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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

10/11/2009 19:12
Posted By:  - LOVELAND, CO  
Date Posted: 10/11/2009 19:12
   Hope everyone enjoys this. If anyone has any feedback or comments, send them my way!

I follow Vici up the open concrete stairway, watching her toned ass invitingly shift from side to side under the dark material of her impossibly tight blue jeans. She knows exactly where my eyes are, practically checking to make sure each time she turns the corner for the next flight of steps. I flash my eyes up to hers each time, seeing the rising lust on her face as we climb further above the setting sun and the growing shadows below.

I know where she’s leading me and why. My blood pressure rises with both desire and a creeping nervousness. She’s talked about this many times, especially in the middle of sex. She loves to pull my head tight to hers, put her mouth to my ear, and describe the fantasy in detail—in short bursts, too excited to take full breaths. And as I would thrust in her slowly, her words would paint for me the picture that was in her head. The buildup, the risk, the pleasure. And each time, as the story came toward the end, she would come as hard as I’d ever seen her, hunching against me, her words fading into rapid-fire bursts of sound. Just parts of gasps, sighs, screams, and moans. Her limbs would shift all over, looking for a better place to clinch me, for a better angle for my cock inside her, simultaneously pulling me in and shoving herself away. As if the pleasure she was feeling was eclipsed only by the frustration that she wasn’t actually experiencing the fantasy for real.

Vici was never good at denying herself a pleasure. Vici, her name pulled from the old latin quote, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici,’ ‘I came, I saw, I conquered. Her mother, already abandoned by the father, had wanted Vici (pronounced like Vicki, just spelled like the ‘I conquer’ part of the phrase) to be stronger than the world, able to conquer it for whatever she wanted.

And while Vici wasn’t concerned with conquering the world, she did seem to carry a sense of indestructibility. And she generally got what she wanted, especially from me. I’m not a pushover. Vici wouldn’t put up with that in a man. She needed her mate to be strong too. But I certainly had trouble saying no to her, usually because we wanted the same things. When I actually would say no to something, she’d get so mad that I’m sure murder crossed her mind. But she would get over it, and prove her dominance in some other way later on.

We seemed to match well. Both headstrong, both sure of what we wanted, and both a little more intense than most people we’d met. But I had to admit, Vici pushed things even further than I would. She’d get in the face of a person who took her parking spot. At her job she sold every account she went for because she just wouldn’t take no for an answer. And when we’d fuck, she’d usually turn into an animal. All desire and passion, little tenderness. But it’s Vici’s passion that draws me to her so strongly.

It’s what draws everyone to her. She doesn’t just live, she exudes life. Her intensity can make your life more intense. You don’t know pleasure or pain the way Vici does. It certainly scares some people. But she doesn’t worry about that. Anyone who wants to come along on her roller coaster should either enjoy the ride or jump off.

And as we climb the stairs, I can feel that passion radiating from her. She seems more vibrant and more alive the higher we go. I take a moment to take her in. Her dirty blonde hair with its natural highlights flows slightly in the breeze. Her eyes, each time she turns to me, are mesmerizing. Half closed in her ‘you want me’ look, they still sparkle. Her mouth, curled in a slight smile, is all intrigue and promise of delight. Her black and yellow swirled top sparkles in the sunset as well. It clings tightly to her toned body. Through the shirt I can see the two muscles along her spine tighten with each step, and the small of her back is exposed right above her jeans, showing that sexy dimple just above her ass.

And of course her ass, as I said before, has a draw of its own. Everything about the woman adds to your desire of her. Her thin but muscled legs fit perfectly in the dark blue jeans and land on a pair of three-inch slightly thick black heels. The heels are important in her fantasy, and part of my worries. As she makes the last turn in the steps, heading to the ninth and final floor, she pauses, playing her tongue quickly about her lips, and shivers slightly. It isn’t cold, it’s just before sunset on what has been a sticky summer day. Her shiver is one of anticipation.

We finally reach the top of the building I’m working on. As foreman, I had shut down the site at 6:00 as usual. Everyone had gladly split after another 12-hour day. Any number of people could be in the offices of the nearby buildings but it was easy to know this one was empty. At this point, my building site was only a steel frame with freshly dried and finished concrete floors and stairs. Nothing else. No walls, no wires, just a set of ¼ block sized shelves thrust into the sky. We were almost 100 feet up and Vici wanted the thrill of her life.

