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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   cont. of second date with new lover  

7/3/2009 21:55
Posted By:  - CHAMPAIGN, IL  
Date Posted: 7/3/2009 21:55
   Alright fireworks were fun with normal neighbors, but now back to work on my book, ha ha-Hubby says I have to finish for my readers, lol.

So previously C had just finished licking and tonguing my pussy and I had my first orgasm of the night, he was still down there licking,making me go numb, I was trying to hold him off as my body was still convulsing with pleasure, couldn't take any more at the moment. I was so wrapped up in the moment I realized I forgot something,to text my Hubby.

I knew he would understand, when it cums to sex, sometimes things just go fast and you lose control. As I calmed down and C removed his mouth from my vagina, lol, I grabbed my purse, found my cell phone and texted my husband. I typed him that I had already had my frist INCREDIBLE ORGASM thanks to C's mouth licking my pussy, C was kissing on my neck and tits as I texted, I kissed back tasting my own juices still on his mouth. I then texted Hubby " Im going to suck his BIG DICK now". Hubby replied-"Yes Baby, suck that BIG COCK good, lick his balls too" I have saved all the texts sent and recieved, so know exact words, lol.

I showed my new lover the texts and he said, sounds great to me. I told him that my Hubby and I talked about this, and my first time I have to be on my knees with you standing. C said, no problem and stood up to accomadate our fantasy, or I should say my husbands mnay fantasies which are coming true. OMG again, here was this beautiful guy with his dick standing straight out waiting for my wet mouth. I did not waste any time, and stroked it with my right hand, it is so FUCKING BIG, BIGGER than my husbands, and he isn't small. It felt so good in my hand, then I just kissed the head, and licked it and sucked it, he tasted so fucking good, I luv sucking dick, always have. What Naughty girl doesn't it, ha ha. I licked his shaft and sucked it, I never got it all in my mouth, it is so BIG!!, I gaggged a few times Im sure, then I remembered Hubby again, I told C, sorry give me a minute and I put the blue tooth in my ear and called Hubby, he wanted to hear sucking/slurping sounds and me talking dirty to him as I sucked Cs cock.

So I let him hear me in action as I kept sucking, Hubby would say, "do you like that big dick, I know he heard my mouth noises as I sucked, then I pulled the dick out of my mouth, and said, " yes, I luv Cs BIG FUCKING DICK" SUCK IT HARD- Hubby kept encouraging me as I tried to take more in, and C was moaning fucking my face, grabbing the back of my head, I grabbed hold tightly of both of his beautiful butt cheeks too as he slid in and out of my lips, then Hubby said, "now do a good job and lick his balls too", I said ok and pulled my mouth off Cs dickhead and and moved my tongue down to his balls, I moved his BIG COCK out of the way as I lightly licked each testicle and lightly sucked each one, C was fucking luving it, I just kept licking his scrotum and balls. "Are you licking his balls good, Baby, the way I like it" I pulled away to talk briefly, "Yes Baby Im licking them just like you like your balls licked" I think I mummbled sometimes because my mouth was full most of the time.

Hubby; "Ok next thing I want you to do, move on to the bed and 69 C, ok Baby I said, "you get on top and feed him your pussy" Ok, I replied. I told C and he agreed to it, we moved quickly on to bed, I straddled Cs head and he immediatly buried his face between my thighs,omg, thats the problem with this position, you want to give but at the same time you are getting licked, or I should say eaten, his mouth was up inside me licking away, fuck, very hard to concentrate, then he would hit my clit and my whole body would jolt from the nerves, omg. But I did my best to do my part and sucked his dick, sometimes it was more like kissing his big shaft as I moanedned in pleasure as he ate me out. And then with my husband is talking in my ear, saying all kinds of great shit, ILUV YOU BABY, FEED HIM THAT SWEET PUSSY, and who knows what else he said, is was just to much to fucking handle and the juices flowed as I came again, fuck it was AWESOME!!!! Cs face was covered in my jucies and cum Im sure. I was moaning and humping his face, lucky I did not suffacate the poor guy. Normally I don't cum that easy when having my pussy licked, Hubby usually uses a toy but the combo of my lover eating me out and Hubby talking to me at same time is SO FUCKING EROTIC THRILL just sent me over the top quick. I think Hubby came at home too from the sounds he made, actually found out later he did then.

Then it was C he took over, he rolled me over, and dont remember exactly what he said, but he was ready to FUCK ME. He quickly put on a condom, and then eaisly slid into me, he was on top, OMG it felt good when his BIG DICK sliding inside of me. I knew all of my moaning and talking to Hubby must have been driving C WILD, because he just started pounding me, FUCKING ME HARD, OMG, I LUVED IT, he was sliding that Big COCK all the way in me,then all the way out,then he would suck my tits, then bury his tongue in my mouth, C would say, you like that, you like me to FUCK YOUR PUSSY, "YES BABY FUCK ME"- I replied. then he started in a good rythm,and then he brought his magic fingers down and started working my clit, and Im telling Hubby all along" He is FUCKING ME BABY, OMG IT FEELS SO GOOD, OOOOOOOOOHHHH, OH JUST FUCK ME!!!!FUCK ME C, FUCK ME. His fingers are on my clit Baby, omg it feels so fucking good Baby. Then he moved my legs over his shoulders and buried his cock deep inside me, OMG-how INCREDIBLE IT FELT!! I think that was to much for C as he went WILD and pounded me over and over, and I knew he was cumming as he let out some incredible noises of pleasure, OMG, he buried his dick deep inside my pussy, he was just shaking and sweating, his body felt so good, he is an amazing lover. And I remember my husband saying in my ear, " did he cum" lol, thats was funny, "yes he came dear", I told him, "what do you think all those noises were about, ha ha". After that I asked Hubby if I could lose the phone, he said sure, just have fun and get him hard again in a little while and fuck him again, I said "I promise you I will, I want to fuck some more" and I did exactly that- I lost track of how many times we fucked but it was another INCREDIBLE EVENING and morning. Thank you C. Hubby wants 3some next, have to see how that goes.

Again sorry for the typos, getting tired and Hubby wants to make luv- Hubby(co author) coached me thru all my stories so far, I normally would never write such NAUGHTY STUFF, but Hubby is training me to be a really bad and I will admit although this is all so new so far I luv it. Hope you enjoy. We are off on vacation now.

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