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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Unexpected Photography Session  

8/12/2009 07:12
Posted By:  - BROOKFIELD, WI  
Date Posted: 8/12/2009 07:12
   An original....after not having written in so long!

"So who's photographing?" I asked out of curiosity.

"A good friend of mine,' he smiled keenly. "A friend I greatly trust, and owes me one."

I was slightly nervous. He and one of our female friends have been the only ones to pose me and take my photographs ... both of whom I've gotten to know and trust. Now there'd be a new person whom I'd never met before. At least He would be there too...that comforted me a bit.

We pulled into a long driveway, driving a couple hundred yards before spotting the mansion-like farmhouse. We got out, grabbing my extra bag of clothes for outfit changes and walked in. We walked down to the basement where his friend was waiting, my butterflies fluttering stronger within me. Apparently, he'd been here manty a times before as he opened the main studio door.

Setting up a very professional camera was a tall slender woman with deep red pumps, a black pencil skirt that showed off her nicely curved butt cheeks, and a black tank top and white loose blouse that lay over it. She heard us come in, turned around, and shouted out Sir's name in excitement, reaching out to hug him. They embraced and pecked lips and cheeks. My heart was trying to catch up from the skipped heart beats from my momentary shock.

"L, this is my sweet, your little posing object for the afternoon, K." He slipped his hand behind my back bringing my suddenly shy self out from his shadow. I smiled shyly at the gorgeous woman, now clearly seeing her beautiful blue eyes and bright wavy brown hair, her skin shiny but soft. She gave me a warming hug, making me feel a little more welcome.

"Wow, she's so yummy, T, where did you find this girl hiding? I can't wait to get started!"

Sir chuckled and said, "Go right ahead. I have some errands to run in town." I turned back and looked at him right away, nervous and not believing what I just heard. I wanted to question him, but i felt it'd be fure...and my eyes said every word my mouth wouldn't speak. He took a step towards me, his hand reaching up to carress my cheek in a comforting manner. "Don't worry pet, I'll only be gone for an hour or 2. She'll take care of you." He took a couple steps forward, getting close enough so that his lips could reach mine, and he held them for a couple seconds, and then whispered in my ear while stroking my cheek with his thumb gently, "Be good." Then, to the other woman, "See you in a bit, doll."

In that moment, he was gone and I was left alone with the gorgeous stranger who would get to make of me as she wished...

"Are you ready sweetie?" she asked me kindly.

"Mmhmm..." I replied nervously.

"Don't worry, hun, we don't have to do anything you don't want to....Just let me know when that point is reached."

When that point is reached? Did that mean she would push me and test my limits with her until I said enough? I was soon to find out...

"That is a cute outfit to start with something casual pictures to get you more comfortable." She said, noting my tight ripped jeans and white lace trimmed tank top. She grabbed a stool and a bench, and started with me posing nice pictures....something I would've done for my senior pictures years ago. I started getting more comfortable as we smiled, laughed, made small talk between poses, and she even snapped some natural ones of me while we were joking around. I had no idea how any of the pictures were turning out yet either.

The last set of casual pics we did, she laid the bench so that it was perpendicular to the back wall and herself, having me lay on my stomach, giving me lots of clevage and making my breasts look an even better shape than they were. She kept looking at me, through and outside of the camera....something didn't seem right. I tried moving as she told me but she still was not satisfied. She came over suddenly and grabbed at my tank top, pushing it down over the bra I was wearing...but she didn't seem satisfied with the lacy bra underneath either...at least not at the moment. She reached back and unsnapped the bra, "lose the bra" she demanded. I was taken aback by her abrupt change from sweetness to demanding. My nerves began to kick in again, but I readjusted to remove the bra.

She went back to her camera and peaked through and looked at me again.. "hmm...raise your ass up a bit, dear." I did as I was told, but it didn't seem good enough to her. She gave it a playful smack and said, "come on, girly, I know you can raise that ass higher than that..." and I raised it higher. She slid her body over mine, straddling my upper thighs and used her hands to raise my hips, and used her own hands now to move me around in the position she wanted me. A couple times she grazed my breasts, of which my nipples were very hard and I was surprised. FInally, she got me in the position she wanted, and told me not to move... she took some shots, and then asked me to put the bra back on, but remove my jeans and tank top. I pulled them out, revealing white lacy boyshorts, and back in the lacy white bra. She posed me a couple of ways there, and then told me she had a surprise for me.

"We're going to a different room for some more options..."

Right off the bat, I thought "bedroom" but we went up to her living room. "Alright, I want your hands on the door, and spread your legs wide....hmm...we need to get you some heels too....I think we are the same size....I'll be right back...when I get back I want you posed the way I just told you, got me?" I nodded quickly, and as she went up another flight upstairs for some different heels, I placed my hands on the door and spread my legs. From spreading my legs, I felt my cheeky boyshorts slide up higher, giving me a slight wedgie. I also noticed now, how wet I was. How could I be this wet? I mean yea it was fun, but not sexually arousing.... but as I thought about how her tone changed over from best friend to assertive photographer...I felt myself gush a little bit and I blushed.