Like I said, Vici is intense. She doesn’t make love, she fucks. And she likes it to be wild whenever she has the chance. She’d taken me as I drove my truck down the highway, in countless bar bathrooms, in alleys, and somewhat discreetly in a public pool. Anything that adds a little edge or danger turns her on tenfold. She loves to be watched, she loves taking risks. I like it wild too but a few times she’s had me nervous. Sometimes about getting arrested and sometimes wondering if we’d live through it.

She once gave me a sloppy blowjob at an outdoor concert while a small crowd turned their attention toward us. She wouldn’t even stop when I told her a cop was coming over; she just doubled her effort. I came down her throat just as the cop approached. She zipped me up, wiped her chin, and just looked over at the officer as he reached us. They stared at each other for a good five seconds before he simply said, “I assume you two were just about to leave then?” and we talked away. Once we hit the parking lot, she was so worked up she attacked me again, eventually bending over the hood of a stranger’s car and holding on to my ass as I took her from behind.

A couple of the times that she climbed on top of me while I drove, she flailed around so much I lost the wheel for a second or couldn’t see the road. After, I’d say “Baby, we can’t keep doing that. You’re gonna get us killed.” But she was still so high on adrenaline and hormones I doubt it even registered.
And now here we are, almost 100 feet above the ground, on display to the buildings around us, and with ledges to a short and fatal skydive everywhere. It’s her ultimate fantasy, risk and a possible audience. And there was no turning back now.

Vici leads us over near the area where the outside edge of the building meets the empty rectangle that will soon be an elevator shaft. She shivers again and draws in a breath through her almost closed lips, making a sound that’s unmistakable in the context. She is absolutely on fire and about to go wild. Without a word, she pulls her top up over her chest, letting it rest above her firm C cup breasts. Her brownish-red areolas, capped with already-hard pointed nipples, crinkle in the breezy air as her chest heaves with her excited breathing.

She takes one step back, leaning on an exposed vertical beam along the elevator shaft—emptiness to her left and to her right. Pulling me in, she smashes her mouth against mine and we kiss and grunt against each other. I put one hand on the beam above her head and hold her tight about the waist with the other , pulling her crotch into me. She moans and slides her cheek against mine, feeling the scruff of my face against her soft flesh. I bite her earlobe as she raises one leg up around my hip and gasps in pleasure. Her hands slide up and down my back, clawing tightly at my shoulder blades through my thin shirt.

We continue to kiss…no, to devour each others’ lips and tongues, as the heat begins to build and our gasps turn to moans into each others’ mouths. She bites my lip as my hand slides from her back to her tits. I clench one breast in my hand as my thumb grazes the nipple. I can feel the slightest perspiration beginning on the underside of her breast as we attack each other in the still-hot summer air.

Eventually, she breaks our kiss, sliding down to her knees in front of me. She opens my belt quickly, then the button of my jeans. After a couple tugs, my zipper yields to her fingers and she is staring at the swell of my cock under my boxers. Pulling slightly down on my pants and underwear she releases me. I am hard as a rock, glad to be free from pressing against my pants. I keep one hand on the beam and put the other on her shoulder, still mindful of the drop to the concrete below.

Vici presses her nose into my skin where the base of my cock meets the trimmed hair of my crotch, inhaling my scent. Sliding her lips and tongue up the underside of my shaft, she reaches the tip and slides the head in her mouth. After a moment’s delay, she slips her mouth further down my cock, reaching halfway before twisting her tongue and sliding back to the tip.

“Such a fucking gorgeous cock,” she says, before slowly wiggling her lips down my shaft again, pausing briefly again halfway before pushing me into her throat. When her lips reach the base she tilts her head to the side slightly a couple of times, massaging my entire cock with the contours of her mouth and throat. I absolutely love that feeling and she knows it. Vici pulls back and lets out her breath as a string of drool hangs between my cock and her lower lip. It breaks, landing across her scrunched up shirt and the top of her right breast. She then puts me back in her mouth, just taking me in halfway repeatedly, playing her tongue around, teasing me for minutes.

With a loud pop, she releases my cock from her mouth and pushes me backward a bit. Vici then raises to her feet, turning away from me to her right and grabbing onto a horizontal beam above her head. It’s the perfect height for her to spread her legs and hold onto with her arms extended above her. In front of her is the 90 foot drop that will someday soon be smoothly traveled day in and day out by a nice safe elevator. But as of now, Vici can tilt her head and look straight down into a shadowed series of openings surrounded on three sides by concrete and on one side—the outer edge of the building—by simple steel beams. A few feet to our left is more emptiness. What will soon be shielded by a brick exterior and smooth drywall inside is now just an open path to the setting sun between two older 15-story buildings. How many people were still at work or emptying trash in those offices, we didn’t know.

