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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Our First experience with another couple  

12/23/2009 14:13
Posted By:  - MODESTO, CA  
Date Posted: 12/23/2009 14:13
   My wife and I ( Mike and Maria) were High School sweethearts, dating since the 10th grade. We never had sex until our senior year both of us losing our virginity in the back of my 57 chevy, she made me wear two condoms.

After graduating we went to the same local college and got married in our junior year. We had a great sex life, choosing not to have kids, and enjoy our life while were were still young enough to.

Johnny and Linda were life long friends from High School, they were the Maid of honor and best man at our wedding and we were the same at theirs.

We hung out together a lot, going to dinner, visiting them at their house and them at ours. It was strictly a vanilla relationship, but we did enjoy their company.

One night while relaxing over drinks at their house Linda was bent over changing the music on their stereo and I was staring at her ass, she was about 5'2" and maybe 110 lbs, built about the same as Maria, both of them had great ass's.
I felt a little pinch on my ribs and turned to see Maria with this evil grin, she had caught me staring at Linda's ass.

When we got home that evening, and in bed, Maria reached over and took my cock in her hand and said "I saw you staring at Linda's ass" a big lump caught in my throat but before I could say anything she said it was Ok, and that Linda did have a great ass. She then ask me if I would like to fuck Linda, I had been fantasizing about fucking Linda for a long time and I was stunned when Maria ask me that. She said go ahead honey, you can tell me, I felt my cock getting harder as she squeezed it. I said yes I would like to fuck her, she said fuck me now and pretend that I'm Linda. I was then hard as a rock and she got on top and slide my cock into her wet pussy. It was one of the wildest times we have had in years.

After that we had some wild times with me pretending that she was Linda and her pretending that I was Johnny. We fantasized about me watching her fuck Johnny and her watching me fuck Linda. It was some really great sex.

This went on for a couple of years and one summer Johnny and Linda bought a camp trailer. It was 24' long and slept 4, a full size bed in the rear and dinette that made into a bed in the front. The first weekend they had it they ask us to go camping with them in the mountains.

Once there we set up the trailer, did a little hiking and then spent the evening sitting around the camp fire. Johnny and I drinking our favorite beer and the two ladies shooting their favorite Tequila. Drinking and chatting, the conversation eventually turned to sex. The two girls were both wearing short shorts and tank tops, nether with a bra on and I could see their nipples pushing on the thin cotton tops. Maria got up to stand by the fire and Johnny made a remark "you want to stand back, your going to start a brush fire". We all laughed and Linda lightly slapped him and said "you know I'm clean shaven down there". Maria also being clean shaven I thought about how beautiful Linda's pussy must look. Maria reached over and squeezes my cock, she new I was getting hard. Linda went and stood in front of Johnny, he reached around her sliding his hands up the legs of her shorts. This caused the shorts to go up the crack of her tight little ass, I could see a wet spot in her shorts, I got harder knowing she was getting turned on also. Without them seeing Maria slide her hand down her shorts, sticking her finger in her pussy and then sticking it in my mouth. Maria was getting hot and wanted to fuck.

At about midnight Maria whisper in my ear that she was horny and wanted to go to bed. We told Linda and Johnny we were off to bed and they said they were ready also.

In the trailer their bed was at the other end about 20' away. Maria and I started getting undressed in the dark and I could just see the shadow of Linda's body as she took of her shorts and top she had a hot body and I started getting hard. Maria had gotten in bed and I climbed over her got in bed beside her. Maria was laying on the outside of the bed facing down the 20' hallway and could see Johnny and Linda's bed. I pressed up against Maria's naked body and she whispered, "do you want to fuck Linda tonight" My cock got instantly hard and I pressed it up against her ass as she pushed her ass back into me. I rubbed my cock on her pussy, she was so wet it slide in so easy. She whispered, "does your cock feel good in Linda's pussy" I said yes, how do you like Johnnys hard cock. She said fuck me Johnny fuck me good I want your cock in my wet pussy so bad. I slowly fucked her trying not to be to loud. She ask me what would you do if they came and got into bed with us? I say I don't know, what would you do? She tells me I would first suck his cock, rub and lick his balls, then I would let him suck my tits and lick my pussy, after he made me cum I would tell him to fuck me like he fucks Linda. I say to Maria, Oh Linda your pussy feels so good, I have dreamed of fucking your hot wet pussy. I start pinching Maria's nipple, with my cock deep in her pussy I tell her do you like Johnny's cock, are you being his little slut tonight, are you giving him all yor pussy, do you want Johnny's hot cum in your pussy. She says Oh yes Johnny, cum in my pussy, I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy. I start cumming and I say O god Linda I'm cumming in your pussy, and Maria says, sum in Linda's pussy, she is your slut for tonight, fuck her good while Jonny fucks me good. Without realizing it I had gotten on top of Maria, and the blackets had slide off. In our hot lust we had forgotten where we were and had gotten a little loud.

