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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Fuck Me like a Dirty Slut, Part 1  

6/16/2009 04:57
Posted By:  - AURORA, CO  
Date Posted: 6/16/2009 04:57
   “Fuck me like the dirty slut I am.” Mother told me there would be days like this. Ok not like that exactly, but sometimes work just makes me so insane I gotta run far, far away. I knew who would help me escape. I knew he would do it well.

My Master looked at me and scowled. I interrupted him, but I could see in his eyes that he was very turned on. “I gotta take care of something,” Master said to the phone on his desk. The speakerphone. Oh shit. “I’ll you back later.”

“Um…yeah. I’ll talk to you later.” The amused voice on the speakerphone sounded familiar. Oh boy, I was going to be punished for that. Yay! Master’s punishments were cruel, wicked, and absolutely wonderful.

“Go to the playroom,” he ordered, not looking at me but at the computer on his desk.

I knew exactly where it was. I walked through the back door of his home office, up the stairs, and down the long hallway to a large room that contained a four-post bed, a couch, and some very interesting toys. I sat on the bed and waited for him. Waiting was just one of the ways he liked to punish me. I would wait as long as he wanted me to. My Master was worth it.

I don’t know much about him really. That’s why he’s so fascinating. He’s very tall, and that alone makes him rather intimidating. His shoulder-length black hair and dark expressive eyes add to that impression. His left eyebrow is permanently arched by a small scar that makes him look devilish. I know from experience that he is a devil. I don’t even know his last name, and when we’re in his playroom, I’m only allowed to call him Master. I’m not sure where he’s from originally, but every now and then, when he’s tired or aroused, I catch a hint of an accent. He rarely talks about his past or about himself much at all. He’s always focused on me.

I heard his footsteps on the stairs. My heart started jumping and I tried to sit still, but I couldn’t help fidgeting. He opened the door and stared at me, his lips twisted in an amused scowl, if that was possible.

“You realize I need to punish you for interrupting me.”

“Yes Master.” I don’t think he saw me smile.

“And for giving me orders.”

I’m supposed to be the submissive one, but it isn’t always easy. “But I’ve had a bitch of a day, and I want–”

“I don’t care what you want. I’m in charge from here on out.”

“But I need–”

“Do you understand me?”

He was still standing in the doorway, but even at that distance he was scary—scary sexy—so I decided not to argue anymore. “Yes Master.”

“Good.” He spread a blanket on the floor and tossed a few pillows on it. “The bed is too good for you. Sit on the floor, slave.”

I played the good slave and sat down.

He sat down on the couch and fixed those intense eyes on me. “Take off your clothes.”

He’s seen me naked a hundred times before. He’s literally ripped my clothes off my body, but undressing myself while he quietly watched was a bit unnerving. “Aren’t you going to take off your clothes, Master?”

“Quiet slave. You will obey my instructions.”

I might. I’m a rebellious sub. I like getting in trouble. “Yes Master.”

“You will not speak unless I say you can.”

I nodded. It would be too easy to break that rule.

“Clothes. Off.”

I opened my mouth but closed it before I could make a sound. Saying ‘yes Master’ was such a habit that I did it without thinking. One by one, I peeled off my blouse and my skirt, my bra and my panties and tossed them at his feet. He leaned forward and rubbed his hands together as if he was trying to keep from touching me. He’s very good at hiding his emotions, but there are little signals that give him away. I knew he wanted me, but he was waiting for something. What was it?

His wicked eyes flashed and he leaned back again. He had an idea. “You’re too comfortable with me. Storming into my office tonight proved that. I need to push you out of your comfort zone again.”

My lips formed the word no, but I didn’t make a sound.

He laughed and his devious grin turned into an outright snarl. “Touch yourself.”

“What?” While he watched?

“I’ll punish you for speaking later. Right now, I want you to masturbate in front of me.”

I have no problem masturbating. I do it all the time, but
he’s never seen me.

“I’ve seen you do it before, when you thought I wasn’t watching.”

So much for that idea.

“Touch yourself for me.”

I slid my hand toward my breast then stopped and looked at him. His smile was almost evil.

“You told me you wanted to be fucked like a dirty slut.”

Were those my exact words? Uh-oh, I think they were.

“Show me how you want it done.”

I knew I wasn’t going to get what I wanted until I obeyed. I’ve tried refusing before, but he’s too patient. He was in control—always—and he never let me forget it.

“Show me,” he said softly.

Master wasn’t the kind of guy who yelled or screamed. I’ve seen him angry, but when he was angry, he stayed calm. When he gave commands, he gave then quietly, sometimes without saying a word. That’s when he was the most frightening—and sexy. He was impossible to resist.


I fluffed up a couple of pillows behind me and lay back, dragging my fingertips over my bare skin. I closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t tell me to open them. I couldn’t watch him watching me. When I’m by myself, I need to stroke my nipples to get wet, but not when I’m with my Master. I got wet as soon as he told me to go to the playroom. Still, I played with them for a little with just because I like it and because I was stalling. He told me he’s watched me without me knowing. Why should this be any different? My right hand slid down my stomach.

“Your skin is so soft,” he said. “Now you know why I can’t keep my hands off you.”

I laughed. He does enjoy touching me. Sometimes all he does is touch me until I beg for more. My fingers slipped between my pink lower lips. Oh yes, I was dripping wet. I drew circles over my clit, teasing myself. I heard him moan, and I dared to peek at him under my lashes only to find that he was staring right at me, smiling like he’d just won a prize. I shut my eyes tight and didn’t open
them again until I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Master said.

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