The time had come for her fantasy. After taking in the frightening drop just in front of her, Vici looks over her shoulder at me and says, “Cut them.” I know what that means. The jeans aren’t coming off. I’d have to make my own opening to reach her soft pussy. I pull my pocket knife out of my jeans and slide my left hand under her sex, feeling the heat as I cup her mound. I’m able to get ahold of the seam of the fabric where it meets just below her wet opening. I pull it away from her skin as much as the tight denim will allow and slowly stab through the tightly wound fabric.

Each time I’ve done this, I’ve been so worried I’ll catch on something or have a bad angle and accidently hurt the softest part of this tough woman. Only once had I nicked her skin, catching her thigh slightly. I had tried to apologize and she had only said, “I need you inside me. NOW.” This time as I press the knife into the damp material of her jeans, I know my knife is sharp and I don’t have to use as much pressure. I cut a small hole and cut it into a slit leading forward and back under her then start small cuts to each side. She gasps each time the cold metal grazes her skin. Finally I pocket my knife and rip her jeans to make a nice plus-sign shaped opening. Vici moans at the sound and the pressure of the jeans being torn, and her pussy juices spread down onto her thighs, beginning to soak what is left of her pants.

Her pussy mound is smooth and bald and I can just barely see the moisture hanging off her engorged lips. She never wears panties when she knows she’ll want the knife to open up her pants. I slide my middle finger lightly across her clit and between her lips, coating it in her juices. I spread the wetness up in the folds of her soft skin, making sure she’s completely wet. “Unnnnhhhh,” she moans again. I slowly stand, hopefully ready for the next step.

She looks at me over her shoulder again, her intense gaze driving right into me. “I’m so damn ready. Do you remember how we’ll have to be for this?”

“Yes, but it’s so nuts. Are you absolutely s–?” I start…

“Yessss,” she interrupts. “It’ll be great. I trust you completely.”

I lower my pants a little more, stepping in tightly behind her. I grab onto the beam above us with my right hand between her hands and, dipping slightly, I slide my dick between her ass cheeks, pressing lightly against her pussy.

“Here goes,” I say as I dip lower, aiming the head of my cock right at her opening. I slowly push up into her, quickly reaching a third of the way. Vici screams in delight and lowers her gaze to the darkening shaft below. I slide further into her, her wetness now spreading down my cock and onto my pants as well. The heat coming off of her is amazing and I push as far into her as I can at this angle, just over halfway into her tight canal. We hold there for a few moments, she waits, hardly breathing as I prepare for the next step.

I reach between us with my left hand and firmly grip the top of her jeans, my thumb sliding inside her belt loop and my fingers clinching tightly on the inside against her skin. I pull on the material to make sure my grip is secure. This pulls her ass tighter into me and pushes my cock toward the front of her cunt, pressing her g-spot. “Ohhhh,” she moans. “Yessssssss.”

“I’m ready,” I say a moment later. Vici shifts her heeled feet forward toward the edge and I follow her. She puts her left foot right on the edge of the concrete, the front of her shoe dipping off the edge. She lets it tilt and drop until the concrete edge is lodged between her heel and the flat front of her shoes. I’m taking part of her weight now, on my cock and with my left hand on her jeans. My right hand stays firmly grasped on the I-beam above us.

Slowly Vici slides her right foot forward toward the edge as well. I take more of her weight in my hand as she slides her second foot over the edge as well. She now has both feet over the edge, with her two heels and her two arms—now angled behind her, still clutching the beam—as her only contact with the building. Her body is now leaning out right into the opening.

She doesn’t look back, she only looks down to the emptiness below. “Yes?” she asks. I take full stock of the situation. It’s insane. So easy for this to turn tragic. But she wants this so bad, and I love to please her. And it is pretty hot. My feet are well planted. My grip feels good on the beam above. My hand has a firm hold of her jeans.

“Yes,” I say, a good 10 seconds after her question, as sure as I can be in this situation. Vici slowly loosens first her left then her right hand from the beam. Keeping her back arched backward she slowly releases both hands from the beam. Feeling secure, she begins to tilt forward, straightening her back and tilting her hips forward. I tighten my back and legs, now taking most of her weight. She is fully suspended above the dropoff, now being held only by two fragile high heels, my hand on her jean waist, and my cock pointing up into her hot pussy.

With her body now leaning forward at an angle, my cock has slipped all the way into her. Her stance is just a bit more narrow than mine and the backs of her thighs are resting against mine. “Oh, fuck” she yells as she feels my full shaft inside her. I don’t know if she has her eyes open or not at this point. My right arm is now directly above my head, slightly bending as I leverage both of us. My hips are shifted forward, my crotch tight to her ass, allowing me deep inside her. My knees are bent and my left hand is firmly pulling her into me. My every muscle is so tight trying to keep us from plummeting forward into the darkness below. The sun has dropped over the rim at this point, leaving us in the dusk.

