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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Dating other guys while married-first time experience  

7/1/2009 17:09
Posted By:  - CHAMPAIGN, IL  
Date Posted: 7/1/2009 17:09
   My husband has been telling his fantasy for many years, he says he wanted me to meet up with a single guy, flirt, talk, kiss, drink and feel good, then take this sexy guy to a nice hotel room and fuck him like a wild animal. I had alwasys told him no becuase I thought it would hurt our marriage.

My Hubby kept bringing it over and over, and he would have me fuck myself with a toy and suck him, then he would say see you can handle a 3some too, imagine that vibrator being a strangers cock inside you while you suck me.

Finally after what seemed like years of him bringing up this fantasy of me meeting others and 3somes, one night recently before we made luv, I told I have finally decided to do it. He said what do you mean?, and I told him Im finally ready to act your WILDEST EROTIC FANTASY, me and another man. He could not believe it, he was so surprised, he was very excited. When we fucked that night it was so great, he talked to me about other men while fucking me, it was very Excitng!! My Hubby said he had already researched some websites and will put our profile on the next day. I was nervous and was unsure if I was doing right thing but thought I could try it.

He texted me at work the next day and said he put on the profiles, I was nervous but excited too. Hubby then texted me and said that I had permission to fuck and suck any guy I wanted to, anytime I wanted to. He said I had the freedom to do whatever I want, go on dates, stay out all night, be with men, couples, woman, just as long as I came home to him. I texted back and said I was not opposed to the idea but did not want him doing same thing. He replied and said, thats the way he wants it, he only wants me to go out and have fun, but he wants to watch on video/webcam and join in 3somes occasionally. He said I can have an open marriage, but not him,thats the way he wants it. So I agrred to try it.

So Hubby introduced me to websites, at first felt guilty, then I felt very Naughty and sexy in a taboo way. Then I started talking to guys on here and realized some are pretty good people and not weirdos, Hubby insidted I IM some of them, he watched sometimes but likes it when I talk to them alone better.

And then I lined up my first date in 13 years last weeked, it was wonderful experience. My Hubby helped me pick out my dress and lingrie, a garter belt, hose, low cut bra and high heels. He also helped me pack my overnight bag, we were both very nervous but at same time very excited. I took our laptop and webcam plus another video camera with a tripod, he coached me on the set up for each so he could enjoy the show.

I meet the guy at a nice hotel bar in DT Chicago last Sat night. I was so nervous, it had been long time since being on a date, and this guy knew it too. He gave me a hug which felt great, calmed my nerves a little, and he kissed me on the cheek. I will call him C, since dont want to give away personal info. He was very nice, a perfect gentleman, not to mention nice looking and sexy, and well dressed. C is about 6'1", prob 200 lbs, very tan, and very well built. He works out allot.

We just sat in the bar and had a few drinks, talked and flirted. I felt like I knew him already because we had talked so much on IM and traded erotic pics. I wanted to kiss him right away, as soon as I saw him I started getting horny. But I waited for the drinks to take more effect, and then I texted Hubby and asked if it was okay, he said go for it Baby, I luv you.

So I just did it, just laid a BIG wet kiss on him right in the bar, I did not care who saw it, we exchanged each others tongues, and kissed over and over. I know our waitress was a bit uncomfy when she came over to check on us. After she left C started feeling up my leg under my dress, his fingers were feeling up to where my garter belt attached to my hose, WOW was I feeling SEXY and becoming very WET. I knew I had to get this handsome man into my room. After kissing him one more time and feeling his fingers tickling my panties I knew it was time. I pulled away and told him I needed to use the ladies room.

I went to the ladies room,checked my make up, went into a stall, removed my g string-which I had put on over my garter belt as Hubby instructed- then wadded them up in my hand as tight as I could and returned to the table to get C. I sat down next to him and told him to give me his hand, he put out his hand and I placed the panties inside his palm. I then said, "Im ready", he smiled wide and said, so am I, and then he kissed me deeply again. We get up, and I texted Hubby-going to room now to fuck. He texted back and said- Fuck and suck him all night long!! dont forget my webcam. I wont, I replied.

