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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   my first sex with a Black man-Incredible.  

7/23/2009 08:59
Posted By:  - CHAMPAIGN, IL  
Date Posted: 7/23/2009 08:59
   So about a week and a half ago we were out in Breckenridge Colorado staying at our condo on vacation. We had our daughters with us so I did not think a getaway to play was possible. But my creative husband had put a plan together for me with out my direct knowledge,I knew he was up to something because he would sneak away and get on computer occasionally, coming back with a smile usually. He finally told me he had arranged for me to meet a nice looking Black man in Denver, a guy he met on another website. At first I did not think it was possible since we had our girls along on the trip with us, but he had a plan all arranged.

Hubby put a story together for my daughters that I was going into the city to see an old friend, and it was a girls getawy and I would be staying over night at my friends house. Well dont like telling fibs to my children but the temptation to taste a black mans cock for the first time overcame me. So I went along with the story and Hubby packed my overnight bag for me and also packed the video camera, and a cooler, and loaded up the car, what a guy. Doing all this knowing me his beautiful wife is going to fuck another man all night long.

I left about 1 pm and headed to Denver, traffic was not bad on I 70 and I made it and about hour and half, I drive fast anyway. Luckily I had no problem finding the hotel thanks to good ole gps, the Monaco hotel, and they let me check in early, its a very nice place. Its a Kimpton and we have stayed at several of those and like them allot, very classy. I got cleaned up, again I was nervous and anxious about meeting another stranger, wow and A BLACK GUY, never ever have I even dated a black guy in my college days, it was exciting to think soon I would fuck one. Hubby had showed me pics of him and the messages they exchnged and he appeared to be a really nice guy, and very nice looking. He also showed me to SEXY HOT pics he had sent of me to the guy.

I almost forgot, and set up the video camera on the tripod pointed at the beautiful bed in the room, could not belive I was about to do this again, I thought to myself Im becoming quite a slut.

So after showering and preping, I put on a white lace bra and matching panties, a sexy red summer dress and sandals, and I was ready. Nervous as hell, but ready I think, I was kinda scared actually, did not know what to expect. I headed out the door and walked a few blocks to the 16th street mall, made my way to Parmounts cafe. It was start of Happy hour and I was ready for a drink. As I went thru the door I saw Jerome waiting for me, very attractive bald black guy, prob 6'1, muscular build, mid 30s, nicely dressed in black dress pants and purpleish colored dress shirt.

After our nervous introductions we got a table outside under the canopy. I drank Long Island ice tea, boy I needed that to calm my nerves. He had jack and coke I think. We had great conversation, he is super nice guy and very polite-at least he was then, I found out he works in DT area not far from there. First we just talked about general stuff, then he started asking questions about my husband and I and our fantasies, and how we enjoyed it so far, etc. As I looked at him I thought I had nver been attracted to bald guys either but he was very attractive to me, maybe it was because he was Black, he looked really hot.

After a cpl drinks, he finally asked if I was ready to do this, and looking across at this good looking man, I nodded yes. He kind of surprised me then and leaned across the table and kissed me, first just touching my lips, then more passionately, I was a little embarrased being in a resturant but then I did not care, no one knew me there, and kissed him back giving him plenty of my wet tongue. I just wanted more and was already starting to get wet between my legs.

I texted Hubby telling him we were heading for the hotel, here it was only 5ish in afternoon and Im already ready to fuck a complete stranger, my first black guy that I had just met, wow. With the other guy we had talked and played on the computer allot, I knew more what to expect. But his was more EXCITING in a way, spur of the moment, unexpected, LETS JUST DO IT!! Hubby immediately texted back telling me to "FUCK HIS BIG BLACK COCK REALLY GOOD BABY". I replied with, "I plan on it Baby, he is HOT".

We quicky walked our way to the hotel stopping along the way to kiss a few times, and he grabbed my ass a couple times when people were not looking, I luved the feel of his lips against mine, his chest, I ran my hand over the top of his head, it felt so smooth and good. We could not get to the room fast enough. He attacked me in the elevator, pulling me up against his muscular body, both of his hands were on my ass, and I was pushing my crotch against his growing erection thru his pants, I could tell already IT WAS VERY BIG, actually I had already seen the pics and knew this was probally biggest cock I have had yet, and it proved true soon enough. We really did not say much to each other, we were so caught up in the passion, we both just wanted to FUCK!!

As soon as we entered thru the door, he pushed me up against the wall pushing his BIG DICK against my crotch, we tore each others clothes off, my dress was ripped off me and dropped to the floor, I could not wait to get his shirt off as I quickly unbuttoned it, just wanted that muscular black chest againt my bare tits, he was an expert as he released my breasts from my bra, as he kissed my neck and ears driving me fucking WILD!!!

