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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   2nd date with new lover.   

7/3/2009 19:06
Posted By:  - CHAMPAIGN, IL  
Date Posted: 7/3/2009 19:06
   My husband picked out my clothes, this time a red garter lace see thru corsette with garter belts, attached to red hose and red high heels, like red shoe diaries-an eroitc show we enjoy on showtime-its about erotic fantasies. I wore no panties at all as requested by Hubby. I put on a light jacket to cover my sexy attire. Hubby checked me out and made sure I looked VERY HOT, and gave his approval, I was ready for another night of being very BAD & NAUGHTY!! I felt like a high class call girl going to meet a client and Hubby is my manager, lol.

My husband drove me to the building where my lover lives, this time I knew what was ahead of me, I have a little experience, I felt confident but still a little bit nervous. My husband is a great guy and I love him so much, he just wants me to have incredible pleasure in every way. I DONT THINK HE HAS A JEALOUS BONE IN HIS BODY, how could he? I would never allow him to do this with a woman alone, but for him it really excites to know another man is having his way with me and he is giving us full permission, Hubbys fetish I guess. At first I wasn't sure but now I WANT THIS MORE THAN HIM I THINK.

My husband drove me to the building in DT, we talked about things on the way there. He said I should suck my lovers cock tonight, no exceptions, I agreed I must do it. He knows how I luv to suck cock. This time we were not filming the fun, but hubby just wanted texts updating him of progrees and to listen to my sounds of pleasure. Hubby finally arrived at the address, told me to have an AMAZING night, he said I want your pussy nice and sore tommorrow morning when you get home, I assured him it would be, and then Hubby kissed me goodnight and watched as I walked into my lovers building.

I was nervous about walking into a strange building with just a jacket on covering my lingrie. I saw 1 couple walking out but they did not notice me. I really started getting excited when the elevator starting goig up to his floor, I think my pussy was already wet when I heard the ding for my lovers floor.

I knocked once at his apartment door, and the door opened almost immediately, he knew I was coming, right on time. I stepped thru the door way and instantly I was in his arms kissing him, he shut the door behind me, my coat fell off, and C started kissing me, we attacked each other like animals, deep wet hot kisses, he felt and tasted, and smelled SO FUCKING GOOD!!! OMG, I was in heaven again, his mouth, his muscular body against my tits and body, his cologne and clean smell, wow, we kissed and kissed, then his hands began exploring all over my body, omg it felt so damn good, he loved it that I had no panties on and my pussy was easily accessible for his hands. One hand and his big fingers found my wetness so quickly, my pussy was already so juicy, omg it felt so in INCREDIBLE GOOD as he fingered me, and his mouth attacked my neck.

I was up against the wall, my hand slid down and found his BIG HARD COCK, OMG, it felt incredible to stroke it, C only had boxers on, and he slid those down over his beautiful ass. He has such a nice ass my other hand grabbed that, I thought we would fall over in his hallway, we were like 2 animals attacking each others bodies, I luv WILD SEX like this. He pulled the corsette top down over my tits and began sucking each tit and circling my nipples with his wet hot tongue, he is a great lover, his mouth worked over each breat expertly and it felt incredible his teeth gentle bit at each nipple.

He lead me into the living room where he pushed me on to the couch and spread my legs and pussy wide open for him to see. He dropped to his knees and leaned forward kissing my lips, sucking each breast, then he wanted to get the corsette out of his way, he was on a mission to eat my pussy. He quicky un buttoned each snap where the garter attached and pulled the coresette up so he could acess my smooth belly, he worked his mouth sucking each of my tits, he is an expert, sucking and tonguing each nipple perfectly. Then his mouth slid down to my belly kissing it, circling my belly button , moving downward, omg, it felt incredible, amazing, his tongue slid down to each thigh,teasing me more, licking my inner thighs, my pussy was soaking wet as his lips kissed my lower lips, omg, he worked his tongue like magic over my pussy, into my opening,his tounge dipped inside me licking up my juices, I was in heaven or close to it, his tongue, his hands were tickling my nipples, this man is so talented, wow, as his mouth found my clit and and perfect magic finger was inserted me and began fucking me, it was not long after that and my body started having convulsions I guess you would call it of orgasmic incredible pleasure. I humped his face as hard as I could, just losing control, I dont remember the last time I came so fucking hard!!! OMG I luv it!!!

Ok I have to go light off some illegal fireworks with my sort of normal neighbors, Im very Naughty in other ways, but this is for the kids in neighborhood. I will try and finsih this in alittle while after another drink-Hubby wants me too. Back later. Forgive me for typos-typed pretty fast-trying to remember details.

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