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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   On the roll of the dice and a lap  

8/6/2009 08:56
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 8/6/2009 08:56
   The evening of cocktailing began early enough for Mrs.Kitty and I that by the time our guests were feeling comfortable she was already feeling the call of our bed. It’s only fair to point out here, that her perfectly proportioned, petit body is 90lbs (soaking wet). So sometimes one more sip is one too many.

Our house guest for the weekend had invited a friend over to BBQ with us who we’d not met before; (for this story, we’ll call him Alan and her Star). As an ex-model and TV & radio show hostess, Star is far from unattractive. Ok, very cute! Although very handsome, Alan is a vanilla friend with whom we have no interest in playing, since he is partner in one of our businesses. However, as I opened the fourth bottle of wine, the topic of sex had entered the conversation and Star was becoming happily flirtatious. That would normally spurn Mrs.K2E into competition, but instead she made her apologies for needed to head up to bed, and did.

Following a couple of innuendos about good girls in bed before midnight, a favorite song of Star’s began to play and she was immediately up and dancing. She’s a good dancer and her twirling and hip-swaying movements were only enhanced by her white lace summer dress – which hugged her breasts and waist then flowed outward to end just above the knee. Neither Alan nor I could avoid catching glances of her very shapely legs and occasionally her matching lace g-string.

From a previous party there were some dice on the table. A rather silly game in which turns are taken and simple instructions followed, or not. One die has words like lick, the other words such as ear, etc. “Ooh, this looks like fun”, announced Star and she promptly rolled the dice.

It wasn’t so much that the “instructions” were provocative, more how she interpreted them and acted them out…. It was clear that most required some variation on lap-dancing, which wasn’t objectionable either of the male players. Several throws later, Star became the victim of “squeeze breast” on Alan’s throw. She became playfully coy. Alan teasingly offered my services. I thought to continue with the tease, but she was abruptly in my lap, her back to my chest and her arms up and around my neck. The motion caused us to rock back in the patio chair (which is fine, they’re designed to do that), but it also wafted the hem of her dress way up to land bunched above her panty-line. As I move to adjust it, thinking she’d be embarrassed, her hand caught mine as we rocked forward again.

She gasped, either at the unexpected ride or the position and combined pressure of our hands now in her crouch… no matter which, holding my hand in place, she leaned back again with a deep moan. Understanding that sound, I curled the fingers of my flattened hand further between her legs. Her back arched and she began to cum right there in my lap. Yum! Star was so lost in the moment, she didn't notice as Alan stood, waved, and with a broad smile headed off to the guestroom. What a gentleman, I thought!

I whispered in her ear: “Well, hello. You just came all over my leg, right in front of Alan; you bad girl!” Her fingernails dug into the nape of my neck and she shifted, parting her legs in wordless invitation. Pulling the whisper of her g-string to one side with me free hand, I brushed the lips of her now soaked pussy with the fingers of my other. She started to cum again, this time tensing her whole body and squirting and squirting some more. My fingers were moving rapidly now, up and down across her engorged lips. Squelching and moaning drowned out the music.

She turned her mouth to my ear and cooed: “Oooh, thank you. Where’s your lovely wife? She’s lucky and oh so cute.” “Well…” I began to say. Then decided to simply take her hand and have her follow me upstairs. “She’s probably sleeping” I said quietly, “But I bet we could wake her.”

As we opened the door to dimmed light of the master bedroom, Mrs.K2E was indeed asleep, stretched out on top of the sheets in only a thong. With her arms above her head, she lay on her back with one leg crossed under the other. Perfect, I thought, as Star and I moved closer and to the side of the king-size bed. “How beautiful she looks”, said Star in a low voice, still filled with lust. I placed my right forearm over Mrs.K2E’s arms, holding them in place above her head, and then brushed my hand and Star’s down across her flat stomach to rest directly on her pubic bone. Our victim stirred. “Hi”, I whispered and kissed her.

Star kissed her also, but lower, holding my sleepy wife’s hips as her body began its involuntary response, at first dreamily then with increasing demand and urgency. She came. As she relaxed, she slowly opened her eyes to see us both and said, “oh, hello”. The rest of the night began….

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