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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   First strip...  

11/30/2009 22:29
Posted By:  - SAN FRANCISCO, CA  
Date Posted: 11/30/2009 22:29
   Standing in the shadows, the music was rocking my body. After a few puffs of that sativa blend shit, I was ready, so ready. Who said I wasn’t? Hah! I’d show them.

“Go!” one of the other girls poked me. “You’re on, Laylaa. Hurry it up”. Suddenly all eyes were on me. Everyone was everyone staring.

The voice on stage had already announced “And now, ladies and gentleman, the real reason you came tonight…..the first dance of our newest girl! So, without further ado, here she is…the one you’ve been waiting for, the one the only, the looooovely Laylaa.

Oh fuck, Laylaa, that was my dumb stage name. Me, I wasn’t a Laylaa, I was more of a, well, maybe a Natasha. Rita perhaps? Or Sapphire? Yes, Sapphire – I alwas loved that name. It goes so perfectly with the color of my eyes. …“Calling Laylaa…Laylaa where are you? The crowd is calling out for you.”…ok, we’ll havta get back to that one later.

I took a deep breath in and walked out to strip naked in front of horny old perverts who wanted to letch at my young smooth body and boys who wouldn’t know what to do with my body, even if they could somehow get it.

Hey, don’t go around feeling sorry for me, though. I’m not being forced into. Hell, no. It was entirely my idea, my choice. I could have been bussing tables at my college cafeteria, getting paid min wages, or working under some sleezeball in a blockbuster. Not for me.
Everyone is born with a talent. Mine is my body. So I use my talent in whatever way I choose to earn a living for myself. What’s wrong with that?

In my mind it was never question.

Once I decided to become an erotic dancer, it was so easy. I just walked into a strip club and told them I was looking for work. They asked me a coupla basic questions including my age and work status. Then just looked at my tits and told me to start the next night.

Just so you know, I’m not just building myself up – I have got a good body – Hell, I gotta fuckin’ great body. Big tits - real -soft but firm with gorgeous mulberry nipples. A flat stomach. I’ve always loved my tummy, lightly toned, but still slightly rounded, very feminine, with a belly button ring that just drives men crazy! It’s probably my favorite part of my body. Hips are rounded but tight….kinda like Beyonce’s. And long, long legs…what’s not to love?!

I walked onto the stage to Shaggy’s ‘Sexy Lady’ as I had requested.

Seeing all those people there, for the first time I panicked. I had second thoughts. What am I doing? How can I dance naked in front of all these people? How can I reveal the secret most parts of my body for just anyone to stare at. I wasn’t brought up this way.

And then I saw him – sitting by himself, No way he was over 21. Had probably used a false ID. He was even more nervous that I was. Poor kid looked petrified. I slowly started moving in his direction. Stopping on the way to grind against another dancer, or do a quick turn with the strip pole.

As I reached closer to him, I started unhooking my bra. Slowly, teasingly, I’d allow one strap to fall over my shoulder, only to change my mind. When I finally reached little boy blue (hey, he had on jeans with a blue shirt), I turned my back towards him, dropped the bra, and turned around. Looking at that boy trying so hard to control himself while staring at my boobs was too much for me. The adrenalin high I felt was unbelievable. I was so turned that my nipples were hard as pebbles. Here this pathetic little creature was literally groveling at my feet to touch any part of my body.

I just couldn’t resist it. I put my hand behind his head and pulled his head forward towards me so that his face was buried in my boobs. I even allowed him to suck my left nipple. Suddenly I felt a spasm jerk him. He had come in his pants.

I had made a man come in his pants in front of a room full of people!

What a rush!

I could really get into this thing!

Then I headed towards the group of soldiers sitting on the other side. They greeted me with wolf whistles and catcalls. “Take it off, take it off, take it off…”

I crawled across the dance floor on all fours. Silently and sensuously, lithe catlike action, boobs bare, swinging as moved. I When I reached them I faced away from them arching my back, still on all fours. I could feel their eyes on the tiny scrap of cloth that was keeping a clear view of my pussy from them. One groaned. Another held a dollar bill out. Ah, now you’re getting the idea. I slid across to him and allowed his hand to freely wander my bottom before he put the money in my waistband. Now they’ve all caught on. In a few minutes there are enough dollar bills there for even me to be impressed. And not just a few hands managed to graze against my pussy or squeeze me ass as they put the bills in my panties.

I had teased them till they were growing crazy with desire. Finally, I stood up, faced away, bent down from the waist, legs straight, but spread out. As I slowly lowered my bikini, the back view of my pussy was revealed millimeter by millimeter. They were all struggling not to jerk themselves, but some had given up. I could see their hands moving frantically in their laps as they looked at my naked body grinding on the dance floor.

A few feet away I saw something interesting. I saw a couple. Young – thirtyish maybe? Obviously very much in love. Holding hands, whispering in each other’s ears.

The girl was nodding in my direction and saying something to her husband. He put a couple of bills on the floor. I had never really been interested in girls. Always had enough male attention, so never needed to explore this side of my sexuality.

But something in that girl’s eyes as she watched me move towards them was almost predatory. Her eyes raked my naked body, lingering over my boobs. I started to grind down the pole directly opposite her. The lower I got, the wider my legs were spread, until there was nothing hidden. Looking the girl straight in the eye, I deliberately licked one finger, and put it between my lower lips. Her eyes widened, and she looked at me with such pure lust that I almost trembled.

I was no longer aware of what I was doing. The thrill of the striptease, the adrenalin, the power rush, the sexual tension, all combined in my head now.

I barely remember crawling to the edge of the dance floor and sliding off it. I sat on the girl’s lap. Face to face, my boobs brushing against hers, my legs wrapped around her waist.

When she put her hands on my tits I almost came right then and there. There was something so erotic about the whole situation. I vaguely remembered some rules about appropriate behavior in front of customers, but at that moment I just couldn’t think.

She was leaning back, her long creamy throat exposed to me. As I kissed down her throat, she squeezed my bare breasts and gently pulled my nipples. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put my hand inside her top and groped her tits – they were spectacular! She was making little moaning noises in her throat as she was grinding against me. I knew I had to get off her. I knew everyone was staring. But I just couldn’t move. As the tempo of her grinding increased, I could feel an explosion building inside me as well.

I don’t know what people thought (though I’d guess thinking wasn’t number one priority), or how I managed to get back onto the dance floor. The other dancers later told me that I managed like a pro…I somehow kept dancing till I made it back to the curtains. It was such a relief to be out of there. That had taken a lot more out of me than I had realized.

As I walked behind the curtains, my legs started shaking and I sat down there on the floor. It was about an hour before I felt ready to go drive myself home. As I was walking towards the door, I saw the girl with the intense eyes standing in front of me. Just looking at her sent tingles through my nipples. I could literally feel the moisture dripping down my thighs.

Behind her stood her husband.

“We were wondering if you would like to give us a private lapdance?”


This story is entirely a work of fiction, but it was inspired by a true event. check out my blog if interested.

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