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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Fuck Me like a Dirty Slut, Part 2  

6/16/2009 04:56
Posted By:  - AURORA, CO  
Date Posted: 6/16/2009 04:56
   Our friend Eric came in and smiled at me. I knew I recognized the voice on the phone. Master must have called him back while I was waiting for him. All of a sudden I was very wet.

“Dirty slut, huh?” Eric laughed as he sat on the couch next to my Master. He looked at me, smiling when he noticed where my fingers were. “She certainly fits the part.”

“Not quite yet.” Master looked at me with that smile I both adore and dread. “I have some more plans for her.”
Eric knew Master was in charge. They’ve been friends for a long time, and I think they’ve shared women before, but I don’t know much about Eric either. He always has a naughty smile on his face as if he’s thinking of some dirty joke. His beautiful blue eyes sparkle when he laughs and he laughs easily. I just love to run my fingers through his silky brown hair and over his hard body. “What do you want me to do to her?”

Master looked at me. “Let her undress you, but she’s not allowed to touch you.”

“Dude, you are mean.”

Master laughed. “That’s what she likes.”

Eric stretched out on the blanket beside me. “Hi beautiful.” He leaned over and kissed me. Without even thinking, I put my hand on his chest, caressing his strong warm body. Eric is so sweet and charming. Master is charming too but in a bad ass sort of way. Eric is more of a romantic.

“Hi,” I whispered back.

“Breaking your rules already?”

I smiled and nodded. He knew what I liked. Eric’s hands wandered over my naked body while I pulled at the buttons on his shirt. I looked at Master. How was I supposed to undress Eric if I couldn’t touch him?

Master knew what I was thinking. “Don’t touch his skin.”
Damn, it was scary when he did that.

Eric kissed me while I finished unbuttoning his shirt, being careful not to touch his body. Hmmm…Master said I couldn’t touch his skin. I slid my hand down Eric’s body over his clothes and rubbed his cock through his jeans. Eric groaned as I felt his cock get hard, and I heard Master laugh. He knew I was toying with the rules, but he didn’t stop me.

I pulled off Eric’s shirt and leaned back a bit so my body wouldn’t touch his, but his mouth followed me, nibbling on my neck in that spot that gave me goose bumps. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, his bare chest touching my breasts. Ok, that was his fault. He touched me first. God he felt so good.

When I unzipped his jeans, his cock sprang free and I nearly reached for it. Damn the man for going commando. He laughed and pulled his jeans off, trying to help me, but now he was naked and I couldn’t touch him. I looked at Master, but he shook his head. I looked at Eric and pouted. I knew I could get what I wanted from Eric. He’s not as patient as Master. I leaned back on my elbows and arched my back a bit, letting my legs fall apart.

Eric groaned and looked at Master. “Come on, man.”

“I never said you couldn’t touch her.”

He didn’t need to say it again. Eric rolled on top of me, his hands landing on my breasts. I raised my arms above my head, hoping that would make it easier not to touch him. His mouth found my nipples and I squirmed under him, rubbing his hard cock with my mound. Oops, was that touching him? I didn’t care. His cock slipped between my thighs and we both moaned.

“You are a dirty slut,” Eric whispered. He teased me with his cock, sliding against my wet cunt just beyond my reach.

“And you are evil,” I whispered back. Master must have taught him a few things about being mean. I laced my fingers together above my head, trying to keep my hands away from him, but the more he moved against me, the more I needed to get my hands on him. Master would punish me. I didn’t know how but it would be devious. Eric slid just inside me, teasing me with just the tip. Oh god I had to have all of him. I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him all the way in.

“Was it worth it?” Eric asked just as Master grabbed his shoulder and pulled him off me.

I took one look at the sexy snarl on Master’s face and I shivered. “Oh yes.”

Master looked at me but he didn’t say a word. What would he do to me? I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my head down, waiting. Eric sat beside me and put his arm around my shoulders, nibbling my neck and my ear. I love having two men, but it could be damn distracting, especially when one of them was staring right through me. When was he going to say something?

“Don’t punish her,” Eric said. “I tempted her.”

“True,” Master finally spoke, “but she needs to learn how to control her impulses, strengthen her will power.” He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on top of the pile of my clothes. “That’s not a lesson I can teach her tonight. I need to give it some thought.”

Of all the things he could’ve said or done, that’s what I was dreading the most. “Don’t make me wait.” Waiting to find out how he was going to punish me was worse than the punishment itself. And he knew that.

The briefest smile twisted his lips. “You will wait as long as I think you need to.” He unzipped his pants and pushed them to the floor. “Right now I need to punish you for talking when you were told to stay quiet.” He sat down beside me, naked. “I know how much you enjoy having two men….”

Uh-oh, he was going to deny me one of them. I could tell Eric didn’t like that idea either.

“So Eric and I are going to do whatever we want to you.”

Okay…what’s the catch?

“We’re going to touch you, and taste you, and tease you until you want to scream.”

This wasn’t sounding much like punishment.

“But you can’t make a sound.”

Damn. See what I mean by cruel and wonderful?

“I’ll help you,” Eric whispered in my ear, kissing me to show me how he’d do it.

