently await the end of multiple orgasms.

Finally, they die down and I loosen my lock, as I try to control my breathing. You climb off me and lay beside me smiling, when in between breaths I manage to tell you no more, that I cannot handle anymore tonight but that you how amazing you are. You laugh but agree. I fall asleep in your arms and wake the next morning once again you were entering my pussy but this time you filled me with your sweet cum.

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