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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Curiousity got this cat all wet  

11/4/2009 15:58
Posted By:  - MONTEVIDEO, MN  
Date Posted: 11/4/2009 15:58
   Mr. Hotstuff and I start the night off with some co workers and bar hopped through the town. All night I am just hopping to run in to a local gay friend who has my attention. I am anxious to be able to introduce (Ill call him flaming friend) him to Mr. Hotstuff. My mind has ran through a thousand fantasies, and though I know that Mr. Hotstuff is not interested in doing anything with a gay more than kissing I know they will forever just remain "fantasies". Even so I want them to meet I enjoy flaming friends high energy and out spoken manners and think Mr. Hotstuff will too.

Drinks and really hot dancing make it for a fun night on the town, but Im still hoping...

WE go into the last bar with ferocity both of us b-lining it for the restrooms. In the ladies room I hear a girl I do not know talking about one of her male friends wanting her to come with him to pee. OMG I know exactly who she is talking about... FLAMING FRIEND... and he is here!! Excited I ran out and waited by the mens room. He came out and we greeted each other with hugs and lots of kiss, cheek, lips, neck I just love kissing him. I introduce my man to Flaming friend and the meeting was cordgel but nothing exciting:(

Later while sitting next to flaming friend in a both with 3 girls who obviously are so jealous they dispise me, he asks me if Mr. hotstuff will let him blow him... Ok I'm wet instantly... the thought was so erotic I couldnt help catch a quick i'm-turned-on breathe! I tell flaming friend that I would enjoy that but that he would have to ask Mr. Hotstuff because I will next push him in to anything. And I know Mr. Hotstuff will not be comfortable with it.

I go up to the bar and tell Mr. Hotstuff to keep my seat warm, and sure enough flaming friend ASKS HIM! Thats why I love him, if he wants something he just says it! YUM! This starts a long conversation between them and were Mr. Hotstuff stands and how comfortable he is; and loves and loves of things that flaming friend enjoys; the conversations took hours, many times they snuck off from the group to talk, and im sure kiss. But i'm confident nothing more, Mr. Hotsuff just isnt that curious:(

At flaming friends after bar party he wants to show Mr. Hotstuff and me the apartment next store. Yess oh yesss play time!!! While I know Mr. Hotstuff wont do any MM touching that doesnt mean I cant have another threesome with flaming friend (THATS a whole nother story!!) and this time it will be even better to share it with my Mr. Hotstuff!!! Quick tour... for gods sakes its a one bedroom tiny apartment... WHAT? Ohh My Godddd...

Mr.Hotstuffs pants hit the floor and flaming friend hits his knees. Mr.Hotstuff head tips back and he moans and breathes hard... Yes yes he likes it!!!!
My legs are weak I must must sit down. Not taking my eyes of the panty-pooling-intensly-hot sight a head of me I back up to a window sill, and before I can sit down I cum. Not lyeing before any physical stimulation just watching my fantasy unfold before me I came.

Curled in the window sill, my juices pooling in my panties I pull them off, cum running down my leg, I must, oh yes I must! with one finger I tap my wet and very hot clit. My moans and panting speed up flaming friends rythm and increase Mr. Hotstuffs pleasure yess yess YES I rub and harder and faster making my hips rock hard and my pussy muscles tighten.... "No Im not going to cum" I say "No Im not going to cum!!" Mr. Hotstuff groans heavy and yes again I climaxed and hard. My hips rocking and body trembling.

Mr. Hotstuff comes over and grabs me and pushes me to the floor, with out a word he slams this hard cock inside me and with presicion rythmn fucks me hard and fast hard and fast with ever muscle of his body. Aware that Mr. Hotstuff is at his breaking point he pulls out (a must) and turns where flaming friend is begging for him to cum on him. Mr. Hotstuff roars his cock in hand and cum spilling down flaming friends ass and legs. Instantly he collapses and falls to the floor, catching his breath and trying to regain his grip on the world.
To my surprise flaming friend sits to his knees takes his own cock in his hand and starts stoking it, positioned right over Mr. Hotstuffs belly. Hot oh my so hot... Im panting and fingering myself again.. yes stoke it harder ... yes faster for me do it... my left hand tapping my clit so wet you can hear the splashing, my mouth sucking and biting on my upper right arm the way i do when the pleasures so intense its almost painful. Im going to break again I can feel it... .... ohhhhhhhhh mmmm! hhhhhh
ANd at the very second I came flaming friend let lose and I laid there orgasming watching his cum fall all over Mr. Hotstuffs belly. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes he is curious mmmmmmmmmm and yes fantasies do come true.....

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