She came back, dropping the new white heels at my feet. They were at least 4 inches, a height I wasn't used to...but I wanted to make her happy, because it would make Sir happy. I fought them on with difficulty, and then got back up in my position. She came up behind me, pressing her body against mine, and let her hands sit on my hips. "Hmm..." she thought to herself. I waited, until I felt her hand reach up between my legs from behind. I gasped as she let 2 of her fingers press over my wet spot on my panties, reaching up as high as my clit and then sliding them all the way back through ass crack, pulling the panty up a little higher in the back. "Wow, sweetie, you're sure wet. Are you getting turned on by this?"

My face blushed red. "Yes, a bit."

"More than a bit!! You're soaked little girl!" My face flushed red again. "Good...stay there, look straight ahead." Snap. "Okay, now down off to the side, pull your hair over your shoulder...okay now looking off to the side back towards the shoes over there by the couch...yup, good." snap. She took a few different pictures with my face in different angles there, and then moved us to the couch, in a similar position, but on my knees. The more she began to pose me, the sluttier I was feeling...and yet somehow more comfortable too.

"Okay, new outfit...pick out something cute and innocent...I hope J told you to bring various types of outfits...not all just sexy..." she asked me.

"Yes, I think I can find something." I told her. I went down to the basement, feeling a new rush of excitement now. I found a cute outfit, meant for pajamas, but made me look fairly innocent. It was a pink tank top with some short plaid booty shorts...no bra....and I put on some cotton boyshorts. She brought me to the kitchen, where there was a backdrop as well as some kitchen utensils.... She began posing me, at first with a bowl of premade cake batter, and licking the spoon, spatula...etc... Once again though, she switched over to more demanding and sluttier poses. I lost the shorts, now standing there in my little yellow cotton boyshorts and pink tank top. She had me sit up on the corner of the counter top, lifting my legs up on either side.. the outline of my pussy very visible. She snapped some shots and then approached me, in a seductive manner...

"I have another surprise...and something I think would be wonders for this photoshoot for yourself and T. Do you trust me?"

Initially...I didn't....her all too nice tone was a little too much, but Sir wanted me to be good, and I didn't want to disappoint Him nor her. I nodded, and she opened a drawer nearby, pulling out a blue sash. She reached up and blindfolded me and surprisingly enough, I couldn't see through the light blue thin material. Then I heard her grabbing for another one in the drawer, digging slightly.

"Now remember...if anything is too much....you just tell me 'enough' or 'done', and I will stop everything."

I nodded.

She grabbed hold of my right wrist, which I had been slightly resting on, and jerked it upwards. I felt a sash wrap around it as I tried readjusting my toppled body. She tied it tightly to the handle of a cabinet near me. Once she released and grabbed the other wrist to do the same, I tested the strength of the sash...as well as the cabinet door. I found it rather stupid that she tied me to a door of a cabinet that could easily swing one way or another....but when I tried pulling my hand towards me...it didn't budge. Were the cabinets real? I took a deep breath, feeling myself growing a little wetter again, and praying that there wasn't a wet spot already on these new panties.

"MMmm..perfect." she said...and I could hear the camera going, snapping. She asked me to make different faces...excitement, fear, confused...etc. After one more snap, there was a long bit of silence. I heard her leave the kitchen...but didn't know where she went. My breathing grew deeper, quicker...waiting, listening. Finally I heard her heels back on the tile floor....but they were a little heavier...a little thicker....or maybe it was just the new sensitivity to my ears.

I heard her adjust some of the equipment and then approach me. I felt her grip onto the edges of my tank top, as if she were going to lift it up. I waited for her to do it...but she seemed to pause for a couple seconds...and then I heard the click of the camera. Then she lifted it up so that my breasts were half exposed from underneath, and froze. Was she posing both of us? I wondered if she was still wearing the outfit she was wearing this entire time or if she had changed. She lifted up the tank then, over my perky breasts, which again my nipples were rock hard and more sensitive than I could imagine being alone here with her.

Finally she spoke... "Lean your head back a bit." I did so, and froze...unsure of what she was doing....until I felt her mouth suddenly suction around my aerola.

"MMmmm" I moaned, before I could realize my initial reaction. Her face felt like it stopped moving...possibly waiting for the next click...but her tongue rolled over and over around my sensitive nipple, making me wetter. She did each one...sometimes I heard a click of a camera, sometimes I didn't....I wasn't sure if it was just me being distracted, or if she was just doing this partially for her own pleasure now as well.

After a few minutes, she walked away again, only to return shortly, right up to me on the counter, my body still tied spread, with my feet on either side of the counter going in opposite directions, my ass on the corner. Something suddenly pressed against my throbbing pussy...and began to vibrate. She brought out a toy? To pose me with!? I could only imagine what the picture would look like though....an innocent looking girl in a pajama style thin tank top with yellow cotton boyshorts, tied up with silky sashes on a counter with this gorgeous woman, in a lot more sophisticated attire, corrupting the vulnerable girl with a vibrator. Thinking of the picture as well turned me on even more. I knew there had to be a wet spot on the outside of hte panties now!