“No you won’t,” Master said. “She has to do this on her own.” He caressed my cheek with his big hand, turning my face toward him. His eyes met mine, smiling but sincere. “You can do this.”

I smiled back at him then leaned into his arms and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. I always feel safe when I’m with my Master.

Eric stroked my back, kissing and nibbling my shoulders. At this point, I would’ve moaned out loud, but I knew that if I obeyed, I would be rewarded, so I kept quiet. I never knew such a simple task could be so challenging. Master’s mouth moved down to my breasts, and I leaned back to kiss Eric. Master never told me I could touch Eric, but since I was going to be punished for it later, I did it anyway. If I was going to be bad, I might as well be
really bad.

Eric groaned when my hand tightened around his hard cock.
Master looked up to see which one of us did it, figured out it was Eric, and went back to kissing my nipples. He pushed me back on the pillows, his tongue trailing down my stomach. Eric kept his mouth on mine. Mm—nope. It was so hard not to moan, and they were just getting started. I almost wished they would finish quickly. Almost.

“Make sure you kiss all her favorite spots,” Master told Eric as his tongue touched my very favorite spot. Master slid one finger inside me. Oo—dammit. Then two. Oh, that’s just not fair. Then three. I bit my lip and shuddered. Did he expect me to be quiet when I came too? Maybe he wouldn’t let me cum. He’s been known to do that. I had to wait for his permission. Actually, his command was more like it. Master moved away from my cunt to kiss my thighs. It was sweet relief until his thumb started circling my clit, and then I was struggling to keep quiet all over again.

Eric pulled at my nipples with his teeth. I gasped without making a sound. Whenever Eric kisses my body, he does it with parted lips and his tongue darts out to touch my skin as if he was tasting me. Sometimes he bites down and that always makes me squeal, but this time I anticipated it that by itself gave me an extra tingle, so when he sank his teeth into my breast, I jammed my knuckles into my mouth and somehow managed to keep quiet.

That is until Master started tongue fucking me. I whimpered just a little when his mouth closed over my clit, but did he stop and reprimand me? No, he kept going. Faster and harder until I had to pull a pillow over my face and shove it into my mouth. I heard Eric laugh, felt his lips on my nipple, and then I came. You’d think that making the effort to be quiet would distract me, lessen my orgasm, but actually, it had the opposite effect. My cunt got hot and tingly. The heat spread to my thighs, my nipples, my fingertips, and—oh yeah there it was—my toes. I threw the pillow aside as my entire body curled. Eric bit that spot where my shoulder meets my neck, and Master had to hold me down while I came hard and heavy but nearly silent. Oh so close.

I lay on the blanket, gasping for breath while Master and Eric placed soothing kisses on my skin. “I think she deserves an A for the effort,” Eric said.

“Mmm…you did well, slave,” Master agreed. “What I asked of you was very difficult, but you did your best. I think you’ve earned your reward.”


“You told me to fuck you like a dirty slut.” Master’s smile was completely evil and just a little scary. “Ride him,” Master said.

I straddled Eric’s hips, sliding down his hard cock. Master kneeled behind us, stroking some lube onto his hard cock. Was he doing what I thought–?

His lubricated finger cut off that thought, gently sliding into my ass. He’s put his finger and a few toys in there before but never anything else.

“Relax, slave,” Master said. “I’ll be gentle.”

Eric held me close and kissed me.

“You two have done this before,” I said to him.

He nodded. “Just relax. You’ll enjoy it more.”

Eric gently fucked me while Master played with my ass. He stretched me and filled me, testing to see how much I could take and then pushing me beyond that. Not only did I start to relax, but I was also getting very hot and wet. Master pulled his fingers out, pushed forward, and slowly, gently slid his cock into my ass. I felt like pulling away from him, but Eric held me still, kissing my neck and fondling my breasts to keep me aroused.

“Just lay still and let us fuck you,” Master instructed. He filled me first, then Eric. I spread my legs as far as I could, wanting to take them both in. Master’s chest ground me down onto Eric’s body. I was trapped between them and it was—oh god—better than any reward I could imagine.

I dug my fingernails into Eric’s shoulders. He knows I like to be manhandled, so he grabbed my hair, pulled me down and kissed me hard as he thrust his cock up into my cunt. That move forced me back against Master’s chest, and Master slammed me down onto Eric again. I squealed and squirmed, but they refused to show me any mercy. Not that I wanted any….

Master grabbed my hips and shoved in deeper, pulling out just as Eric was pounding back in. They found a perfect rhythm with me caught between them. Friction turned to heat and the heat set off a spark. They lit my body on fire. I was a flame licking two pieces of hard wood, hot and out of control.

Master knows my body well and he knows exactly when I’m going to cum. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me back against him. “Cum,” he grunted in my ear.

I could do nothing but obey.

Eric came too, and always in control, Master waited till we finished and then he came hard. He rolled to the floor, taking me with him.

“Wow,” Eric panted. “The next time she wants to be fucked like a dirty slut, please let me know.”

“Is that what you needed, slave?”

I nodded, too spent to speak.

“Don’t ever be afraid to tell me what you need, Ava.” Master smiled. “I am always willing to please you.”

And that’s when I knew I was the one in control.

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