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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   far from ordinary  

9/20/2009 08:30
Posted By:  - TEMECULA, CA  
Date Posted: 9/20/2009 08:30
   It started out as an ordinary night in my ordinary bar. I ordered my regular drink. While sitting enjoying my beverage she walked through the door. I had seen her before several times. She wore a purple top with jeans that gripped her ass like I wanted to now.

This woman had a look in her eye that I was familiar with. She was confidant, yes, but it was more than that. She had the look of a woman that wanted a man, a man that she could command. I knew that she was a dominant one.

Feeling frisky and in need of a spanking I decided to try and push my hand and see if she would bite.

We exchanged some pleasantries and then she changed the conversation quickly. To my delight I was right. She told me she wanted to explore her fantasies. I smiled remained calm and said, "I'm your guy".

We arrived at my room in no time and more talking was not on her mind. She went to her bag and pulled out a heavy leather tailed flogger. It was perfect with thick leather tails that were perfect for my tastes. I pulled off my shirt as she bit her lip in anticipation and I could tell I was in for a fun night. I put my hands against the wall and arched my back for her to begin. Lightly at first, she began to stroke my back with her toy. I told her I was ready and she drew back farther this time and whipped my back. As I smiled and winced she continued. With precision alternating lashes to the left and to the right she whipped me until my back was stung with a bright red glow. Each time she struck me it was like a small orgasm.

She led me to the bed now and I could tell she was ready. She had me remove the rest of my clothes and I did in a hurry. I did nothing else as she undressed in front of me exposing her body to me slowly. She lay on the bed glaring at me as she reached up to pull me on top of her. We began to kiss, softly, then heavy. She bit my tongue and sucked on it as if it were my cock in her mouth. It was intense and I could tell just a warm up for what she had planned. She turned my head and began to bite gently around my neck. As the bites grew harder my cock began to throb for her and she could feel it pressing against her body.

With one hand on my chest she pushed me upright while the other hand reached for my cock and balls. She gave them a firm tug while her eyes still glared deep into my own. She pulled them harder and positioned my tightly squeezed balls onto her clit. She was pierced and I could feel her jewelry on my swollen testicles. It was then she began to masturbate herself with my junk. Slowly, she moved me up and down pressing against her piercing and I could tell this was getting her very excited. I was excited too as I could see the joy and the passion on her face as she continued to masturbate with my manhood. She was using me like I had never been used before and I enjoyed watching her and pleasing her this way.

I could tell I was a good submissive for her as she got to her knees preparing to give me my reward. She positioned herself in front of me then reached back to guide me in. She pushed herself back onto me hard and I could tell she wanted me to fuck her hard right away. Our thrusts were hard and deep and I could feel my balls slap against her ass as we fucked. Thrust after thrust I could tell she was close and then all of a sudden she stopped. “Stop!” This wasn’t a no from her it was her wielding her power over me. Before I climaxed she wanted one more time to be in control and she got her wish. As I sat kneeling very still behind her she continued to tease me and grind me at her own pace, a pace that was made for her enjoyment. The tension built and again she was fucking me hard thrusting backward onto my hard cock. With a word of go from her shuttering voice I began to fuck her back. This time there was no stopping and it wouldn’t be long.

With our screams coinciding in climax I removed my cock as my hot juices flowed onto her lower back. All at once the world stopped if just for a moment as we made our fantasies a reality and an ordinary night ended as far from ordinary as our minds could make it.

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