I was dripping wet Im sure by this point, then he was like an expert lover as he sucked 1 tit, then the other, his warm tongue felt so fucking good swirling around my nipples and wetting each breast all over, he was like an animal sucking hard on each one. Then one hand pulled down my panties, he has long arms and fingers are too I found out, OH MY GOD!! I kissed him deeply over and over and his chest against my tits felt so damn good. My hands felt his BIG DICK thru his pants. His fingers found my wet pussy, parting my lips and going inside, I almost fell over. I wanted his BIG COCK so bad!!!

He lead me across the room, and he told me to lay on the bed, I watched as he finished stripping out his pants and boxers, and then I saw his BIG BLACK PENIS, WOW it is so Beautiful and DARK BLACK like him, but I was a little worried since I had nver handled one that size before, but I did not care at that point, I just wanted it so bad!!

He laid down beside me kissing me, and he lead my hand to his BIG DICK, I started stroking it, barely getting my hand around it, it felt so damn good to feel it getting even harder in my hand. I told him I wanted to suck it as I stroked it, he laid back on the bed waiting for my mouth. Then I remembered Hubbys request,I got up, turned on the video camera, and got my cell phone out of my purse. I handed it to Jerome, showed him how to take pic, and said when I started sucking you please take pics for my Hubby. Then I began licking his BIG COCK, first the head, then the shaft, I licked it and kissed it, just playing with it, it tasted so DAMN good and warm, here I was for the first time sucking a BLACK MANs BIG COCK, I knew it was true what they say about Black guys then, at least Jerome. He was loving it, and was giving me instructions, SUCK IT BABY, SUCK IT YOU WHITE LITTLE WHORE, COME ON SUCK IT GOOD FOR YOUR HUSBAND. My hubby told me before I left he had told Jerome to treat me like a slut and talk dirty to me. I luved it actually and I really like being treated like that. Im very submisive and am finding out I really enjoy being used as a SLUT.

He snapped several pics, he saved then sent to my husband. I sucked on the head and tried to get as much of it in my mouth as possible, I turned so the video camera was picking up my mouth sucking on his weiner. Jerome kept saying, COME ON BITCH you can get more in your mouth, suck it. I gagged a few times trying to get more in, he had one hand on the back of my head trying to push me to take more, I turned back so it would slide in my mouth better. He was enjoying it as I got a good rythm mouth fucking his cock. He told me my husband had texted back and luved the pics, and he said he sent a text back, saying something like, "Im enjoying your WHITE SLUT WIFE SUCKING MY DICK, and I will FUCK HER HARD soon!" Hubby replied something like, " She is your slut for tonight, you can do whatever you want to her, FUCK HER HARD and CUM IN HER MOUTH!!"

I must say I luved his cock, it tasted so good and filled my mouth and throat, and even though I gagged on it several times, I just wanted to suck him all night long. He told me, LICK MY BALLS too Bitch, and I did not hesitate to satisy him and licked my way down to his balls, sucking each one gently, and giving his scrotum a tongue bath. He took more pics for Hubby. Im sure my husband was snreaking to the bathroom every chance he could to look at each pic text and to stroke his own dick, this was his ultimate fantasy for him (and me) coming true. His original plan and his top fantasy has always been for me to fuck Black guys. He kept texting back, "good job Baby, suck that BIG BLACK DICK." Hubby was luving the pics sent to him.

Jerome finally stopped me from sucking him and said, BABY ITS TIME TO FUCK ME, DO WHAT I TELL YOU BITCH, I slid up beside him, and he kissed me, his fingers found their way to my pussy again, it felt so good for first one, then a second long finger to penetrate my pussy lips, we lay there kissing and he sucked each of my tits and his fingers curved upward inside, it felt INCREDIBILE, and he is an expert with them. He leaned over and got a condom out of his pants besides the bed, must have been magnuns for that BIG DICK. While he was putting it on he told me, YOUR HUBBYS REQUEST IS FOR YOU TO BE ON TOP the first time, he wants to see your TIGHT LITTLE WET PUSSY SWALLOW MY BIG COCK and YOUR TIGHT LITTLE ASS TO BOUNCE UP and DOWN!! GET ON TOP you LITTLE SLUT", he said.