“Are you OK?” she asks. “Will you be able to……thrust?”

“I think so, we have to go slow though, OK?”

“Whenever you’re ready,” she gasps in ragged breath.
Keeping my jeans-filled left hand where it is, I slowly draw back my hips and slide out of her. I move back as much as I dare. I’m simultaneously taking most of her weight in my left hand, bracing us with my right hand, and trying to separate us so that I can thrust us together. To say it’s difficult to concentrate is an understatement. I’m able to slide about a third of the way out before slowly sliding back in. Her juices continue to flow out of her, now tickling my balls as the wetness trickles down them.

Vici gasps as I fully enter her again. I continue this slow, short stroking for about a minute when Vici begins to slightly bend and extend her knees, allowing us to separate just a little more. I can now stroke about halfway out on each withdrawal before thrusting back in. “Careful,” I say.

She nods so that I know she hears me and keeps up the same movement. Her thrusting also slightly thrusting herself further out into the abyss each time. Aside from the danger, this feels amazing. So much pleasure in my crotch juxtaposed with so much tension and worry in the rest of my body. Vici is now screaming her pleasure. Her upper body is able to relax, only using her legs to hold a bit of her weight because I have the rest in my left hand and lap. I have most of the work, and she has most of the danger. Which is obviously driving her wild.

She begins to toss her head side to side, and even wiggles her hips a bit against me each time we come together. We begin to wobble side-to-side a bit, the knuckles on my right hand turn white as I fight to keep my grip on the thin I-beam. “Woah, woah, baby, stop a bit,” I yell. Vici, barely hearing me through her ecstasy, slowly reigns herself in and settles back against me.

I slowly start again and we get back to a good rhythm like before. A few minutes later I can tell Vici is close to cumming. She screams out “ohhhhh,” “ohhhhh,” with each small thrust, her voice echoing down the chasm below. Just as she is getting close, Vici tries to slide her legs out a bit wider to allow me deeper inside of her. I can hear the scrape of her shoes against the concrete.

Just as I am about to warn her not to do that, her left heel snaps off. She begins to sway down and to the right in my hand, and the increased weight on her right foot causes that heel to snap too. With a lurch, her her body swings forward and her right leg swings backward outside of mine. Her left leg catches with her foot outside my knee and her knee just inside my leg above the ankle. Her upper body swings wildly outward and down, out over the 90 feet of post-sunset draped shadow below. Her full weight is now completely hanging from my cramping, damp wet grip on her jeans and my cock is now pointed slightly downward, still inside her but not helping to hold her up anymore.

Vici shrieks in terror, but then, using her hand on the concrete ledge for leverage, she shifts her left leg all the way outside of mine and I’m able to pull her tighter onto my crotch. Both of her legs are now wrapped outside of mine, her feet cupping around my ass, holding on at an almost impossible angle. Her head is pointed down near the floor, hanging over the edge, 90 feet above anything. She moans loudly, pressing her hands lightly against the side of the ledge.

I can’t believe her next words. “Don’t stop,” she yells, then keeps moaning. She has started to cum. My muscles ache and I don’t know how long I can hold out. But with her lightly pushing on the side of the ledge, which slightly pushes her weight out into the dropoff, I can’t push us backward. My hand is too far back behind my head above me.

Vici hunches violently on my cock. I feel a gush of wetness come forth. Both of my arms and my lower back are throbbing in pain as I hold onto her for dear life. Vici screams in pleasure as loud as I have ever heard anyone scream and her whole mid-section shudders against me.

Vici goes slightly limp and lets go of the ledge. I’m finally able to shove us backward. Her body sides off of mine and onto her stomach on the concrete with her head just slightly over the edge. I stumble back, then hunch forward with my hand still clenching her jeans. I immediately turn her over, her head still hanging off below. Putting my full weight on her (I’m completely exhausted) I plunge myself back into her and have enough energy for one thrust before I explode inside her. The force of my orgasm is nearly overwhelming. I almost pass out. Vici clamps her legs around me just before she actually does pass out. My hips involuntarily hunch into her as the last of my orgasm passes through me. My last spurts of cum pool inside her, slowly filling her.

As I lay there, looking into the blackness below our heads, my heart begins to slow to a pace that it might be able to handle.

‘This woman is going to get us killed,’ I think. ‘But then again, that was amazing.’

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