C attacked me in the elevator, it was just us in there, we were kissing passionatly as he brought his hand under my dress, wow, this was the first time another guy had touched my pussy in a long time, it was bare and ready for his fingers. I was so wet already, as his finger slid easily inside me. I could not believe how good it felt, he kissed my breasts to pulling down my dress, then we were at the floor. There was no one there, I fumbled for the key in my purse, I was a mess. Made it in the room, C attacked me again but had to pull away, made sure webcam was on for Hubby and IM running correctly. He bought one that follows you, worked pretty well. Hubby was on IM, said it was working, he sent message-GET BUSY WIFEY-LUV YOU. I also put on a blue tooth and put Hubby on cell phone line so he could listen better, and he could talk in my ear. I also turned on the video camera that was pointed at the bed, we left the lights on.

While we were still standing, C wasted no time, he was kissing me every where,my lips, my neck, down to my shoulders, god it felt so good, the dress came off quickly, then my bra, his mouth was on each breast sucking and licking, his fingers worked between my legs and spread my pussy lips again, he knew what he was doing, his mouth was softly sucking each breast, licking my nipples as his fingers got me wetter, Im sure I was softly moaning by this time. My Hubby said, wow looks great, you like it Baby dont you, YES, LUV IT- I said. Take his pants off, get your hand around his cock Baby-Hubby says. One of my hands made its way down to his pants, I wanted to feel his BIG COCK so BAD!! C helped me by unbuttoning his pants, my hand quickly slid into his briefs and found that BIG COCK, WOW it was rock hard, and felt great in my hand, just wantd to suck it, but C had other plans for me. He sucked harder on each of my tits as his dick pulsated in my hand.

He pushed me back as I sat on the edge of bed, Hubby kept making comments, like let him eat your pussy baby, C then spread my legs wide, leaving the garter belt on, it looked great on video camera later, and I knew what was coming. He licked his was down my soft belly as I sat there, circling my belly button, kissing, teasing, licking around my small mound of hair, then down each thigh, Hubby kept making comments- are you wet baby- yes, oh yes I said, he licked each inner thigh, just teasing my pussy, he was soooo good, then when his tongue found my pussy lips, I thought I would explode, it felt so good, omg, he worked his tongue into my wetness, I was moaning softly, and saying lick me baby, oh good it feels good. He was an expert working his tongue over my pussy lips, then dipping inside, I was gushing wet, he avoided my clit for a long time, but then he began kissin it, sucking it softly, gently licking it, and at the same time brought a finger up and inserted it inside me and began finger fucking my pussy, omg, it was INCREDIBLE!, I couldnt take much more I began riding his finger and mouth, oh FUCK ME, Im sure I said that several times, omg, he was great, I could not take it anymore, I was in wonderland, and screaming loudly as he brought me my first orgasm of the night. Hubby was so excited and making comments from home also, Good job Baby- you looked great, I barely remember because I was still recovering, I must say having my Hubby talk to me as another guy fucked me was incredible experience and he was able to share without being there.

C fucked me several times that night in every positon created I think, he was great, long lasting, WOW!! I know were up most of night, been long time since I have done that. Will talk more about that later.

Okay will type more later-this is my first forum listing so hope its all right-Im sure I forgot details but hard to remember when you are in state of pure lust. Putting this on here is another one of Hubbys ideas- he said I should share my experiences for others. Have to finish getting ready for my second date with C- in 2 hours- took off work tommorrow, yes cant wait. Hubby is dropping me off. Oh Hubby wants me to add- he is dropping off his SLUT WIFE- yes I like being a slut I think, luv being very NAUGHTY GIRL I know that, if my friends only knew how bad I was. Im looking very SEXY by the way, ready for another night of HOT SEX and PASSION! Will add more soon.

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