So here I go, I straddled that BIG DICK, 9iches at least, maybe more as the video captured it all. OMG,I could not believe I was actually doing this, his cock parted my pussy lips, stretching them wide, oh what a feeling as I slid down on Jeromes BIG DICK, it felt so good, but I had to go so slow because was not sure I can handle it. Then I got maybe half way by just slowly inching down, I was so well lubricated from my juices I slid on pretty easy, then pleasure pain, then I slid upwards, my juices were just flowing. Jerome said, "come on you white little whore, fuck me harder!', his hands were on my my ass pushing downward, OH FUCK, SO FUCKING BIG, then back upward, then back down taking a little more inside me. I finally got a good motion going fucking him, each time going deeeper inside me, OMG, I just started going WILD riding that big dick, it felt so damn good, but I had to be careful not to hurt my couchie, wow, I was surprised as I humped that BIG DICK that I could handle so much. I was sweating and moaning and groaning, my pussy was streched to the limit and he was loving my tightness Im sure. Then one of his magical fingers found my clit, and I thought I was going to scream, I know I was moaning loudly as I FUCKED HIM LIKE A WILD WOMAN, Of course Jerome added his comments, FUCK ME HARDER SLUT, etc.

Each time I fucked downward it felt so incredibly good, his dick was ROCK HARD and my pussy was so full, I have never felt anything that BIG, WOW. Between his finger on my clit, the the other hand digging into my ass cheek, his mouth sucking my tits, and my pussy pounding his BIG BLACK DICK, that was it for me, I let out screams of PURE ECTASY(watched later on video) OMG probally scared hotel maids, Im a screamer anyway, I was humping out of control, screaming "IM CUMMING, OH FUCK, IM CUMMING, my whole body was in convulsions and could not stop,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IM FUCKING CUMMMMING, OMG WOW, AMAZING. Then I just went numb I think, I was covered in sweat, I was in in wonder land.

But Jerome wasn't done with me and needed his own relief. He quickly rolled me over, so he was on top. Then he started pounding my pussy with his BIG DICK, I had to hold him back several times so he did not hurt me, we were both dripping in sweat. His dick felt so incredibly good sliding in and out but thought he might hurt me if he really bottomed out, finally I could not control him any more, he was just too strong for me, and I just let him pound me, again it was pleasure pain, I could not believe his entire cock was inside me, I just let him have his way as he really went WILD FUCKING ME REALLY HARD, we were both making lots of noise, I was moaning & SCREAMING at max volume, I was already CUMMING AGAIN, and finally he started joining me AS HE HUMPED ME FASTER with shorter strokes, with that his sounds of pleasure became louder, his whole body convulsing againt mine as he buried his BIG DICK deep inside my pussy as he came inside of me. INCREDIBLE!!! AMAZING LOVER HE IS!!

I stayed the night with him, I gave him a nice massage in between our love making and we took a bath together, my Hubby had included a cooler with sandwiches, grapes and wine so we would not have to leave the room for energy nourishmnet, which I greatly needed. My Husband is so damn good to me. Then Jerome and I fucked several more times, filming most of it for Hubby. I must say by the last time, I was so damn sore, my poor vagina could not handle much more. We passed out early in the morning.

When we woke the next morning Jerome wanted to play more but I told I could not handle anymore, too sore. So after he took a shower, I was waiting for him on my knees with video going as he stepped out of the bathroom. I sucked that BIG BLACK DICK one more time, seemed like for a hour but I luved every minute of it, his freshly bathed BIG BLACK COCK tasted so damn good, I liked his balls really good for him too, he grabbed hold of my hair and he fucked my face and I fianlly brought him to a great orgasm with my mouth and let him cum all over my face, I used my hands to pump the rest of the sperm out of HIS BIG BLACK DICK,what a site that was,I fell in luv with his BIG COCK and promise to have it again soon. Hubby has aready said I can fly to Denver anytime I want just to FUCK & SUCK Jerome.

Of course I brought home the video to Hubby later that afternnon back in Breck, bout drove him crazy to have to wait till the night to watch since family there. But he took little peeks at it in our bedroom, that night we watched it with bedroom door locked and on low volume of course. I gave him a blowjob while he watched, he could take anymore so I sat on his face let him gently eat me out about a quarter way thru my home movie, he made me cum pretty easily because I watched the video over my shoulder as his tongue was inside me. I could not believe I had just fucked this BEAUTIFUL BLACK MAN hours earlier and I relived it front of my eyes as Hubby ate my pussy. Then I sucked Hubby till he exploded in my mouth and like a good little slutty wife I swallowed all his cum.

Hope you enjoyed our latest real life forum addition, sorry for typos I know there are some. We are really enjoying this lifestyle and hope to find more playmates closer to home. I would not be this graphic in my description of our fantasy cum true, but Hubby coached me in writing this entry, and he is also my chief editor. All part of his ultimate fantasies cumming true, but now becoming mine. Hope you enjoy our eroitc stories, more to cum. Supposed to have 3some with Mr. C soon, Im interested to see how Hubby handles it when present.

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