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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   as if being watched  

9/3/2009 14:51
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 9/3/2009 14:51
   Walking up to her office, i smiled at the surprise that i had in store for her. I knew her day wasn't very full with appointments and such and thought shed welcome my friendly mug. Approaching her closed door, i smiled at a couple of her fellow coworkers as they sat at their desks. They appeared to be curious as to what was up, seeing as i was carrying a box. Looking at them, i told them that i was expected by you and had a delivery. If they knew what was in the box, perhaps they would have been blushing.

Knocking on your door, a few moments passed before you said to enter. Seeing you seated at your desked dressed in a fashionable blouse and skirt, couldnt help but begin to corrupt my mind some more. You appear shocked to see me, and i close the door behind me. I'd never been to your office before and it was sort of what i pictured out of you. I guess I have learned your tasted and have been paying attention , since we first met.

Gazing at the one wall i could see all the busy work being done by other employees. Seeing me looking that way, you tell me that its a 2 way mirror. You can see out but they cant see in. Hearing that, the devil in me began to take over even more. Walking up to you, i embrace you for a sensual kiss. Hugging you first, i pull you ever closer to feel ur warmth. I loved the way u smell and it was like a pheromone thing for me. Lingering at you mouth, finally we broke free.

"Whats in the box?", u utter. In due time I told her she'd find out. I went on telling her that patience was a virtue, grinning wider yet. Asking one more time, if she was sure we couldnt be seen, i decided to take over. Walking back toward her door, i made sure it was locked. "We dont want to have any shocked guests", i said.

Waking back to her desk, i opened the box just enough to pull out the first item, some strawberries and a can of ready whip. Grinning wide at me, you couldnt help but laugh. Lifting you up onto the edge of the desk, i fed you a strawberry coated with some of the sweet creme. Pulling your blouse out of your skirt, i begin to slowly unbotton it. "We shouldn't do this,", you go on. I know i said, but we are anyway.

Teasing each button open, i see your lacy bra. You must be excited cause i see your erect nipple straining against it. Reaching around , i pull the brouse free. The bra came soon after. Seeing my favorites peeking at me, i reached once again for the can. Spraying some on each aureola, i began to circle each with my snakelike tongue. Teasing them even taunter. With my free hand i begin to rub against your skirt and panty covered mound, elliciting a moan from you. Slowly sliding my hands around you, i pull the skirt down.

Sliding a finger around the leg, i find your very soaked pussy. Slowly fingering it, i stop to have a taste. Bringing my finger up to my mouth, then once again it went back to its previous place. Sliding it in and out, i feel u getting ever closer. Stopping briefly, i pull your panties free from your mons. Reaaching once again into my bag of tricks, i produce that toy we looked at once at the naughty store. Slowly i place it at your entrace and i ask if u would like to try it out. Almost begging, you moan, "yes, please". Slowly working it deeper inside you, i suckle on ur generous orbs bringing you ever closer to the edge until ur there!!!

Allowing you a moment to compose yourself, i tell u that were not done yet. Slowly dropping my pants, you watch as my enlarged cock sticks angerly at you. Slowly stepping closer, i thrust it deep and hard inside your tightness. A minute of hard , deep thrusting and u were once again there.

Grabbing you off the desk, i carry you over to the glass. PLacing your hands on it, looking at the coworkers, i reinsert myself inside you from the rear. So erotic and kinky, i knew what this was doing to you. It was also doing it to me as well. I knew i wouldnt last long reaching aound i feed my finger to you, muffling the inevitable. Deep scalding hot lava like cum shooting deep inside you put you over the edge. Holding you up from collapsing, i whisper in your ear, "wanna see what else is in the bag??".

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