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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Evil Seduction  

6/18/2009 05:24
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 6/18/2009 05:24
   If Bryan hadn’t seen their pictures on the website that morning he would have introduced Kelly to them just the same, this was a stunning couple and Bryan knew from the couple’s profile pictures that Michael was going to be Kelly’s type. Michael was Bryan’s age, thirty one, tall, tan and athletic with a hint mystery behind his dark brown eyes. Kelly always liked a guy with a little edge to him, hell that was one of the things that attracted her to Bryan in the first place and Michael had that same appeal. Sabrina, Michaels girlfriend, was an auburn haired goddess of twenty two with legs that went on for miles. So when Bryan turned to his left to see them standing less then three feet from him at the bar he knew it was fate and he turned to Michael and extended his hand.
“Hi, we chatted this morning, It’s Michael isn’t it?” He said.
“Of course, Bryan, right?”
Bryan shook hands with Michael and introduced Kelly and Michael did the same with Sabrina. After the initial girl-girl cheek kissing ritual Kelly stepped back and assessed Sabrina’s outfit.
“You’re really owning that dress tonight.” Kelly
“Thank you. Your pictures are great but you’re both even better looking in person.” Sabrina relied.
Bryan watched Kelly’s eyes as they traced Sabrina’s body and Michael’s face. He could tell by Kelly’s expression she was enjoying what she was seeing. The music spilling over the dance floor was almost overpowering and Bryan was about to suggest they move to a more intimate location when Kelly said.
“Let’s move someplace where we can chat.”
So the foursome retreated to a couch tucked away from the dance floor that was several decibels quieter and they all sat down. Bryan positioned himself so he could watch Kelly over Sabrina’s shoulder while they chatted. He loved to see Kelly interact with potential playmates it was all part of the pre-play warm up. In talking with Sabrina Bryan found out that she and Michael had only been together for about four months. She said they were engaged to be married in the fall which he thought was a pretty short time but as they say, love is a wondrous thing, and who was he to question it when He and Kelly had been together less than a year and they too were now engaged to be married.
As the foursome got to know one another Bryan had to guess that Michael had a good sense of humor because he heard Kelly laugh several times while chatting with Sabrina. At one point he found himself spying on Kelly out of the corner of his eye. He could see Kelly was seriously enjoying herself with Michael actually she was having the kind of night he remembered them having on their first date. Michael seemed to possess that perfect mixture of confidence and charm that Kelly finds so irresistible.
Sabrina noticed His spying and said.
“She had better be careful with that one. Michael will charm her right out of her panties.”
Bryan chuckled at that.
“What’s so funny?” She said.
“She isn’t wearing any panties.”
Sabrina flashed a devilish smile.
“Neither am I.” She said. Sabrina took Bryan’s hand in hers and leaned closer to whisper into his ear. The sweet scent of Sabrina’s body chemistry drifted into Bryan’s brain sending electric impulses coursing through his body. Bryan felt that twinge as his manhood began to rise. As she brought her lips close to his ear his eyes wander to the cleavage of her dress.
“Dance with me.” She whispered.
Bryan shifted to his feet and again glanced at Kelly. Her eyes shined up at him as if to say, thank you for this wonderful gift lover this is so nice. Bryan returned her smile and lead Sabrina to the dance floor.
The crowd was tightly packed but Bryan managed to find a small spot where their bodies could intertwine. Sabrina leaned into Bryan and began to slowly grind her hips into his thigh. In order to do this she had to part her coltish long legs a few degrees and in doing so her dress hiked dangerously high up her already over exposed thighs. He watch as several heads turned to admire Sabrina’s legs. She didn’t seem to notice or perhaps she didn’t care because her eyes never left his which only served to speed the blood coursing into his jeans. She could feel the bulge emanating from his pants as she moved her body against him. For Sabrina there was no doubt what was going on in Bryan‘s mind. She pushed in closer rubbing her thigh against his hard-on all the while her eyes never leaving his.
