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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   College - My First Group Sex Experience  

8/9/2009 17:35
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 8/9/2009 17:35
   My introduction into the lifestyle forever changed the way I watch sports.

The story I'm going to share with you below is bizarre, but 100% true and naughty.

Rewind my life story until one of my first days of college. I was a freshman at a sunny Pac-10 school, and for some crazy reason I missed the first day of class and didn't get the syllabus.

Well I made it to the second class and because location, location, location are the three most important factors in meeting girls, I sat down next to the hottest blond girl in the class. Later on I learned she was a school cheerleader. I know, cliche'...but true. Yep, and she had a perfect little body. (My mouth is still watering)

To protect her privacy, let's call the girl who forever fucked up my views on sex & sports...Jackie. At this point the name doesn't matter, but what she did, does.

I asked Jackie if I could make a copy of her syllabus and she handed it to me. She lived in the next dorm over and I promised to drop it off for her.

At that time I just started dating a girl, and later on that night the two of us walked over to Jackie's dorm room and went up to her room.

Each room in Jackie's dorm had 4 girls sharing a common bathroom with two beds for 2 girls on each side of the bathroom. Can you picture that?

That was the layout the university gave students. But when Jackie gave us a tour, the girls had already moved all the beds into one room and pushed them up together into one big bed, with matching sheets. Strange?

I wouldn't have thought much of all the beds in one room, if Jackie didn't say the following.

When she took us into the first room, there were 3 other sexy girls sitting around. I don't throw the "sexy" classification around very often, but each of them were hot and I later learned that 2 of the 3 were also cheerleaders. Jackie showed us the first room and said to me and my then girlfriend, this is our room to study and then she walked us through the bathroom and into the other room where the beds were and she said, and this is the room we play in when we have company.


What an introduction to swinging! My mind's eye went into naughty mode.

My girlfriend and I left the door room shortly after. Admittedly, we were both a little tripped out as we adjusted to the thought of what these four girls must be doing. Needless to say, my girlfriend didn't want me anywhere near Jackie or her dorm room of love.

Over the next four years Jackie was in my major, so we saw each other walking through the hallways, off and on in different classes and we did a lot of flirting that seemed to always go nowhere because I was dating someone or she was with her long term boyfriend. Cheating has never been an option for me, I'm not smart enough to pull that off and I can't live with the guilt.

Anyway, Jackie sexually haunted my Saturday football watching from that point forward.

Because she was so sexy (she was perfect), seductive and sexually liberated, every time I was at a game I'd fantasize about her and all the girls she was dancing with as I pretended to watch my school on the field. Can you blame me?

She invited me over to a party at her apartment once during our junior year and of course I went. Inside were 7-10 of her cheerleader girlfriends and all night they danced very suggestively with each other. Jackie still had the same boyfriend (he had too good of a thing going, and wasn't going anywhere) and the other girls seemed to be with guys. At some point in the evening I left, demoralized, but even more sure she loved girls and boys.

In our senior year I was at a bar just off campus, the kind of place every alum must have a drink at on homecoming and I ran into Jackie, who was with one of her hot friends. At this point both of us were single, Jackie asked me if I wanted to leave and hang out with them. Of course I said YES and we all left the bar together. When I got out the door I realized Jackie's friend brought a guy, I was thinking I was getting a threesome, but it became a foursome. Poor me. ha

We walked a half block to my apartment and on the walk Jackie whispered to me a few times, "I love the taste of pussy".

I couldn't agree more!

When we all got back to my place it was game on. The girls started playing with our cocks, laughing about what mine was going to do to them and then for the next 30 minutes they put on the hottest sex show I've ever seen. Right there on my sofa that my mom gave me, two 21 year old cheerleaders sucking on each other's perfectly shaved pussies and then they sat there playing with each other while I put on a naughty show and stroked my cock with two hands, one on top of the other, like a baseball bat. Their sexy eyes on my naked body drove me crazy!

Then they crawled over and both had their way with the me and the other guy.

This went on for hours and for the last few months of college I repeated it by hanging out with Jackie and her tasty little friends. Can you blame me?

After school I lost track of her. The last time I saw her she told me she was going to dance in the super bowl halftime show. Now halftime shows are horny for me too.

I think about Jackie ever time I watch a sporting event and they show cheerleaders. That girl took my swinging cherry, fulfilled my wildest fantasies, opened me up sexually and introduced me to my real self.

Can that be recreated? That's one fantasy I can't out live.

I can't wait for college football to start again!

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