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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   she daydreams of massage  

7/1/2009 15:52
Posted By:  - LINCOLN, NE  
Date Posted: 7/1/2009 15:52
   My wife sent the following to me and I thought Id share:

The acoustics are live in this room I'm entering. It's noisy in part because the only soft surfaces are the women in the room. And there are many. The floor is a jewel-toned mosaic. Roman looking, and probably half as old as Rome. The walls are plaster and the ceilings would be modestly vaulted, if you could see them through the steam. And from everywhere comes the sound of water. It splashes out of pitchers, it burbles from a fountain, it drips off skin.

And there is also friendly chatter in the room. Women are in every stage of relaxation here. Some are almost asleep, some are gossiping on benches in terry-cloth bathrobes with their knees pulled up. But while the noise puts me at ease, most of it is spoken in a language I don't understand.

But I do understand the man who shows me to my massage table in a niche off the main room. He has oils for me to choose from, and I pick the Japanese Cherry Blossom. And then he directs me to take off my robe and lay face-down on the table. He's not the only man I've seen here. All the attendants are men in white. Like the eunuchs in the Sultan's harem, they seem not to notice anything untoward about their profession. And so I don't think much about it either.

The table is stone, but it's smooth and it's warm. And so is the water he pours from my neck to my toes. Pitcher after pitcher of warm water, and then he begins to scrub. He starts at my toes, and works up to my neck with exfolliant, until I'm tingling. Then I lay on my back, and receive the same intensive treatment. Now he leaves me covered in sandy paste, to sleep for twenty minutes. I would do this any day, just for the chance to sleep.

But he's back, just as I start to dream about you. Rinsing and patting me dry. And then he begins with his oil, starting at my neck, this time. I try to decide whether I love this most because of the muscle manipulation, or the scent, or the warmth. And then I feel a second set of hands and my toes. Undoubtedly a second assistant, as the touch is confident and professional. But my eyes flutter open for a moment at the touch I wasn't expecting, and I notice that the man at my shoulders isn't the one who led me to the table. And then I can barely suppress a laugh, because I can't imagine how they let you in here. Where did you get the outfit? How much fun did you have looking through this room for me?

It seems the man at my feet is giving them special attention, and later he will dip my fingers in paraffin wax. But you will work everything in between. And after you have thoroughly worked the muscles in my thighs, there will be parts of me that usually receive your attention that are so jealous. But then you ask me to turn over, and as your hands glide down from my shoulders to the sheet at my waist, they keep going further than I expect, and nudge my clitoris. Just a moment of gentle, insistent pressure, and then you are sliding back toward my breasts. I am almost angry, I want you to stay below the sheet so badly. And you must know it too, when you feel how swollen I am.

And now as the attendant pulls the wax molds off my fingers, you ask me in a completely professional tone to part my legs, and you pull my sheet covered hips up onto your lap. You reach back, and touch me from my knees to my ankles, and then my knees to my thighs. And while your hands are under the sheet, I feel you grasp me again. And then, just above the noise of the room, I can hear you unzip, and I feel the great fulfillment of you pushing into me.

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