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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   MFM Part 1  

6/16/2009 16:28
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 6/16/2009 16:28
   She leaned forward and placed her hand gently on the front of his shorts. SM slowly rose from his chair, leaning towards the pressure of her hand. He held her by the shoulders and slowly kissed her. He was unhurried, and exuded not arrogance but an assured confidence. She was ready. Her nipples were hard and she felt warm & wet. He stiffened in his shorts as he pulled her dress down. She easily untied her black string bikini top underneath; the bottoms were already missing :)

SM kissed her there and there. His fingers explored her wet pussy lips and, kissing her deeply, he slowly backed her towards the bed. She removed his shorts, careful not to let the elastic snap onto his hard cock which was pushing its way towards the waist. His balls were drawn up tight, cock hard & perfectly straight. He was long and oh-so-stiff and for a moment she wanted to take all of his length in her mouth quickly, shockingly - like men who immediately take a woman, whose body they barely know, by singly thrusting their shaft-up-to-balls & are delighted by the gulping gasps of sudden insertion regardless of their infliction of pain or pleasure. Ignoring the primordial feeling that his cock belonged in her mouth now, she rested in his calm desire, sunk to her knees and slowly kissed his cock. His balls were smooth & tight and she lightly cupped & stroked them as she began licking the length of his rod. She licked her lips and slid them up and down along each side of his cock, wetting every inch. The head was beautiful. She swirled her tongue around it and was no longer patient. She took the head in her mouth, then slowly slid down his shaft. His width was perfect, workable, but the length required a bit more concentration. Cock fully lubed from her tongue, she worked him up and down, sucking slightly harder at top, checking responses to different timing and pressures of tongue and lips and fingers. She willingly kept it slow, wanting to learn every sensitive spot, learn every move that trembled, engorged, shuddered.

SM pulled her up from her knees and she climbed up on the bed, bent over, mouth still on cock. She did not want to leave it yet. Hubby entered at some point during her cock-oliloquy, was naked and taking pictures. When he saw her get on all fours and her butt rise up in the air, he put the camera down and headed towards her. With SM's cock in her mouth and growing, she felt SM very slowly push farther into her mouth. She took a deep breath, opened her throat and allowed his gently rocking hips to guide his cock down her throat. Having his cock stuffing her throat made her swollen pussy ache. She arched her back, raising her ass even higher. Hubby's hands caressed her back and he grabbed her hips. She wanted to be fucked so bad, to be full of cock and cum and more cock. She was writhing - hot, wet and so fucking empty. If she could breathe she would've screamed, "Fuck me now!"

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