I merely heard a couple of clicks, before she finally untied me and unblindfolded me to move on. When she removed the blindfold, I saw that she did indeed change. She changed into an all black, very tight outfit...almost dominatrix, but not quite. Again, I could only imagine how this looked in the photograph!!!

She stayed in her outfit, but had one ready for me. It was just a very silky short robe. "Let me guess...to the bathroom?" I asked.

She smiled brightly....wow, she had a great flashy smile. The more I found out about her...the more my fear of her turned into liking her...and even wanting her. I tried to suppress these new feelings, not quite ready to pursue this curiosity of mine that seemed to be peaking.

I changed into the silky robe, not hiding anything from her...I figure at this rate, she'll be seeing all of me shortly anyways... and there was no point in wasting time. We headed to the bathroom and she had me pose on the sink, on the bath...and then around the hallway with the railings and stairs. And then back downstairs with the back drop, where, after a while, I changed into one of my bikinis I had brought.

We kept up the outfit changes, and now and then she would come up to me and grope me or rub me in some way, which I was becoming used to....until she decided to really test my limits.

"take everything off...and I will get the one thing you will be wearing..." She left the room, and I stripped naked nervously. Finally she came back, but I didn't see any form of clothing in her hand. Instead, I saw a leather strap.... a collar....with punched out letters of the word "slut".

"Are you serious?" i asked, more nervously than angrily.

She smiled, "Mmmhmm... this will be the last part of the session....T will be back soon....and actually, I've changed my mind...I want you to wear those black heels you were wearing earlier as well." I put the heels on, and she secured the collar around my neck. Eventhough I wasn't really her playtoy...at least I wasn't looking at it that way, I felt so dirty and like I was, and once again, it made me wetter.

She grabbed her stool and pulled it out into the middle of the studio floor. "On your knees in front of me," she ordered. I got down on my knees in front of her and looked up at her. Right at that second, she snapped the camera, using it as a hand held now instead of her tripod. She shifted my hair from one way to the other, snapping pictures. She added some makeup to me a bit, and then continued. I felt completely submissive to her at that point. She moved me as she wanted, I was nude and on my knees looking up at her in her dark tight outfit on her stool while she snapped pictures of me. Then she told me to spread my legs and play with my clit, to spread my legs so that the camera had a good angle. I leaned back a little bit, spreading my knees, and began rubbing my clit...nervous at first...but when I rubbed it, I truly felt how wet I was. I really was drenched....I was probably wet enough that anything could be slid in, and it wouldn't be a huge problem. I moaned slightly, and she snapped pictures vigorously.

She reached down once, grabbing my nipples to make them harder for "photography purposes"...but when she did that, she realized that was a perfect view as well. Her fingers grasping my little nipple between her fingers with the deep red finger nail polish...also capturing the leather collar and a blurry vision of my hand between my legs. She instructed me as we kept going...told me to finger myself....lean back, spread my legs, and to just play with myself while she circled me, taking various pictures of me against the backdrop...capturing facial expressions, body movements, physical reactions.

After a few more snapshots, she put the camera down, and began taking off her clothes as well. I watched in aww...almost like a teenage boy more so than my mature self...her breasts were freed from their tight keeper, her upper thighs were further exposed...so toned and well shaped...her pussy shaved and damp. Normally, my self esteem would drop to the floor watching this....but it suddenly made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world...as she thought so fondly of me as well. She sat back up on the stool, completely nude, and looking down at me.

"How much have you done with a woman, little girl?" she asked me.

"Not much...just some kissing and a little bit of feeling...not alot."

She smiled, almost a wicked corruptive smile. "Well since this is about pleasing T, and getting him pictures he wouldn't expect, but very much like...we're going to change that."

I gulped. "Excuse me?"

She grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me so I was facing her...which she noted would make alovely photo, so we both froze and she snapped a quickie, and then she told me plainly that I was to kiss up her legs and start licking her pussy....once again, for photography purposes only. I nodded, once again, almost excited, especially because she had such a beautiful, sexy body. Even her pussy, which would naturally SLIGHTLY repulse me for the first time doing so, looked appealing. I started kissing up her legs, my hands on either one, and she snapped pictures, also sure to move my hair out of the way so she could get the collar and its label. I reached her pussy, and started licking at her clit...hesitating slightly for moving much further. She reached between us and pinched my nipples a little bit, either as encouragement or as a threat. Either way, I responded the way she wanted, and went down and started licking her. She took some more pictures, over me, to the side...all over. I felt myself getting wetter and she half whispered/half moaned, "feel free to rub yourself too." I took note, and reached down and began to rub my drenched pussy, wiping some of the juices that managed to drip down my inner thighs.

Suddenly, a figure appeared to the left of me...work boots and dirty jeans. I paused and looked up at Sir. I was so intent on pleasing the photographer that I hadn't even heard him come back. He smiled at me, "well, well, well....look what new things my pet is learning." I blushed. I was hoping he wasn't angry with me for trying something new I'm sure he'd have loved to watch....but he also had it all on camera.

He took the camera from L, and said, "I will take it from here, dear. You two keep going....I will be the photographer for the rest of the evening."

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