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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Unrequited Love  

12/19/2009 15:27
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 12/19/2009 15:27
   Unrequited Love

by Mr. Slykitty

Jason had lain next to Jocelyn for several months. He and she shared a small, cramped dark space in the uppermost space of their construction. He had been there longer and knew the neighbors quite well by the time Jocelyn moved in. They were anxious roommates, frozen in time. They both felt the same helpless anxiety and desire that comes with meeting the right person. Words were scarce, but glances were common. He even saw her nudity; the soft pink lips of her womanhood, hairless and perfectly shaped. Her long, smooth body enticed him.

Jocelyn admired her roommate's hard, perfect torso. She always knew that being with him would be an amazing experience. They were always at the crossroads of pleasure, wanting each other and never quite finding the moment to be together. Jocelyn so wanted Jason inside of her; to feel his vigorous passion in the most intimate way possible. It wasn't about words, as she had none to verbalize how she felt. It was just a powerful, visceral feeling that they had been made for each other.

Since they met, they had been having sexual encounters with the neighbors. Some times one of them was fetched for the cold, if sincere pleasure of others. Jason's lover greedily used him to please herself. He couldn't complain, though. The touch of this woman turned him on, and he shook with excitement. She responded and rewarded him with more orgasms than he could count. Her husband didn't seem to mind, but Jason and he never spoke. After meeting Jocelyn, Jason always thought about her while his lover moaned and tumbled.

Jocelyn was occasionally used by the woman's husband. She resented Jason a little bit for never being man enough to indulge himself her. Sometimes the male neighbor would come over, and without a word, wrap is strong muscular fingers around her and shove his lubed up fingers inside of her. She felt so dirty and cheap and...and...hot. This strong, powerful man wanted her, wanted to fuck her. He'd slide his fingers inside of her for a few moments and then unceremoniously start fucking her, eventually coming inside of her. As brusque as the sex was, he'd always care for her afterwards and clean her gently.

Then he'd give her back to Jason. Jason would just lie there. She wasn't sure if he was sad, or happy or even alive. The neighbor woman knew how to turn him on, for sure. What was Jocelyn doing wrong?

One night, the neighbors came and got them both, at the same time. Jocelyn didn't know what to expect. They had been drinking, she could tell. She couldn't understand what they were saying, but they were laughing and laughing. Suddenly, without warning she and Jason were pushed up against each other. She felt him slowly enter her. She felt him throbbing and shaking. It was what they had wanted for all this time. She heard him softly hum, not for another woman, but for her. As she drifted off into ecstasy, she made made out a faint voice.

I told you the fleshlight and the vibrator could fuck!

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