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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Threesome situations involving the male aren't always a bad thing.  

12/12/2002 11:39
Posted By:  - AURORA, CO  
Date Posted: 12/12/2002 11:39
   Not having a great deal of experience in the lifestyle as a single male is due to my being picky and of course, the single-male syndrome of skeptical men and couples. However, this story was one of the highlights of a great relationship I've developed with a couple.

It started with a simple email from a beautiful woman and her husband inquiring about the opportunity to explore the single male scene. I was suprised myself, and supported their skepticism, but insisted they start with simple emails and conversation to develop a comfort level. She was kind enough to give me her instant messaging and we began corresponding on a daily basis. We talked about everything from her children in school, company they run, to everything about myself. She did some investigative reporting to ensure that I was indeed single, and not some 400 lb pervert looking for cybersex and no actual person to person meeting. I passed inspection and the emails continued. Over the course of several weeks, we learned everything we could to find out what pleased each other sexually, and what the environment would be like to ensure that she and her husband were comfortable. Once the table was set, she asked me out for a meeting and 'dinner'....I accepted.. However, on late notice, we had to cancel due to conflicts and reschedule for a week later. By this time, I could tell she was very intriqued and wanting to get involved in the environment of two men pleasing her...I could sense it in her emails.

She scheduled a brief get together at a nice, downtown style bar/restaurant. I showed up a bit early and about 1/2 hour later, I could see them walking down the street hand in hand. She was as beautiful in person as she was online talking, and of course, in the pictures she shared with me. I greeted her and her husband, and sat down for a quick bite to eat and drink together. After the dinner, they discussed their interest in sharing this opportunity tonight and wanted to invite me to a hotel they had reserved across the street. The husband decided to leave and let us get to know each other a bit before walking together over to the hotel.

We got to the hotel, and as she opened the door, I could see the candles, and soft lights lit. They had gone to a lot of planning and I was totally comfortable that they were treated this as an event for them and not just a casual, impersonal fling. The lights were off, their were candles lit everywhere, their own personal bed sheets and comforter, along with camera ready and video recorder propped up in the corner. It was just she and I in the room, getting comfortable with each other.

She walked over to the vanity and was looking in the mirror, as I approached her from behind and kissed her softly, putting my hands on her shoulders, down her back, and cupping her ass softly. She leaned her head back and moaned slightly and my hands moved in front to feel her nipples hard and erect sticking through her blouse... I continued to kiss her neck, and then turned her around to face me, kissing her softly, making sure I romantically covered each part that she had previously described in her emails as essential in seducing her. She was very aware of what I enjoyed as it only took a minute for her to slowly put her hands down my pants and stroke the hard cock I had from the moment we walked in the room.

She walked away from me for a moment and then went to turn the videocamera on, facing the bed.. She reached out to me and grabbed my hand and sat me on the bed. She slowly undressed herself in a seductive dance in front of me, and when completely naked, turned around and let me see her ass bent in front of me with her fingers playing with herself... She then came over to me and pushed me down on the bed and moved herself on top of me, kissing me and slowly taking off my clothes. My hands were on her breasts and moving back and forth to her pussy.. She was so smooth and warm I could feel the energy off her body directly through my clothes.. She was breathing deep and could tell it was time for me to get naked.. I stood up on the bed, reached for the ceiling and she pulled the last bit of clothing I had left on, that being my pants.. My cock was huge and hard and she grabbed a hold instantly and began sucking me. I remember looking at the video camera and seeing the green light blinking on to indicate that it was definitely working. Speaking of working, she was doing just that on me orally and getting into it with both hands, lips, tongue and all over my balls and cock... She was constantly telling me about how great the size was and how hard I was.. How she wanted me..

I laid down on the bed, and then pulled her under me.. Just then, I heard the door click and looked up to see her husband walk in the door. He walked over to grab the camera and began taking pictures, moving himself around the room to get the right light shadows and angles that they evidently had talked about previously. I went down on her and worked my lips, tongue and fingers in the way she described as pleasureable in her emails. She couldn't take it any longer, and moved on top of me in a 69 position, with her husband standing directly in front of her getting each picture of her sucking my hard cock... All the while, I was working her from behind licking her pussy and sucking her clit..

I then moved on top of her, and brought her legs above my shoulders and put one hand on the back of her head and other around my cock to slowly work myself into her. She was so wet and was begging me to fuck her hard, but I insisted "be patient"... Her husband put the camera down, and moved to pick up the video camera. By the time he had the video camera ready, I was inside of her, fucking her soft and deep, making sure she felt every inch of me when pushing in and pulling out.. I looked into her eyes and could see the pleasure, the desire to gain momentum and really fuck each other hard. She would look over on occasion for her husbands approval and he just told her to relax and enjoy it. Over the next hour, we fucked hard, soft, deep, shallow, doggie, her on top, me on top, me standing with her ass cupped in my hands and legs around my shoulder, in front of the mirror, and so many different positions that she insisted she wanted during our pre-meeting emails and conversations. I felt like I knew exactly what she wanted, and was willing to make this fantasy a reality for them...

I could tell that she was really wanting to have an orgasm, and indicated that she wanted to have anal sex, but was scared of the size issue with me. I told her to relax and I would be soft and patient. I put her on the bed face down, and put a pillow underneath her stomach, propping her ass up slightly.. I moved behind her and entered her ass slowly... She moaned with every inch and then begged me to fuck her faster. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and fucked her vigorously in this position for about 5 minutes, and then pulled her up in a full doggie style, with me standing over her, squating down and entering her. It was so tight, but I could feel her tense up and her breathing increase as she verbally told me to fuck her harder as she came....

Shortly afterwards, I realized timing is always the key in every positive experience and felt like it was time for me to leave and allow them to share this experience by finishing her husband off by myself. I casually got dressed, and walked out the door, kissing her softly for the wonderful experience, and shaking his hand thanking him for trusting me.

About 2 weeks later, I got a package in the mail. It was a copy of the video tape and pictures that they had taken that night. Watching that video, I saw an incredibly beautiful woman having fun letting her inhibitioins run wild, and enjoying a new found measure of sexual fun that her husband and her hadn't experienced prior. In the envelope was a letter saying, "there's no way we can thank you enough... you were the perfect gentleman..."

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