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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   How and why Mrs got Mr into the lifestyle   

10/2/2009 07:39
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 10/2/2009 07:39
   So way back when, in Junior High, I had my first girlfriend. She was easily the hottest girl in school, and was my first sexual experience. I was with her until about 20 years old - 7 years!

Next was my first wife. Married when I was 22 and with her until I was 39 - 17 years!

She decided one day that she was gay, and left me with the house and kids to raise by myself - literally took no part in our children's lives.

At 40, now divorced I met my true love - Mrs Dyn!

Now Mrs Dyn had a concern. She is with now with a guy that has had only two relationships - although both very long ones at that. A guy who hasn't really "sowed his oats". But also a guy who is obviously very committed when in a relationship. But she thought she needed to take measure to reduce the risk of me "straying" down the road.

So.... for Christmas one year - I got a huge surprise. We went away to Southern California for the weekend and checked into a very high end hotel.

That evening, a knock on our door. Enter the hottest blonde you can imagine - the type of girl on the cover of Playboy - seriously, seriously hot.

She was a 1k/hour call girl! And she was my Xmas gift from Mrs Dyn! So here I am with this beautiful incredibly hot blonde, and the obviously very hot Mrs Dyn!

Lets just say they both rocked my world that night like its never been rocked since.

So here is the funny part. About a month later, this provider calls Mrs Dyn. She wants to know if we would be interested in coming back down and playing with her and her BF - in a non professional situation.

So we go. The BF turns out to be a prick, she is drunk off her ass, and so we pass on everything but having dinner with them. But we still laugh today about how we impressed this provider so much on our night with her that she wanted more of us!

So after this experience, we did some Googling, and found a swingers club in Malibu. We very nervously made the trip, found the place to be too tacky for our taste, and left to a party someone had invited us to - about 2 hours drive from where we were! We made the trip, and end up at our first house party. It was the most wonderful experience we have yet to have in the lifestyle yet.

Since then we have played with some sexy couples, and even one that we have played with multiple times. Mrs Dyn has certainly had my "oats" sowed now lol.

As we have been in the lifestyle for about 7-8 years now we don't play very frequently anymore. Why? We decided long ago and we must BOTH be attracted to the other couple, and we all know how rare that is.

We also limit ourselves because we typically do not attend for-profit events - they all seem like high school dances to us. And apparently many folks are terrified to meet 2 on 2.

But this is our story of how we got involved in this lifestyle, and how Mrs Dyn cleverly made sure I got the experience I never had due to my few but long relationships prior to her.

Thank you again Mrs Dyn! My beautiful sweet young thang!

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