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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Memories not long past  

8/27/2009 22:30
Posted By:  - VAGINA, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/27/2009 22:30
   Read soft and slow. ;~}

As a recent stream of consciousness washes over me, simple thoughts of a casual evening begin inspiring my body to warm in anticipation for another encounter. It was a seemingly normal night like any other warm summer in the valley. My gorgeous wife and I were preparing for a fun evening of dancing with a saucy female friend of ours, yet we were unsure of the club that she decided upon. In my discussion with the Mrs, we came to the agreement that if we were going out, let's at least go where our friends will be for tonight. So it begins...

As we make the long trek from ****** Country Club in the far north valley to our destination, music begins to beat a rhythm through my muscles and the scent of a woman fills me with delight as I feel the slight elevation of testosterone coursing through my body. Her skin is radiating a glow off of her silky legs from the light of a big beautiful full moon. She notices me smiling at her radiant beauty while she coyly lifts one of her legs to gently rest upon the dash... and there it is... the second most pleasurable thing I adore, second only to her incredible mind. She has decided that this warm evening requires a little less fabric than usual and I agree that her cognitive process is working a smooth game tonight.

With one hand one the wheel, the other begins to caress her soft smooth legs gently and move towards her inner thigh, just brushing past that oh so sweet treasure... teasing just enough, without giving her what is desired. Coincidentally the song verse playing ~~~Tonights going to be a good, good night~~~ is a perfect fit, as our mood begins to flow smoothly and build with great strength in anticipation of what the night may bring.

We arrive at the club and as we finish parking, I check myself in the mirror and in a tribute to Billy Crystal from his SNL days... I smile and tell myself... You LLoook Mahvelous!!! I get a laugh from her and we head for the club entrance.

As we slowly stride through the crowd, our spicy female friend waves us to her table where she and a guest have become comfortable. A very nice smile from her friend is beginning to appear as we get closer, and her guest appears very delighted, but one never knows. During the introductions I take her incredibly soft hand and lean forward to overcome the club music, announcing my name. Her smell... Mmmm... her sensuous smell is intoxicating and her skin is so supple, but while I do not wish to back away of course I do so.

I feel the laws of attraction for me are very cruel considering it takes an extraordinary female to really arouse all my senses. Something in the air is different with her. Could it be her radiant, beautiful, long blonde hair that catches the light in brilliant fashion as it flows over an incredibly alluring face? Or the glowing gaze of her sparkling eyes that seem to draw one in so deeply? Maybe its those luscious lips just begging for the perfect kiss to be enjoyed? Whatever it is... I use caution not to engage too strongly, she is one person that I wish to know much more about.

As we begin speaking on and off in between dances, I find that her mind is strong and she holds herself with a reserved elegance that intrigues me so. Since the club music is playing at such a loud level, we have to lean in closely for the conversation and her wonderful scent affects me stronger by the second... ooohhh how I wish to hold her. As we are getting more comfortable, I am finding that she is a strong woman who knows what she wants and is becoming more direct with her questions. Then she asks... "Are you two in the Lifestyle?" I happily tell her yes without worry that I will scare her away and she gleefully smiles with generosity.

The next song that comes on, I am pulled by her to the dance floor and she wishes to dance closer this time. Our warm bodies embracing, hips moving rhythmically together, my hands gently caressing her incredibly fit body... we move together as one... her hands traveling all over, exploring all that is me as she only grazes and teases areas that are off limits to most. Our eyes meet and then we gently move closer as the we begin to kiss... unbelievable... a kiss so good that the loud music fades away to a distant hum. Our bodies slow and we are not dancing anymore, just kissing... like we are the only two people in the room. Mmmmm, sooo sensually satisfying...the kind of kiss where your skin tingles and your heart quickens with a passionate force while sensations race throughout your body... and although I wish to continue, I am quite sure there will be more. ;~}

To be continued...

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