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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   As you wish  

12/15/2009 08:42
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 12/15/2009 08:42
   I followed your instructions to the letter. I arrived at the hotel promptly at 9:00. I went to the counter and gave my secret name to the sexy blond with the pouty lips and perfect little breasts. She handed me a room key and an envelope. I swear the little blond winked at me and licked her lips as I turned away. I felt like everyone was watching me as I walked to the elevator, my panties dampening as I took each step. I opened the envelope as I waited for the elevator. the first card told me what to do next. I got on the elevator and was alone. Not unusual for a 11:00 p.m. checkin but I still breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as the doors shut, I followed your instructions. I hiked up my dress and exposed my panties to the air. I pulled aside my panties and took a photo of my wet, shaved pussy with my phone and texted it to you. The doors started to open as I was pulling my dress down and a couple got in. She was wearing a microskirt and silk clinging blouse that showed her braless nipples poking hard through the tight fabric. She was obviously intoxicated and was very flirty with her companion, a 6'2 hunk whose body had just the right muscles, not vein popping but very well defined. I got even wetter watching them kiss in front of me. I swear her hand was rubbing his cock through his pants and his hands were all over her ass causing her skirt to ride up so I could see a little cheek. it was more than I could stand and I was relieved when we got to my floor. As I left and the door was closing I could see her unzip his pants.

My mind was focused only on how erotic everything seemed. I found the suite quickly and went inside. I barely was able to remember to check to make sure the room was empty and safe before I felt the urge to touch my now dripping pussy. I now looked again at the instructions from the envelope. I followed them even though what I really wanted to do is plunge my fingers deep inside me and rub my clit until I came. I so wanted to cum. Still, I went into the bathroom for the bath you told me to take. You thought of everything as the bath was already filled with warm, sudsy water and rose petals around the bathroom. The only light was candlelight. I got into the bath, grabbed the glass of champagne you left for me and as you instructed, began to clean myself head to toe. You told me not to touch my pussy and even though the frustration made me ache to touch myself, I did not, my nipples were straining my skin to its limits and every time water or the sponge grazed them, fire shot down through my body. I could almost feel your mouth surrounding them, teasing them with your tongue. A bell sounded. I knew from your letter that I was to get out when that happened and I did, always the dutiful slave. I toweled off and went into the bedroom. On the bed was a silk robe, a mask and another note. I swear those weren't there earlier but maybe I didn't notice. I read the note and smiled, you were still going to tease me. I turned the Television on like you told me. On the screen was a video of you, telling me how glad you were that I was there. You looked so sexy, I wanted you to climb out of the TV and shower me with your warm kisses. You told me how you were going to do hot, nasty things to me, make me wetter than I ever dreamed of being until I begged you to let me cum. You told me you were going to make me give all of me to you until I was 100% yours to do whatever you wished to me. you then instructed me to put the robe on and watch the video. I sat on the bed and a video came on of a couple entering a room. With surprise, I realized it was the couple I had seen on the elevator. I could never forget that sexy body and the ass the microskirt barely contained. Mr. Hunk's fly was still open and she led him into the room by his hard cock. It had to be at least 9 inches and was superthick. Still she quickly got her little mouth around it and began to suck it while her right hand fondled his balls. I could see her left hand under her skirt and wished I was with them right now so I could lick her pussy while she sucked his cock.

It didn't take long for him to cum in her mouth and on her face. He then picked her up and practically threw her on the bed. He lifted up the skirt and, no surprise, she was pantiless and so wet her pussy glistened. He teased it with his fingers, telling her what a hot little pussy she had and then he burried his face in it, causing her to gasp and moan. I could see his tongue flicking her clit and my mind transferred the image to my body and I could almost feel it on my clit.

Suddenly, the video feed cut off and your sexy face was back on the screen. You instructed me to put on the mask and to wait for your next surprise....

To be continued.

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