“I think the four of us could have good time tonight.” She said moving her lips closer to his.
Bryan’s ability to respond was momentarily jammed by Sabrina’s sexual prowess. As she pressed her long lean body against his and enticed him with her lips Bryan’s desire for the flesh weakened him to the point of melt down and he found himself engulfed in a heated and passionate dance floor kiss. When their lips finally parted Sabrina was first to speak.
“You have the most kissable lips.“ She softly declared.
Bryan could only beam as she lead him back toward the couches. When they arrived Bryan found Kelly with a satisfied expression and sitting comfortably close to Michael. Things seemed to be going very well between them and by the way Kelly had her legs crossed Bryan could tell she wass already wet. As Bryan sat down next to Kelly, Michael leaned toward him and said.
“ So what are you guys into as far as playing?”
“We‘re a soft swap couple at the moment.” Bryan replied.
Michael let out a disappointed sigh and leaned back into the couch. Both Bryan and Kelly took this to mean Michael was hoping for a full swap encounter. As a reflex reaction to his disappointment Kelly shot a quick glance to Bryan and said.
“But we have talked about full swap.“
There was a long silence before Michael leaned in for his drink and said.
“So what’s stopping you Bryan?”
Thoughts rush through Bryan’s mind at the question. It was true that he and Kelly had discussed taking the next step in their lifestyle journey and trying full swap but so far Bryan had not yet felt comfortable enough to go there. Maybe it was because he loved her so much that he wasn’t sure he was ready to share her in that way. He knew it was selfish of him and he had reasoned it out so many times in his mind but each time he did he felt it was the one thing he wanted to keep as his own. Bryan wanted Kelly to experience all that she desired and he knew she wanted the same for him. He told himself that when you break it all down it really is only just sex. He knew from his own experience that it was never as good with anyone as it is with Kelly so why was he being so selfish?
“I guess I’m just not ready for that yet.” Bryan replied.
Sabrina slid in closer to Bryan and once more rubbed up against him. She leaned seductively into his ear.
“You seemed to be ready on the dance floor.” She taunted as she reached around to take his hand.
“After all it’s just sex Bryan.” Michael added.
Sabrina shifted to her feet taking both Bryan’s hands in hers and leaned over enticing him to his feet. Bryan couldn’t help but catch another eyeful of Sabrina’s well endowed slender body as he again began to weaken.
“I promise not to bite.” Sabrina teased as he began to rise from the couch.
“He likes it when you bite.” Kelly sprightly chimed in. Sabrina smiled at Bryan and winked at Kelly.
“You are a kinky boy aren‘t you?” She said as she guided Bryan toward the play rooms. As they reach the velvet curtain separating the bar from the playrooms Bryan turned to Kelly. She gave him an awkward smile doing her best to conceal the anxiety. Bryan new she was every bit as unsure as he was of what was about to happen but he returned her smile and followed Sabrina behind the velvet curtain.
As the couples enter the playroom they are greeted by the tang of sex infusing the room.
The playrooms at most clubs consist of a mattress on the floor under a fitted sheet. There are usually condoms available on a bed table or somewhere in the room because “safe sex” is not just an expression or smart sound byte but the law of the land in the lifestyle. This particular club is a cut way above most. The room is decorated with mirrors the bed has a handsome comforter over a mattress and box spring sitting on a frame.
Michael and Kelly move to one side of the bed while Sabrina and Bryan take the other. Kelly and Michael begin the dance with a penetrating kiss that Bryan can’t seem to pull his eye away making Sabrina’s attempt to kiss Bryan for the second time fall clumsily on the side of his mouth. Sabrina places her hands on Bryan’s cheek drawing his attention to her this time finding Bryan’s lips. Bryan kisses Sabrina deeply only this time he lets his hands roam her body like he had wanted to on the dance floor.
“That’s better” She whispers.
Before long the two were engaged in some steamy petting. At one point Bryan looks over at Kelly and Michael. Kelly is standing over Michael seated at the corner of the bed. She kisses him as she helps him remove his shirt.
