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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   bar encounter I  

6/7/2009 11:56
Posted By:  - PORTLAND, OR  
Date Posted: 6/7/2009 11:56
   I met him for drinks.

A beer. A good beer . . . cold IPA, and my fav flavor. Waiters were efficient, water and my brew in no time flat (did they see my look of thirst and interpret appropriately?? Extra tip, for sure!). He was handsome, charming. Conversation flowed about the work of the day (are we really playing hookie to meet for a ďdrinkĒ?!).

I canít focus on my lovely drink, because Iím thinking about his hard cock instead. I eye his jeans . . . the bulge looks fantastic . . . and as I muse about ordering a salad with mushrooms and extra veggies grilled on the top (might as well get what you want!) Iím really thinking about how soon we can leave this joint and find a conveniently hidden alley, or side street, or random crappy apartment parking lot so I can get some. And you know whatís so freakin sad about it all? Almost sad, because Iím really not sad.

I WANT to get fucked GOOD, but I donít even care so much at this point. I really just want his hard, luscious cock deep in my throat . . . rubbing against the sides of my mouth . . . pulsating against the insides of my cheeks as I stroke ~~~ lick ~~~ smooth ~~~ massage ~~~ and completely consume his hard male goodness.

FUCK I want to leave without drinking my beer, and FUCK thatís pitiful!

I want to have it.

I want to kiss it.

I want to fuck with it.

I want to teeeeeease it.

And ultimately, I really want his cum.

I like the taste, the sensation, the fact that heís exploding in a way that he totally canít control. I crave the power and the satisfaction of his wad in or on any part of my body. I want to watch his face, feel his abs, feel his thighs, and experience his total being as he lets it out because Iím hot. And heís hot. And weíre suddenly hot together.

FUCK I want to leave this place.

(To be continued) . . .

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