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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Tension Breaker!  

12/6/2009 08:51
Date Posted: 12/6/2009 08:51
   Tension breaker!!!!!!

Hello Sexy!!
I hope today was better than yesterday; you sounded stressed out....

I want to help you beat that stress... Are you tense in your shoulders and neck; here let me rub those nasty knots out. A little lotion will let me smooth out the hard spots; there now I can hear your breath slowing and relaxation coming through. Now that you're relaxed my hands roam elsewhere. Your tight ass cheeks feel great in my still greased hands. I know you like your ass being grabbed; its so slippery, hard to hold on.... I want to grind my tool into that ass; what would you do???

You're rolling over, are you tense up front?? Those beautiful tits and nipples are screaming for attention. You know I'm a breast man; I can't resist them. My cock is raging hard now; but I'm a pleaser.... I lick and suck those nipples; they grow stiff to my wanting tongue. I'm trying to suck all the tit I can in my mouth; I have always wanted a mouth full of beautiful breast. You're rustling below me, I think you came.... You're so sensitive!!

Once I start licking and sucking I've got to go south for even more fun. You're anticipating it, as you're sopping wet before my tongue even makes contact. I love a wet pussy and you don't disappoint. I'm barely warmed up, ohhhh you came again.... You have lust in your eyes; what's on your mind now???

You tell me it's time for something new. You say.... I know you love my pussy, I'm going to sit on your face. Another new adventure for me, but I'm trusting and very willing. I love the new angle and ohhh.. you came again, again,,, again.... I've never seen, heard or participated in so many "O's". I'm so happy, you're very pleased at this point.....

I know the pleaser won't let me down...... You slide from my face to my cock..... Oh, those sexy eyes are staring at me again and my cock is in your hands, no mouth, no i can't see my cock anymore. OHHHH where did it go or where did it come??? OHHHH again... your tongue teases me over the edge.. You probably remember the song... hurts so good.... well that's what is happening. My best "OOOOO" that is so painful while I enjoy cumming so much....

There is a smile on your face... you have something in mind.. All you say is... it's half-time lover; rest up, you're in for a treat!!! My mind tries to figure out what kinky plan you have in mind... Can't wait to find out.... A

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