Suddenly I hear this voice, "mind if we join you" Shocked I looked up to see Johnny and Linda standing by our bed, both totally naked. I rolled over beside Maria. Johnny was standing over Maria, his hard cock just above her head. With out saying a word, Maria reached up and took Johnny's cock in her hand and started stroking it. I was speechless and in disbelief when Lida bend over the bed took my cock in her hand and started slowly stroking it. Leaning over she licked my cock from my balls to the head, licking the cum and Maria's pussy jucies from my cock. Licking around the head of my cock she sticks her tongue in the small opening of my cock and gently squeezes my balls. Now my cock is hard again and she swallows my cock down as far as she could, clamps hard with her lips and slides back up to the head.

Maria then sat up on the edge of the bed grab Johnny around his ass and swallowed his cock in her mouth. I couldn't belive what I was seeing, My wife sucking another man's cock while another women was sucking mine. Maria was the only women that had ever touched my cock and I was the only one she had ever touched. I felt strange and at the same time I was so turned on to see her really enjoying herself while sucking another man's cock.

Linda then took me by the hand and lead me back to their bed. Standing by the bed I took her in my arms kissing her softly at first rubbing her fine tight ass. Our tongues lashing in and out of eachother mouths. She started stroking my cock and rubbing in on her pussy. I was kissing her neck and sucking her nice firm tits. Looking over Linda's shoulder I could see Maria laying back on the bed with johnny kneeling in front of her with his head buried in her pussy. Her legs were straight up in the air, pulling Johnny's head into her pussy and saying "yes, johnny, yes, suck my pussy, suck it good" Hearing her and watching I got so turned on.

I laid Linda down on the bed and Kissing her from her tits down to her thighs. She welcomely opened her legs and I stared at her beautiful shaved pussy, hot and dripping wet. Its the first pussy I have ever seen other than Maria's. I could still hear Maria groaning with pleasure, she has this little sequel when she is about to cum and I could her starting to squeal. I started licking Maria, from her ass up her pussy, sticking my tongue in her pussy as far as I could then up to her clit sucking it in and flicking my tongue over it. She wraps her legs around my head and pulls me in harder. Arching her back and pumping her pussy into my face I hear her starting to cum. She works up to it slowly and then explodes, Squeezing my head with her legs, she screams suck my pussy Mike, suck it hard and lets out a loud moan and clasps back on the bed. Gently licking her pussy I hear Maria, say "fuck me Johnny, fuck me now, give me that big hard cock of yours" I hear Johnny say"this cock is all yours my little slut as Maria groans with pleasure and a image comes to mind of his cock sliding into my wife's wet pussy, the first cock other than mine that has ever been in her pussy. I am so turned on with that thought and I wonder if she is thinking the same thing about me fucking Linda.

Regaining my thoughts, I slide up on top of Linda, let her lick her pussy juices off my face she takes my cock slides my cock into her dripping wet pussy. She says "I want your big hard cock in my pussy I want you to fuck me like you have dreamed of fucking me, fuck me like you said you would fuck me". My cock is so hard now, I started fucking her slowly as she wraps her legs around me and grabs my ass. Faster and harder she says, I fuck her hard and fast, I could feel her nails digging into my ass. She says fuck me like Johnny is fucking Maria, fuck this pussy, I know you have wanted it and now it yours I'm your slut for tonight. I tell her yes, I have dreamed of this pussy, now this pussy is all mine and your my slut. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder,I was hoping Maria and Johnny could hear what we were saying and how nasty we were talking to each other. Linda could tell that I was getting ready to explode and she tells me I want your hot cum in my pussy, I want you to cum in your sluts pussy, with that I explode, my entire body starts shaking and I can feel it all the way down to my toes, its the biggest load I have in many years. Linda, feeling my hot cum shoot in her pussy she starts coming again. We both clasp on the bed and try to catch our breath.

Linda leans over me as ask, "was it as good as your dreamed it would be" I told her better. Seems that they had been fantasizing about us the same as we have been about them. And they had heard us earlier in bed when we were pretending to fuck them. They heard us say what we would do if they came and joined us in bed.
She said that they were fucking and listening to us, Linda said she told Johnny, we have been fantaszing about it I know you really want to fuck Maria and you know I really want to fuck Mike. Now we know that they want to fuck us. We both have wondered what it would be like to fuck someone else, so lets find out, and they did

That was over 30 years ago, we are still best friends and still enjoy playing together. Linda and Maria did later find out that they were both bi but that is another story.

Hope you all enjoy reading it.

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