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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Taking it back.  

8/14/2009 01:05
Posted By:  - BOULDER, CO  
Date Posted: 8/14/2009 01:05
   As I reminisce about my passed while thumbing through a high school year book I couldn’t help but remember who I lost my virginity to and how the events with her led me to become a swinger

During junior high I had a crush on my best friends mother! I often slept at his place because the next day when everyone woke up for breakfast the mother had always-dressed kind of slutty yet very hot and I loved to see what she was going to wear next! Anyway one weekend I was staying the night at their place my buddy went out to help his father with his truck that had gotten stuck outside of Boulder Colorado. I was alone in the house for a while and had heard from my buddy that his parents recorded some of their sex and I felt snoopy enough to try and find one. At this point I was a virgin and had only seen porn but I thought seeing her would be better than classic porn. I found one tucked away rather quickly to my surprise and flipped it into the VCR in the bedroom in which I was staying. I pressed play and sure enough there she was nude and having a good time though it shocked me to see her fucking two dudes and another chick plus her husband. So I started to masturbate thinking I’m the only one there but right as I’m about to pop… the mother walks into the room. She sees my hand on my shaft and her porn on the TV and I’m stunned and in shock. She slowly turned her head away from the TV and looked at me and then just smiled saying, it’s about time! Still in shock I just looked at her and she said, I have seen the way you look at me and I just grinned. She then walked over to me and slowly grasped my dick and said, May I? I didn’t speak but she took that as a hell yes and gave me a blow job then she started to undress and I asked but what about Jake and your husband? She said, that’s a good point and proceeded to call her husband. I thought I was a dead man for sure but when he answered she said stay out there a while I’m going to be fucking Nick. My mouth dropped as she said this then I heard him say to her, you have 2 hours. She looked back at me and said… just relax! After the blowjob she swallowed my cum then walked over to the TV and fast forwarded to her fucking another chick in the bathroom she said this is the best part! They gave each other 69 in an empty bathtub and while doing so the men pulled out and pissed on them. I thought it was a little nasty but this lit a fire in Julie and she turned into another girl and quickly mounted me shoving me into her very tight petit body. To make a long story short she requested another 45 min from her husband and we fucked in every position then she took my hand and led me to the bathroom and said I want you to piss on me. I said I cant she begged me to and I said I don’t have anything in me to pee on you. She settled for some hot shower sex then we got dressed and sat in the living room to watch TV and wait for the other two to come home and soon after they did everyone went to bed for the night. Julie went to bed and I could clearly hear her mone as she had sex with her man but I quickly fell asleep to the background noise. Some time early that morning she came into my room and woke me by sucking me and we just pet each other for a long time and talked about how much and for how long we wanted each other. Later I was still queasy about it but I took her hand and very quietly led her down the hallway to the bathroom. She said the shower is too loud and she just wanted me in bed. I said, you will have me but first I wanted to do something for you. She asked what’s that? And I said you still want me to pee on you? She smiled from ear to ear and got into the bathtub. I pulled out and I was hard so when it came out it was like a squirt gun all over her body. When I finished I rinsed her off and soaped her down quietly. We then walked down the hall naked again to my room and just as the door was closing her man stuck his head in the door and said, are you guys fucking again? As if being caught she said softly and under her breath, yes. He then walked in and pulled down his pants and put his stiff dick in her ass. No lube no nothing… I could tell she was in pain as he forcefully put it in but she also clearly liked it! Once he established a rhythm she took turns kissing me and sucking on me. Just like that he asks me… what do you think? And before I could answer Julie said, I think I’m his first and I said yep! He and I fucked her for an hour then he left the room and said I will take Jake out early in the morning so you guys have some time if you like. She said yes please and he left the room locking the door on his way out. She turned to me and asked if it was ok if she slept with me and I said, I would love for you to. Clearly this girl got me into swinging and we did each other about three times a week both at her place and in her office chair at work. Sometimes I even hid under the desk at her work while she typed on the computer and talked with clients as I ate her pussy and fingered her ass. We lost touch after I left the state after high school but still look back on those times and feel as if I were her bf while she was married and the three of us often had orgies on the weekends with other couples from time to time over the course of the 6 years that we had been sleeping together under every ones noses.

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