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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

9/3/2009 14:52
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 9/3/2009 14:52
   Opening the door, I could see her looking frozen. It was snowy and cold outside and she looked like she needed to be warmed up. Helping her off with her coat, I bent down and gave her a sensuous kiss. She came over for lunch and jokingly asked what we were having. "YOU", i uttered and laughed. A hint of blush was easily seen almost as soon.

Reaching for her hand, i lead her into the living room. I had the fireplace roaring, knowing she'd need the warmth. I could tell she was checking out what I had layed out on the table. A slight smirk appeared before she spoke up. "You are quite the devil, arent ya," she mouthed.

Sitting her down first, I went and picked up the 2 glasses of previously filled wine. Handing her one, I toasted to our friendship. Reaching into the first bowl, I plucked out a strawberry. Looking into her eyes first, I sensuously fed her it. After she swallowed down its contents, i kissed her. Tasting the juices, I slowly extended my tongue. I could tell she was warming up.

After a few more strawberries and playful moments, I reached into the next bowl to grab a small ham rollup. I knew she liked the small finger food. Eating and drinking wine, i could tell she was still a tad tense. Turning her back toward me, and before she could speak, i began to rub her shoulders. "Keep eating', i instructed. After kneading her neck and back for a few moments It was time for dessert. Opening up the covered tray, she saw the chocalate torte. I reached over and grabbed the bite size morsel. First dipping my finger into the whipped creme topping, i brought it to her lips. Slowly she licked it off, all the while looking into my eyes. Thank you for lunch, she commented. "There's still one more course yet", I grinned and replied. "Oh", escaped her mouth and she once again blushed.

Reaching to embrace her, we once again kissed. Gently laying her back onto the couch, my fingers began to explore her. Gently i began to touch her soft breasts outside her blouse. Immediatly they began to perk. Using my free hand, i began to explore much lower. She even surprised me in hearing a moan escape. Feeling the heat, i remembered that we didnt have alot of time. Standing up, she looked aty me wondering what was up. Slowly I began to remove my clothes, ever being the tease. Eventually I was standing there with nothing on and at full salute.

Pulling her to her feel I began to help her join me in that condition. Slowly each layer was removed. Each time some skin became exposed, i would plant a sensual kiss upon it. Once her last piece was gone, her panties. I moved to touch her fold. She was wet and ready. Slowly dipping my head there, i extended my tongue. Using my hands to spread her legs wider, i began to tease her pearly gem. She was ready, and i layed her back onto the couch once more.

Sliding on top of her i propped her head up onto a pillow. I wanted her to watch. Slowly I placed my enlarged cock against her entrance. Rubbing against her lips a few time, i popped just the head in. Even though she was very wet, i decided to tease her just a bit. Taking a free hand, i began to tweak her nipples as well. Her eyes wee closed and i could tell she was savoring the moment.

Begining a rhythm, i began to rock slightly faster inside her tight quim. Normally we liked to make it last, but today the passion over took us. She was approaching the inevitable after the first couple minutes, and I wanted to time it with her. Pulling her against me tighter, i wanted her to feel every inch. Sliding vigorously into her, i grabbed her hands and placed them onto my chest. She knew what to do!!!! This drove me ever closer to the edge. The passion and heat got to us. She began to scream that she was coming. This got immediatley into my head and sped me up to my release as well.

Releasing into her, I knew she would join me. Sending her senses over the edge she came hard as well. A dozen volleys of warmth into her delicate canal and i felt myself collapsing. Kissing her for a moment, we could just smile.

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