“I’m sure you’ve seen all that before.” Sabrina murmured into Bryan’s ear.
Bryan turned back to her and their eyes met. There was something about Sabrina’s confident casualness that he couldn’t quite figure out. How could she be so at ease with it all at just twenty two, he thought when at time he still had a hard time just watching Kelly with another man. As Sabrina lips traced their way down his chest to his jeans his thoughts soon melted away. Sabrina found no resistance from the button on his jean as Bryan’s member sprang free. Bryan closed his eyes and let his body slowly fall back on the bed savoring the moment. As he lay there he turned again to watch Kelly with Michael. By this time Kelly had fallen to her knees in front of Michael still sitting on the corner of the bed. He could see Michael’s head thrown back in ecstasy and by the sound of Michael’s soft moans of pleasure Bryan knew Kelly was enjoying the task at hand. Kelly always found pleasure in giving pleasure. This thought only helped heighten Bryan’s excitement. Sensing his rise in desire Sabrina paused and reached for a condom handing it to Bryan. Then she tapped Michael on the shoulder and handed him a condom too. This signaled Kelly to stop momentarily and look over at Bryan. Bryan cast her a look as if to say, “Are you sure you want to do this?” And Kelly responds with a nod of her head and an encouraging smile. Still feeling it a mistake Bryan turns back to Sabrina who must have sensed his uncertainty.
“You’re going to love it. Trust me.” She whispers
As she removed the condom from the wrapper and expertly places it on him. Sabrina guided Bryan onto his back again then straddled him and slowly lowered herself down onto him. Sabrina then began to slide her hips back and forth in pendulum motion. Taking his cue from Sabrina Michael tore open a condom and place it on himself as Kelly looks on. Bryan watched as Michael did this making sure Kelly was protected. Then Michael urged Kelly to her feet and enters her in a standing position from behind. The wave of emotion that hit Bryan as he watched Michael enter her was almost too much to bear and he had to bite his tongue to keep from asking them to stop. Bryan forced his attention back to Sabrina. It took all his focus to keep from going soft under Sabrina. He watched her ride him in that pendulum motion, head thrown back, long blond tresses swing with the motion of her body. The encounter hasn’t been more than ten minutes yet but for Bryan it seemed an eternity. As Bryan thrusts up against Sabrina he became distracted by Kelly’s soft sighs of ecstasy from the other side of the room. As Michael thrusts harder into Kelly she became more animated. Bryan kept his eye trained on Sabrina and as he listened Kelly’s sighs. The more heated she became the harder Michael thrust the closer to orgasm Bryan came. Feeling him rise inside of her Sabrina urged Bryan on.
“On yeah! Fuck me like that!”
Wanting only to finish up and get out of the room, Bryan thrust harder and faster until he was almost winded. His orgasm nearing it’s end his stomach muscles began to contract. Bryan dug his fingers into Sabrina's buttocks as he explodes into the condom inside of her his whole body becoming one long contraction until he is spent. Sabrina leans over Bryan. They kiss softly for a few moments.
“I need a drink.” She whispers.
Then she simply unseats herself, fixes her dress and does a quick check of her hair in the mirror. Bryan gets to his feet and does a quick clean up, dresses then looks over at Kelly and Michael. Kelly is cast against the wall as Michael continues to pummel her from behind. Again a river of emotion grabs hold of him. Bryan has to swallow hard before he can get the words to come out.
“We’ll be at the bar.”
Kelly casts him a reassuring smile as Bryan quickly turns away and heads out of the playroom followed by Sabrina leaving Michael and Kelly to finish up.
Michael continues to thrust few more seconds then suddenly stops pulls out of Kelly.
“Is everything alright?” Kelly asks.
“Yes. I just wanted to check the protection.”
Michael secretly slips the condom off and tucks it into the mattress.
“Everything's fine now.” He says as he re-enters Kelly without the condom.

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